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Magento vs Woocommerce :- Which ecommerce platform is right for you

written by Admin | Dec 21, 2018

Magento vs Woocommerce is an ongoing discussion. It is quite tricky to decide which one is better. Magento and Woocommerce both are unbeaten platforms, they are widely popular. If put collectively they both are massive players in ecommerce websites. It’s enough to know why they are the market leader.

Before we provide you with detail information, let’s take a look at both the platforms solely. Understand what each one has to offer.

Magento Introduction

Magento is one of the most powerful corporate level e-commerce platform. It was launched on March 31, 2008, and since then nearly 250,000 retails use this platform. It provides with the flexibility to online stores. For startups, they have the free version available, however, if one wishes to opt for premium features they can. There is no additional investment to get a domain name.

They provide you with free extension and themes. Premium version of extension and themes are also available. It’s popular because of its user-friendly features and advanced security and updates.

Magento Plus Points

  1. Extensive range of features with incredible Performance.

  2. Great Scalability

  3. Offers an extensive range of catalog management

  4. Allow developers to make effortless changes

  5. Works on the Model view controller framework

  6. Offer diverse tools for promotion and marketing

  7. Makes search engine optimization smooth for online stores

  8. Provides with mobile-friendly features

  9. Provides with advance shipping and payment capabilities

  10. Powerful e-commerce inclinations

  11. Excellent platform with tremendous flexibility

  12. Perfect site management

  13. Magento allows users with one-page-checkout

  14. Provides with the user account with unlimited storage option

  15. Magento comes with many e-commerce features

Magento Cons

  1. For general users, it’s quite Complex

  2. If you wish to get its Enterprise Edition, it will be an additional expense

  3. It requires the steep learning curve

  4. Unlocking its feature require an upgrade

  5. There is no exact price, price depends on the project size

Woocommerce Introduction

Woocommerce is one of the popular open-source e-commerce plugins for WordPress. It was launched on September 27, 2011, and since then approx 2,241,108 websites (Source) use it commercially. It enables you to run an online store and offer various features. This open source online e-commerce plugin for WordPress is available free of cost. Woocommerce development companies provide with your own domain name and hosting on premium charges.

Woocommerce provides with unlimited storage size. Its extensions and plugins are available free of cost. It has almost 330 extensions and over 1000 plugins. There are many premium extensions and plugins are also available. WooCommerce expert’s advice to use this plugin because of its simplicity to install and user-friendly features.

Woocommerce Plus Points

  1. Free ecommerce platform that helps you sell anything

  2. Seamless presentation of online business presence

  3. Provides with user-friendly Interface

  4. Give you with the customization option

  5. The popular customer engagement tool

  6. An in-built analytic system to get the detailed report handy

  7. Free extensions available

  8. Let e-commerce website grow efficiently

  9. Provides with a compatible theme framework

  10. Provides you will complete data control

  11. Mobile- friendly structure

  12. Adjustable shipping rates

  13. Provides with many plugins free of cost

  14. Top-notch security

  15. Assist various languages through third-party plugins

Woocommerce Cons

  1. Premium themes and extensions will increase the investment

  2. You will have to learn about two new platforms if you don’t use WordPress

  3. Without WordPress, Woocommerce cannot be used

  4. Woocommerce includes a lot of priced extensions

  5. Woocommerce is not suitable for large enterprises

Magento VS Woocommerce Comparison

woocommerceBoth the platforms provide with a comprehensive range of features. Here we have listed the top features of both the platforms.

  1. Magento is a well known open-source e-commerce platform. Wherein Woocommerce is an open-source e-commerce plugin for WordPress.

  2. Magento goal is to provide with easy navigation, increase user engagement, and high return on investment. Wherein Woocommerce focuses on providing with great support to large and small ecommerce websites to get the high traffic.

  3. E-Commerce Development Services offered by Magento cover many popular online stores wherein WooCommerce is a powerful plugin offer e-commerce solution by making it easy for parent platform.

  4. Magento community version is self-hosted wherein WooCommerce challenges you to discover your individual web host

  5. Magento e-commerce platform enables you to add unlimited products and WooCommerce supports the unlimited product.

  6. Magento development companies offer a theme based system while Woocommerce development companies nearly support all the WordPress themes and offer customization option for all the developers

  7. Magento provides with advanced security option and does not allow any unauthorized activity while WooCommerce includes basic security features.

  8. Software Development Companies recommend Magento to users that have basic knowledge of web development while Woocommers platform is incredibly easy to use and make changes.

  9. Woocommerce is a great platform for startups and users with no e-commerce experience and Magento, on the other hand, works for all the medium and large e-commerce platforms.

  10. Magento comes with advanced features and WooCommerce is better for users who are looking for basic features and wants to start and run their e-commerce website.

Hope the comparison between Magento Vs Woocommerce will help you understand the difference between both the platform and help you to make a better decision while starting your own e-commerce website.

Both the names are familiar in e-commerce development Services. While selecting the best e-commerce software we suggest you look for all the features, product information, and all the other significant information which can help you to grow.

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Price Comparison between Magento VS Woocommerce

Magento is a cloud-based e-commerce platform if you compare it with WooCommerce then its one of the most customizable platform to build an online business. Both the platforms provide with the seamless shopping experience. Their price may vary as per the unique requirements of the business. There are a lot of free and premium extensions available. Premium extensions are expensive as compare to other charges. Web hosting costs completely depend on your e-commerce project.

Here you will get the pricing idea of both the platforms.






By Quote

Pricing Model


Monthly Payment as well as Quote-Based

For most of the businesses to increase the user traffic online presence is remarkably important. It increases the business value and enhances the number of permanent customers. Hence, It is extremely important to choose the right platform.

Magento VS Woocommerce Security

For any e-commerce business, cybersecurity is important. No one wants to put their customer’s payment at risk. Insufficient internet safety can impact the retails or the business greatly on a financial level. To avoid such risk choose the platform wisely. All the Magento eCommerce development sites provide with advance security and updates. It can support an unlimited number of products while providing complete security.

Woocommerce development company also takes it very seriously. They provide with complete SSl support. They make sure all the customers personal and payment details are secure and protected from any unauthorized access. If you wish to protect your site and provide your user’s a secure environment then Magento is definitely a winner with advanced security option.

Magento VS WooCommerce Product Management

Magento helps all the businesses to grow stronger with their immense support and services. Its developed especially for e-commerce. Its open source technology provides online business the versatility they require the most. They allow all the businesses to control their data and provides with the flexible shopping cart and top-rated content. If you are will to generate high revenue then one can also opt for Enterprise edition. Magento 2 Enterprise Edition license cost is approx $22,000.00 annually.

Woocommerce allows all the business to sell their products. They allow products to divide into many categories like simple, grouped, virtual, external and much more.



Ensure your success by choosing the right platform as per your business requirement. For beginners, Woocommerce is the best as it simplifies the process and easy to understand. Its available in affordable prices and ideal for small business. Magento is the best choice for existing organizations. It can boost the revenue in a short span of time. It provides with complete security and thousands of theme and extension available as per your requirements.


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