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Know How Robotic Process Automation works in our daily lives – Full case study

written by Admin | Sep 21, 2018
RPA Use Cases Applications in-Depth Guide

RPA stands for the Robotic Process Automation, it is the use of software with artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning capabilities, which reduce the human efforts and the software itself handles high volume and repeatable task, which were previously completed by the human beings. Various tasks can be included in the list like calculations, queries, maintenance of records and transactions. It is among one of the most utilized and needs of the software in business management. Some business experts are accepting that this software can be turned into the cloud computing.
As It is mentioned above,  RPA reduces the human efforts, but this doesn’t mean that it replace human from the industry, it gives an opportunity to them to enhance their skills in other efficient work. There are many factors that proof, RPA is beneficial and many workfusion RPA development company has become advanced and adding new features for their customers.

Benefits of Robotic Process Automation

There are various advantages of RPA, this technology has spread to every industry and it is used by every sector as it has become the essential part of the office. We have to say that the RPA has made the working easier and enhance the management.
So here it is detailed that how  Robotic Process Automation is beneficial for the industries.
Benefits of Robotic Process Automation1
Work with Interest: If human being will do the same work again and again, so he/she will surely lose the interest and will get bored. If they will get bored so they will work without interest. So here this technology doesn’t work without interest, it is computerized system. So the system can never lose its interest.
Lack of error: It reduced the chances of error as it is automated by the computerization, there are no chances of the mistakes. It avoids human errors.
Saves Time: This platform saves a lot of time of the human being, and in a couple of seconds the task is to be completed. It improves productivity, accuracy and consistency.
Cost: It reduces the cost as a company has to pay the salary every month for employees, so it’s better to have a one time investment in the platform.

What work can RPA do?

  • Automated data entry
  • Multi System Integration
  • Repetitive task
  • Process Reconciliation
  • Data Validation
  • Processing simple business rules

Today, in this blog we will be briefing you how  RPA works as a common business processes and activities in the companies.

RPA works as a Common Business process and Activities

RPA works as a Common Business process and Activities
Billing Procedure: Every business main motive is to sell the products or services. For the survival they have to sell the product or service. But if the issues arise due to the technical side so it can result in the customer complaints or the organization has to reduce the cost.
Automating complete sales operations process eliminates the errors and provide faster service to the customer’s. And even automation processes, sales faster than the manual sale.
Payment system: Now those days are gone, when there were different types of generating the bills, earlier people use to change, add the wrong taxes, according to their profit, but now with the help of the RPA, the taxes automatically generates on the amount you have consumed. As in, the software the owner will fill the price
And the amount will automatically generate the tax and will give the same copy to the customer. It reduces the cases of fraud
Customer On boarding: It is essential to make the best terms with the customers while proving them the good and immediate service, Mostly companies don’t have time to take the follow ups during the warranty, so to provide the customer satisfaction RPA can handle the complaint process itself, it saves the time as well as provides the satisfaction to the client by the immediate response.
Data Migration: Data can be modified from any corner of the world, and as the changes will conduct it will save automatically. As the data got altered, it gets save its own and other users can also see the changes and the whole process is supported by the API.
Updating CRM: There are many companies which messages you to know about your company and service, in that case update your CRM system that it can manage by its own. The software has the ability to handle the phone calls, emails, support system etc. For the updation you only have to update the CRM management once, then it will work automatically.
Generating mass emails: No one has a time to prepare the mail and to copy and paste the emails, RPA software itself has the ability to prepare the mail and it send to the group of people. This software automatically sends the mails time to time to the concern people.
Creating and delivering electronic bills: The software automatically generates the electronic bill and deliver it to the buyer. As you have surely noticed, you would receive it.  The bill will be generated with the proper taxes and amount.
Sales:  In the sales department it is essential  for the sales person to have his full focus on selling and building the relationships, but it has been noticed that most of their time has consumed in doing the operational activities. As for preparing the document or proposal, etc. But these things are the secondary, for the salesperson the interaction with the customer is the crucial part.
Customer Service: Mostly time of the receptionist spends while connecting with the customers on phone calls, whereas it is a type of time wasted as some calls use to be fake or some are repetitive, and even some time the lines can get busy and the long wait can irritate the customer. To save from the problems, this situation can be handled by the three ways:
The foremost step is the recorded call which welcomes the customer and by pressing the button they will automatically connect with the department.
The second step is you have to update your software so the basic query can be sorted by the software only.
It’s not about handling the phone call even the customer can revert to chat or other system, in that case customer can be connected with the support and by updating the software the chatbot can maintain the functionality. Even chatbot records the previous interaction with the support.
HR virtual assistants: The HR is the person who has to communicate all the time with the  employees, A chatbot facility is provided to the HR deparFind The Deep Info about the robotic process Automation. Here you can get the RPA works process, Benefits of RPA, connection with (AI) Artificial Intelligence.Find The Deep Info about the robotic process Automation. Here you can get the RPA works process, Benefits of RPA, connection with (AI) Artificial Intelligence.tment so, this, but can help employees on the behalf of the HR department and it will help the HR department to focus on the higher value added activities. A bot can help the employees to register their sick leave, vacation time and request information about their contract.
Payroll: It maintains the process of the salary, payroll helps to maintain the salary procedure.
Attendance Management: It maintains the attendance record of the organization, once an employee has to learn the system and the punching helps them to maintain the management. The system has to maintain wellness and the vacation policy should be also updated in the best way. The attendance management system should be appropriate and no one has time to see that an employee is late even for the second.
Employee data management: HR department routinely gets confirmed for the personal data which is used to update constantly. The employees can update the auto personal data by filling the form or by email they can ensure that HR Can access the fresh and accurate data.
Expense management: There is the management solution, where all employees can give his expenses, which he spent on the behalf of his company. In most of the cases, the details of the expense amount have every detail like amount, date or location all is available on the receipt which are provided by the employees.
Claim procedure: The user is to claim, according to the claim policies, so the software can deal with the claims.
Periodic report preparation:  In every company, it is essential to prepare the report and send to the team leader or the concern people, but it consumes a lot of time and energy. At one point,the employee gets irritated, but RPA has a solution of it, this platform automatically prepare the report according to the data migration content and send to the stakeholders.
So, here we have provided you all the things about the RPA, and the  Use Cases/ Applications, which it is used in the industries. RPA has become the crucial factor in the technology industry. Workfusion RPA Development Company is the need of the customers.


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