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Liquor App Development: Cost, Key Features, Benefits, And Requirements

written by Harshita Khangarot | Jun 19, 2020
Liquor App Development

The past decade has reported an increased surge in the eCommerce platforms. From taxi services to groceries, healthcare facilities or medicines, everything now is available in a matter of a few taps on the screen of your smartphone.

Furthermore, the outbreak of the coronavirus has led to a gradual shift of the customers who once preferred retail shopping, now switching on to these eCommerce platforms.

The recent addition in the on-demand service app line-up is of liquor services. The owners of the liquor stores felt the urgency of integrating technology in their operations to reach out to the customers during this crucial phase. 

With the help of an expert software company, you can invest in liquor app development to connect the liquor stores with their customers using smartphones and enrich the customer experience.

BR Softech Pvt. Ltd. is a leading software development company with over a decade of expertise in the concerned software developments that can assist in developing a full-fledged app to support your cause of delivering alcohol at the customer’s doorstep.

Need For Liquor App Development

As the entire country has united against the deadly pandemic and made a decision to stay inside, meeting their daily needs was quite a challenge in the initial few weeks of the lockdown. However, with time and to meet the supply of essentials for the citizens, the rules were relaxed for the eCommerce stores allowing the delivery of the essentials.

Following a systematic approach, the government has permitted the liquor stores to operate amid the difficult situation, the reason being the pitching voice to open the liquor stores and to save the falling economy.

However, to keep a check on the chaotic situation, the store operators felt the need to inculcate technology in their operations to ensure a smooth supply.

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Many factors are linked with the rise of on-demand liquor delivery app and are discussed below:

  • Maintaining social distancing: First and the primary reason for which the business operators realized the need for integrating technology into their business operations is after witnessing the crowd marching towards the liquor stores violating social distancing. The liquor delivery app eliminates the need to physically approach the store.

Advantages for the customer

  • Less-effort: Ordering from the liquor delivery app saves the effort as well as the time that otherwise would have been wasted in walking up to the nearest liquor store.
  • Saves cost: Using on-demand liquor delivery app will save you the fuel cost making it a cost-efficient alternative.
  • Availability: The liquor app allows the user to scroll through a variety of brands and products with accurate prices which might not be possible in the retails store.
  • No-contact payment options: The liquor app provides no contact payment options by allowing the user to save the bank details in the app for secure checkouts.
  • Track and manage budget: Do you lavishly spend on liquor and end up without having a track of all the money that you spent in the entire month? Worry not, the on-demand liquor app allows the user to track their monthly spending and promote savings.
  • Offers and discounts: Unlike the retail outlet, apps frequently launch offers and discounts to the customer that enhances the user-engagement. 

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Advantage for business

  • Brand awareness: Registering the brand on an on-demand delivery app will increase brand visibility and increase sales as it will support in targeting a broader audience.
  • Tracking consumer behavior: The liquor delivery app will help in keeping track of the order history. This will eventually aid in monitoring consumer behavior and hence contribute to strategize the business.
  • Marketing via social media: Using an app will further promote business by allowing you to link the social networking platforms for planned marketing.

The benefits, as mentioned above, makes the liquor delivery app popular amongst the customers as well as the business owners. You can also lure the benefits and flourish your business with the help of on-demand liquor delivery apps.

Essential Features In A Liquor App

features of liquor delivery app

For the success of the liquor delivery app, the app needs to equip with the essential features for a hassle-free liquor buying experience for the customers.

Let us have a look at all of them to help you in the process of liquor app development-

  • Registration: The most basic of all is the signup option. The app should allow the user to register their account with the help of an active email ID or any other social networking account. 

After successfully registering the account, the user should then be able to log in without any hassle. 

Also, if in case the user forgets the login credentials, the app should allow an option for effortless recovery after verifying the authenticity of the customer.

  • Liquor listing: Liquor listing has two functions. First is to list all the liquor stores that are associated with the mobile application. Second is to list all products on the basis of the brands and the alcohol type in an organized manner to enhance the customer experience.
  • Filters: Applying filters can save a lot of time and effort that the customers otherwise would have utilized in finding the required product. 

The app should allow the customer to shortlist products by applying search filters that are based on the price range, company, quantity, and the type of liquor. 

  • Cart option: App should feature a cart option for the customers to add the desired products for instant or future checkout. It will also help the user to know the total amount of the products and allow them to edit accordingly.
  • Mode of payment: Considering the present scenario where almost everyone is using the digital mode of payments rather than using paper currencies, the app should allow the user to select from a variety of payment options including debit and credit cards, net banking, UPI or cash on delivery.

  • Order history: Another feature of great importance is order history.
    Retrieving order history will not only help the customers to keep track of their purchases but also help while repeating the past orders and eliminating the need for searching the products repeatedly.
  • Tracking order: Tracking the order includes tracking the real-time location of the driver, along with the status of the products. Also, updating the estimated time of delivery will further improve accountability.
  • Pick-up: Although the idea is to develop a platform for alcohol delivery, you can also consider adding the ‘Pick-up’ option that will allow the users to make a choice and pay in advance followed by personally visiting the store for the parcel collection.
  • Rating and review: Integrating the option for the customer to rate and review the products, in-app experience and the quality of the service will help to improvise the concept. 

The features that are mentioned above are the basics in a liquor delivery application. However, to give the app an edge over the others and to maximize the user involvement, consider integrating the advanced options that will further improve the quality and user following. 

Call to actionAlcohol Delivery Software

  • Push notifications: Updating the customers for the ongoing offers or any new updates via the push notifications will ensure that no update gets missed. Push notifications can also be used for updating the customers about the status of the current order.
  • Cloud management: Using the cloud services will not only ensure the secure storage of all the essential information such as customer details, orders, products and other necessary data but will also help in the smooth functioning of the mobile application.
  • Offers: Occasional offers and discounts is another method to boost sales and promote user engagement. Also, a reward point system for every purchase will further encourage the customers to use liquor delivery apps.

Legal compliance

Developing an alcohol delivery application is one side of the coin; however, there is a lot more that is required in starting the business. The operator must hold the necessary permit issued by the government that allows a company to deliver alcohol at the customer’s doorstep. 

After meeting the guidelines involved in the business of alcohol delivery, you are set to enter another phase that consists of the app development under the expertise of software companies like BR Softech Pvt. Ltd.

Cost of Liquor app development


After enlightening you about the benefits and essential features of the liquor delivery app, let us now look into the price of development and the various cost-driving factors. 

Platform: The platform for which the app is developed is one of the factors that determine the cost of development. The price may vary depending on whether the application is a cross-platform or an app that aims at iOS or Android operating systems.

User interface: The development of user interface predicts a lot about the success of the app. However, investing in a unique user interface will undoubtedly add up to the cost but will increase the chances of success of the mobile application. 

Location/expertise of the developer: The cost involved in the process of app development also varies with the location of the developer along with the experience that the development company holds. Also, the brand value of the development company adds to the cost of development.

Additional features that are included and connectivity with the official website also impacts the cost of app development. 

Considering all the factors that are mentioned above, alcohol delivery software can cost you anywhere around 6000 US dollars to 20000 US dollars. However, these figures are only an approximation, and the actual cost may vary with the budget that you carry and other factors.

Closing words 

The concept of alcohol delivery might not be new; however, it has been recently trending and catching developers attention. The idea of liquor delivery, although fascinating, is a profitable business venture. 

After reading this article, you must have got the clarity about the benefits and the features of a full-fledged application and how it can help to expand the liquor business.

BR Softech Pvt. Ltd. is a leading software development company that aims to provide effective software solutions for various eCommerce platforms. Moreover, expert developers cater to all your business needs by delivering front-end and back-end assistance.    

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