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A Comprehensive Guide to ISBN Scanner App Development, You Should Consider

written by Admin | Sep 27, 2021

An ISBN scanner mobile app is one of the most popular mobile tools for finding the book record and details using a smartphone camera.

By using the ISBN barcode scanner app, readers can find out every bit of information about the book, in order to decide whether the book is right for them or not.

Following your understanding of the basic function of the ISBN scanner mobile app, let’s move on to explore information such as what is an ISBN mobile app, how it works, the benefits of ISBN scanner smartphone app development and so much more.

So let’s cut the crap and get right to the point: What is the ISBN reader mobile app?

What is the ISBN Barcode Scanner Mobile App?

The ISBN barcode scanner mobile app is meant to read the International Standard Book Number printed on the books.

The ISBN scanner app for books is usually driven by the latest and powerful technologies such as AI and machine learning to generate feature-rich results.

The app lets you feed the book’s ISBN in two ways: either you can scan the barcode associated with the ISBN or feed the 13-digit ISBN number manually.

App to scan ISBN numbers is becoming smart. Now they not only provide the users with detailed information about the book, but also let the user save the book to read later, or the user can share the book on social networks.

What are the Benefits of ISBN Barcode Scanner App Development?

As per the International, ISBN Agency around 150 regional or national ISBN registration agencies are operating in more than 200 countries worldwide. So, most of the books published in these countries come with a unique ISBN. Having the aid of an iOS or Android ISBN reader application will make it a convenient option for the reader to find a worthy reading book.

The next step is to explain the benefits you can derive from ISBN barcode scanner apps.

1. Scanning Becomes a Lot Easier and Accurate

One of the main reasons to invest in book scanner mobile app development is it will reduce the need for manual typing of ISBN numbers.

Simply open the ISBN scanner on an iOS or Android smartphone and place the barcode in front of the camera. This is what you need to do to find all the relevant information about the books on your smartphone screen.

Furthermore, BR Softech has developed an accurate mobile scanning technology that lets them deliver 99% accurate ISBN number search results.

2. ISBN Scanner App Saves Time and Efforts

Apart from making the scanning process a lot easier, more accurate, and more efficient, it makes the process of scanning much faster.

ISBN numbers can be searched 60% faster with the ISBN scanner mobile app than by manually typing them.

Besides adding great convenience to scanning, our ISBN scanner for books also works in a variety of conditions such as low-light situations. In such a situation, the user can feed the ISBN number manually to the app and it will display the information in no time.

You might find this feature helpful if you run a library and are looking for an effective or mobile app to manage your book inventory.

3. ISBN Barcode Reader Mobile App Boost User Engagement

What makes a mobile app business successful? Multiple answers are possible to this question. One of those great answers is ensuring user engagement with the app. Achieving user engagement is a crucial component to generating revenue, whether it comes from in-app purchases or advertisements.

ISBN scanning app development for Android and iOS eases the book barcode scanning process and delivers fast & accurate results. Eliminating the need for manual typing, you will see greater user engagement coming your way. A higher level of engagement means a greater chance of generating revenue.

Which Smartphone Apps Are Compatible With ISBN Scanners?

All smartphone apps that deal with books can leverage the power of the ISBN barcode scanner. The following are some of the most prominent apps that must include the ISBN scanner to increase their profit.

1. Book Selling Apps

The ISBN numbers help book-selling apps produce instant quotes and buyback orders. Sellers just need to scan the barcode label behind the book or they can type the ISBN code manually. After submitting the ISBN code, the bookselling app will evaluate the book value and provide an instant buyback quote to the seller.

2. Book Wholesalers and Distributors

Most of the book supply chain systems available in the market rely on the ISBN to maintain the inventory, ordering, and distributing of the books. This is not only a fast and efficient method but also reduces the scope for the mistakes often book distributors face.

By connecting BR Softech you can develop book store management software that will help you maintain the entire operation of a bookstore with ease.

3. Usage of ISBN Scanner in Libraries

Libraries can also take advantage of ISBN scanners to make it convenient for readers to find a particular book with ease. The quicker they find the book, the more satisfied they will seem with your library services. Besides this, by scanning the barcode of the book reader, readers can get all the required information about the book on their smartphone, so they can decide whether that particular book is worth reading or not.

Main Features of ISBN Scanner App Development

ISBN Scanner App Development

Compatible With All Platforms: ISBN QR code scanner app should remain compatible with all major operating systems such as Android, iOS, Windows, macOS, and so on.

Multiple Input Format: The user can feed the ISBN code either through scanning or manually entering the code digit by digit.

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Fast and Accurate Barcode Scan Results: The online ISBN scanner app should be extremely fast and provide you with accurate results of barcode scanning.

Save and Read Later: The app should have a database that users can access to save their favorite books to read later by scanning the ISBN code.

Multi-lingual Support: The users can navigate through the app in their preferred choice of language.

Detailed Book Information: By scanning the barcode, the ISBN scanner app for iOS or Android will display a variety of book information including the number of pages, book edition, author information, publishing house name, published year, and so on.

How to Build an ISBN Scanning App?

You have now reached the point where you are ready to invest in ISBN scanning app development but wondering how to do so. The following are some of the steps you should consider.

Step 1: Hire ISBN Scanner Smartphone App Development Company

First, you need to find an ISBN scanner service provider who can help you develop a feature-rich yet reliable barcode/ QR scanner application. Contact the provider, share your requirements and get a personalized quote for your ISBN scanner app development project.

Step 2: Define Your Project Requirement

Next, get in touch with the project manager and discuss your project-related details. You can get in touch with the manager either through the mail or by phone.

Step 3: Sign Non-Disclosure Agreement with ISBN Scanner App Development

Ask your ISBN scanning app development company to sign an NDA with you. An NDA or non-disclosure agreement is meant to ensure that all the information exchanged between you and the developer remains protected from the outside world.

Step 4: Create Technical Documentation

The project manager will craft the technical documentation of your project including both functional and non-functional requirements. This technical document was then later handed to development so they can proceed to build the ISBN scanning app.

Step 5: Development Stage

Now the team of barcode scanner app developers comes into action and develops the scanner app meeting all requirements of the client.

Cost of ISBN Scanning App Development

There are no certain parameters to determine the cost of ISBN scanner mobile app development cost. It greatly depends on the features of the ISBN scanner app, tech stack, development team, and so many other factors to name.

On average the cost of developing an ISBN barcode scanner app with basic features for Android and iOS will cost you somewhere between $5000 to $7,000.

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Hopefully, the above-mentioned information helped you enough to gain fair knowledge of ISBN scanner app development. Now it’s time to hire a mobile app development company to turn your vision of an ISBN scanner mobile app development into a reality.

BR Softech is a prominent name in this field with years of experience in mobile app development. Contact BR Softech today to develop your ISBN scanner mobile app from skilled professionals.

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