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LocalBitcoins Clone Script: Features, Benefits and Costs

written by Saloni Agrawal | Dec 29, 2020
LocalBitcoin Clone Script

LocalBitcoins is an online platform. It is use for buying and selling bitcoins. The CryptoCurrency exchange software lets you purchase bitcoins in your local currency. Some of the businesses who know about the cryptocurrency exchange market are preferring an exchange such as the LocalBitcoins clone script.

The LocalBitcoin exchange is developed for offering cryptocurrency investors an easy method to trade with other businesses in a decentralized way.

This marketplace permits people from countries worldwide to trade local currencies into Bitcoin. LocalBitcoins permits people to connect with fellow traders directly, unlike other exchanges. It makes this place more secure for long-term traders and investors who have an interest in building trusted and strong relationships with the buyers. 

It also provides access to the general public to buy & sell localbitcoin in a simple way. It offers its services as a social networking platform for investors and entrepreneurs to hang out and make long-term relationships. 

What is LocalBitcoins?

LocalBitcoins is known as a cryptocurrency business marketplace established in Helsinki, Finland or a peer-to-peer Bitcoin network. It provides services to facilitate the over-the-counter trading of local currency for cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin. Users do advertisements on the website of LocalBitcoins business. It includes the state trade cost and entire payment methods for purchasing or selling bitcoins. 

Overall transactions on this platform are made securely and fastly. Also, businesses trade with more than sixty varied payment methods on LocalBitcoins exchange to sell or buy cryptocurrencies. 

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Emerging Benefits of LocalBitcoin Trading

LocalBitcoins provides an easy and safest way to trade bitcoins. Traders use this platform mostly and also get its clone scripts as it offers various benefits mentioned below-

High Leverage

Various brokers provide leverage for Bitcoin trading, and experienced traders may use it for their benefit. Although such high margins must proceed with great vigilance as they enlarge the probability for losses. 

Decentralized Valuations

It is a major benefit provided by LocalBitcoins that the Bitcoin is not held by a central bank. All the digital currencies will be free from the influence of central geopolitical and macroeconomic factors like interest rates or country-specific inflation.

Less Deposit Amount

A Trader can initiate with a little money like $25 in their localbitcoins wallet with this bitcoin training firm. Some trading associations have even asked for promotions the same as a matching deposit amount. And, traders must check that the broker is lawful and properly regulated.


Top Tools for Improving Your Business’ Cybersecurity

You are not required to show your credit card details or bank account to do a bitcoin transaction. It is the biggest benefit in case of financial security and cost.

Low Cost of Trading

Most of the LocalBitcoins Trading brokers who accept the cryptocurrency keep the costs of brokerage very low to get new clients via it. 

No Global Boundaries

Bitcoin included transactions have no boundaries globally. A trader who lives in South Africa can trade in Bitcoin via a broker who lives in the United Kingdom. Some regulatory issues may occur as a concern, but only if both brokers and traders are interested in transacting and there are no boundaries geographically.                                                                                  

Here are some must-know facts of a LocalBitcoin clone that will benefit you-

  • It is the largest P2P Bitcoin trading platform and continues to develop with more than 4000 new sign-ups each day.
  • It is serving users in more than 100 countries and provides you with access to a marketplace globally.
  • Easy and fast way to Bitcoin trading.
  • Escrow security for safe trading ensures both the seller and the buyer.
  • It uses a reputation system for searching and filtering reliable customers.
  • Dynamic pricing system with various sources that make you sure the prices are up to date always. 
  • AP lets you create your trading app for automation trading.    

A Quick Glimpse at the Complete Process of LocalBitcoin Exchange

Have a look these following points to understand the procedure of LocalBitcoins software-

  • The trader has to make an advertisement for selling Bitcoin first for the seller to describe the payment methods, setting the prices, and also terms & conditions of the trade.
  • Now, open the trade requests that are initiated by the advertisement after you invested in the LocalBitcoins wallet with cryptocurrencies.
  • All sorts of cryptocurrencies from the sellers are stored into the escrow, while the buyers open the request for trading.
  • When the seller has received the payment, he can provide the cryptocurrencies from the escrow account to the buyer.
  • The primary service of LocalBitcoin is to provide users with the capability to purchase and sell cryptocurrencies easily. It is beneficial to trade for enlarging the user’s profits.  

How to Convert Bitcoin to Local Currency?

In general, if you want to know the process of converting the bItcoin into your local currency, then get the details below-

  • You can sell your Bitcoin cash in your digital wallet via a local crypto exchange or another peer-to-peer trading platform.
  • Make an account and add the amount of Bitcoin Cash you want to sell and also which sort of payment you would like to have?
  • You can also add online payments like bank transfers or in-person cash payments.
  • When you transfer the Bitcoin Cash from your digital wallet to a safe blind escrow account, you will get the agreed payment from the buyers. Then, the Bitcoin Cash will be launched and transferred to their wallet. 
  • The transaction fees are less significant on these exchanging platforms that mean you get to keep the maximum amount you earn. 

Other than this, if you want to go for some other methods for exchanging the Bitcoin, you can go for a cryptocurrency exchange or a payment gateway or point-of-sale app.

Is LocalBitcoins Clone Script Development Platform Suitable to Trade?

Each Bitcoin exchange is different from each other and provides unique services for all traders. By considering this, it is essential to know the advantages of every exchange. Also, know how it is beneficial to make sure you are selecting the best option.  

The direct contact feature of the LocalBitcoins platform lets users communicate with other traders and also for getting help via the reviewing system. All traders can be agreed for a transaction with the protection of having an intermediary service to secure them. 

Salient Features of LocalBitcoins Clone Script

local bitcoin clone script features

A localbitcoins clone must have intuitive features included so that it can attract more users. Here we have mentioned some of the essential features to add in LocalBitcoin clone script-

Escrow Empowered

This feature enables the highly secured bitcoin settlements with multi-signature. It also provides wallet options to secure your bitcoins from hackers and theft. 

OTC Trading

OTC is the type of offline trading where traders can communicate with each other by face and can purchase or sell the local BItcoin.

Cryptocurrency Wallet

Crypto Wallets

It is integrated to safeguard and collect the bitcoins. Cryptocurrency wallet will provide you access to send bitcoin from one wallet to another wallet without any problem instantly. 

Margin Trading

It enhances the trading powers of traders to exchange more and more bitcoins via submitting financial instruments as guaranteed. It is done to get margin through counter-parties.  

In-built Chat Bot

The Bitcoin trading platform helps the businesses to connect via chatbot apps during the exchange. It neglects the miscommunication among the traders and decreases the chances of clash resolution.  


Ad-based Trading

It permits the traders to sell or buy bitcoins via posting their advertisement along with the needed information. It includes bitcoin’s quantity, purchasing and selling cost, and also the location. 

Escrow Application

When A trader starts a trade, the escrow system controls the bitcoins in the P2P exchange and launches them to the buyer only. It is done after the seller gets the paid amount.

Review Option

Every trader involved in the localbitcoins exchange clone script can have a recognition rank. Additionally, public review history that includes their credibility. 

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Login Alerts

While logging into the local trade bitcoin platform, you will be sent an alert to your provided email id or mobile number. 

2-Factor Authentication

local bitcoin clone

Wherever a user will try to log in their account, they have to verify the passcode sent to their registered account email id or number. Hence, it makes sure the double security. 

Besides these features, there are some premium features you can add to your LocalBitcoins clone script development if you have a high budget for development. Here are they-

  • Fast selling or buying
  • P2P Trading
  • Escrow Powered Trading
  • Cryptocurrency Staking
  • Affiliate Program
  • Future Trading
  • Token Listing
  • Wholesale Trade
  • Bug Bounty Program

The Cost of a LocalBitcoins Clone Script

After reading this above post, we hope now you know that the localbitcoins clone script is highly secured and also provides great transaction approaches. You can also get your clone script at a suitable price, but somewhere, it entirely depends upon the features you require, remove, or alter. 

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Although these scripts are very in-expensive than creating an exchange from scratch. You can get your LocalBitcoin clone script development via skilled developers to have full-fledged support by considering all the necessary aspects. However, it is not easy to tell you the exact cost of developing a LocalBitcoin clone.

But we can estimate that the cost of a ready-made clone script will range from $1,000-$5,000. In the end, it will be based on additional features and services. 

While buying an exchange script, look for the following-

  • Go for the script that completes all your requirements and desires.
  • Have a demo of the exchange you are going to buy to know the proper working.
  • Compare in terms of pricing and features, analyze the personalization procedures, and identify how long they take in offering these services.
  • Select the best script suitable for your business. 

Bottom Line

Traders who are interested in the cryptocurrency sector should use a local and regulated LocalBitcoin trade brokerage due to the on-going trend. As a leading Bitcoin Trading platform development company, BR Softech also provides ready to launch localBitcoins clone scripts. 

We will provide you with a competent platform that will be fully customizable as per your trade needs. We make sure to provide you with the exchange in less time by seeing the requirement of current businesses. It will also include the appropriate services at a very economical price. 

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