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Making Mobile Apps for IoT Devices

written by Admin | Mar 17, 2016
Making Mobile Apps for IoT Devices

As per the analysts, IoT is to emerge in near future. According to Gartner report, total number of joint industrial, business and consumer “things” is to be increased by 26bn units by 2020.
IoT devices includes smart gadgets and devices that can be distantly controlled and accessed by consumers for preventive maintenance. IoT has spread its wings in the world in such a way that the number of IP-connected devices round the globe will exceed 30 billion by 2020.
IoT is composed of billions of smart things joint with each other and can surround all the facets of our lives, with its base being the intelligence that the embedded processing has to provide. In the IoT, Smart devices and gadgets communicate with other machines and objects. The generated as the outcome is organized into useful actions that control and command things to make our lives much safer and easier.
According to business insider, by 2018, the number of connected devices will be increased by 9 billion.

Here are the factors to be considered while building apps for IoT devices

Ideal mode of connectivity with mobile device:
It is a difficult task to create an app that connects to a piece of hardware, as you need to focus on limitations of the hardware as to how will it be connected. Will it connect over Bluetooth or WiFi? If it is Apple’s Made for iPhone (Mfi) program, it cab be an important analysis for those who create and develop apps for ios. Apple’s ios Developer Library and Mfi program help developers with designing of Mfi accessories for IoT.
Hardware compatibility of Mobile device with IoT devices:
There are various factors to be considered, such as hardware and capabilities of the mobile device (like iPhone, iPhod or iPod Touch), while creating an app which depends on hardware. For example- Square created its card reader for not to be plugged into the 8-pin charging port, rather into the headphone jack on iOs devices. One reason for this decision was that, breakage chances will be reduced, because the port has considerable strength and computes 1/8 inches. In today’s date, iPhone need adapters for old charging devices, so on designing process, Square may have saved a king’s ransom.
Using an off the shelf IoT platform or developing from the scratch:
The things might be connected to Internet directly or can be connected to the Internet gateway or neighboring things. The next tier of system includes software and infrastructure which runs in the cloud or in corporate data center and systemizes the data streams coming from the things. As and when it is necessary, the software which is running in this tier generally also governs the things upgrade their framework.
Check if Programming protocols used will support IoT:
A sequence programming protocols must be used while creating apps for connected devices, to make IoT device work with a mobile device. A common code chunk, External Accessory Framework, is entered in earlier stages for notifying the mobile device that another object is trying to connect with it. After this step, you have reveal protocols which are apt to link IoT device with a particular app, so that it will be launched when connected.


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