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How Magento2 Changes the e-Commerce industry in 2020

written by Harshita Khangarot | Feb 12, 2020
Magento2 Changes the e-Commerce industry

Magento is one of the most popular and open-source e-commerce platforms developed in 2008 by Varien Inc. Magento is developed in PHP and helps developers to create e-commerce websites. Magento provides online merchants with a flexible shopping cart system, content and functionality of their online store, as well as control over the look. Magento offers search engine optimization, powerful marketing, and catalogue-management tools. Using Magento, there are more than 100,000 online stores created. Magento Web Development is very popular because of the top names like Nike, Land Rover, Samsung, Omega Watches, Ford, Christian Louboutin, Liverpool FC, Bulgari, Pepe Jeans, and Harvey Nichols uses Magento.

Magento provides a huge variety of themes and plug-ins that enhance the experience of a customer. It is developed for those who aren’t a developer. Magenta is so vigorous even in its basic. It is the best open-source platform to build an online Magento store. The most important thing is, it’s totally free and professional. To build a website through this open-source platform, you just need to learn a bit of technology and you are ready to build your own site.

According to Magento usage statistics, considering the nearly 3 billion online shoppers expected worldwide by 2020. About 54% of all websites use a known CMS according to W3Techs. Out of these, Magento is used on 1.9% of sites running CMS. Magento accounts for 12% of the e-commerce market (including open source and enterprise versions). More than 20% of the top 1000 e-retailers in the US and Canada use Magento, making it the most popular e-commerce CMS. (source)

Features of Magento2

The newer version of Magento has a lot of new features to offer. So, upgrading it to the newer version will definitely benefit you in various ways. Here we will discuss various features of Magento2.

Features of Magento2

  • Customisable Data Grids
  • Add Product Dropdown
  • Improved Checkout
  • New Payment Methods
  • Framework Improvements
  • Improved Product Section
  • New Admin Security
  • User-Friendly Approach
  • Smarter Product Creation
  • Improved Data Filtering
  • Multiple Admins
  • Product Videos
  • Better Hosting Environment
  • Navigation Improvements
  • Faster Search

Features of Magento2 for Store Owner’s Ease

Here we will see some new and fascinating features of Magento2 which can provide ease to store owners.

  • Database improvement
  • Addition of bulk images
  • Exceptional flexibility
  • Personalization with customer segmentation
  • Varnish 4 support
  • Hassle-free installation
  • Integrated product videos
  • Full-page caching
  • Responsive design themes
  • Easy customization
  • Flexible deployment options
  • Dynamic rule-based product relations
  • Reduced Cost
  • Touch-friendly admin panel
  • HHVM 3.6 compatibility
  • Quick marketing
  • Elasticsearch
  • Customized admin panel

Features of Magento2 for Customer’s Ease

  • Enhanced look and feel
  • Advanced product searches
  • Automated shipping option
  • Easy one-click account creation
  • Quicker checkout
  • Secure payments


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Reasons for How Magento2 Changes the e-Commerce Industry in 2020

After the huge success of Magento, there is another version of Magento in the market “Magento2”. Here we will discuss some of the reasons for how Magento2 is going to change the e-Commerce industry in 2020. Let’s have a look at them.

Excellent Performance

Performance of Magento2 is excellent compared to its predecessor. Magento2 makes it easy to build a user-friendly store with this version. It is 20% faster than Magento. The business has good chances of being visible online by ranking higher with the help of good loading speed. Better loading speed helps online stores from the search engine optimization (SEO) perspective. The matrix of Magento is important because it has a huge impact on the customer’s shopping experience that a store provides them.


Magento is a free and open-source platform. The startups and small businesses owners as they look for the solutions that fit easily into their budget, The Community Edition (CE) provided an excellent choice in term of Magento2. Now developers can develop feature-rich web stores easily and can also customize them by developing custom modules or by installing standard modules. The developers also have access to the huge modules library that gives them various options.

Amazing Responsiveness

A responsive e-commerce store is a plus point as it connects you with the customers across the mobile selling channel. Magento2 promises amazing responsiveness. This is another reason for you to choose Magento2 for the e-Commerce industry in 2020. It supports HTML5 which you can leverage to render exceptional shopping experiences to the customers. Apart from the devices that customers use to access your store. In any case, Magento2 is great in terms of responsiveness.

Large Community

Another reason behind the extensive popularity of Magento2 is that it has the support of a huge community of Magento experts. You can trust the community to answer your queries and resolve your concerns. Even when a developer is stuck in the middle of something like Magento e-Commerce Website Development or business owner faces any issue with Magento store, getting help is so easy.

Unmatched Flexibility

This version of Magento has the potential for unmatched flexibility because of the component-based structure modules. The developers can enable or disable the exact components they want with the help of these modules. For an e-commerce business, the flexible structure is always an advantage because mounting is a fundamental part of their progress. So, e-commerce business has many modules and Magento extensions that help it to add new functionalities in the business.

Advanced Personalization

There are more options available in terms of personalization with the advancement in version. Now it is possible to track a customer’s preferences, behaviour and browsing history. A business can improve the chances of its conversion as it knows all the matrics by offering personalized experiences to the customers. Personalization can be in the form of product recommendations, contextual offers and marketing incentives of all types.

Robust Security

Because of the changes in the structures of directories in the source, Magento2 also brings robust security. The predecessor of Magento2 consisted of 9 folders in the root, and now in Magento2, it is reduced to 5. And it has also removed the skin folder from the root directory. This new structure of Magento2 makes it more secure than the previous versions. It means hacking or stealing the code directly from the root directory is almost impossible for anyone.

Enhanced Business Productivity and Agility

Magento e-Commerce platform is also transforming the store owner experience. It helps to enable the business to operate more efficiently and handle rapid growth, without escalating up its team. When it comes to managing day-to-day tasks and intuitive for new team members to learn the new Admin panel design offers a consumer-like interface that is streamlined and that saves time. The new version of Magento also has a feature like touch-friendly which enables you to track sales and update them on the go.

Easier Upgrades/Maintenance and Secure Payments

This modern version of the e-commerce platform comes with a modular architecture which reduces the cost and complexity of maintenance of a site. By simplifying upgrades it also future proofs the investments of the owner. In order to achieve greater efficiency and drive higher sales, the owner can easily include innovative functionality released by Magento Commerce on a quarterly basis.

In addition to this, Magento platform comes with strong and out-of-the-box integrations with Braintree, PayPal, and payment gateways. Magento2 also integrates with CyberSource and WorldPay. Depending on the selected payment method, all of the versions provide improved security and the ability to pursue the easiest level of PCI compliance.

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Benefits of Using Magento2

Choosing the right platform for your business is a difficult task as it requires precision decisions. Here we will discuss some benefits of Magento2 that will apparently help you to decide which platform is best for your business.

Benefits of Using Magento2

  • Versatile content management
  • Mobile-friendly configuration
  • Easy to install and add additional layouts and plug-ins
  • Easy third party integration
  • Open source technology offers scalable and flexible e-commerce solutions
  • Customized security permission
  • Advanced search engine optimization (SEO)
  • Built-in cross-sells and upsells
  • Effective and cost-sensitive program
  • Save time and Money
  • Various discounts and promotions while check-out
  • Brilliant filtered search for customers
  • Provides more than 50 payment gateways

Wrap Up

The new e-commerce platform Magento2 authorised retailers, brands and business across the business to customer(B2C) and business to business (B2B) to cost-effectively and quickly deliver engaging shopping experiences. Magento2 is a great choice for online merchants by considering its features and benefits which it offers. Magento 2 and Magento both exist simultaneously, now it is up to you which version you want to use for your e-commerce business.

By the end of 2019 (according to data from Statista) the global e-commerce market sales had reached $3.5 billion and represented 14% of the total share of global retail sales. (Source)

If you are looking to develop an online e-commerce website then BR Softech is the name you can trust upon. BR Softech is a Magento eCommerce Website Development company. We deliver a complete range of Magento services with our team of experienced and professional developers.

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