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Description in Manual And Automation Testing With Test Case Scenarios

written by Nitin Garg | Jun 06, 2018
Description in Manual And Automation Testing With Test Case Scenarios

Software testing, which is the process of SDLC (Software Development Life Cycle) Also, it’s allows a testing process for a software deployment and assessing the programming source code or system, examine the debug areas and error fields, that’s why the most of Enterprise quality assurance and testing are used for software development purpose.

The main aim of testing depends on the ability of program unit that makes the commitment to quality and client required basis. The quality testing process broadly divides in in the two ways;

  • Manual Testing

  • Automation Testing

Manual Testing Versus Automation Testing

The Manual Testing process is based on manual processes, classifying in the software development. In this process, the Quality analyst experts examine all the process systems, program analysis, software functionality and provide the quality of product & software. That’s why this type of testing handles by manually and doesn’t require any tool to the tester. Also, the Examine Process of Manual Testing and Automation Testing is like this:

  • Project quality faith and testing

  • Ad-hoc Testing

  • Exploratory Testing

  • Usability Testing

  • Regression Testing

  • Repeat Execution

  • Achievement Testing

  • Process Loading Testing

The Automation testing is an automation technique where the Quality Analyst writes a method or script and apply a proper software to examine the developmental software. In another word, we can say that it is an automation process of the manual testing process. Sometimes each process is not automated, for instance, the thing to be automated are login forms, registration form, and a number of users access to the software.

Difference Between Manual Testing and Automation Testing

 A. User Interface:

In the Manual Testing, Quality Analyst expert inspects the software user-friendly outcome of the apparatus or application creation.

The Automation Testing expert uses the specific tool to analyze the software or application, that’s why they do not take any much attention to UI/UX interface in the software deployment.

B. Quality Testing Juncture:

Manual testing takes much more time to analyze every bug or debug because they examine every aspect in a proper functional way and UI manually.

But the Automation Testing is a fast tool comparison to maul testing that runs on the System and application which are in the different analyzing case.

C. Reliability:

Manual Testing totally depends on human behavior that’s why this cannot be praised as a Reliable.

The Automation Testing is more reliable analogously tool that produces the best outcomes of the analyses, case expressed by the Quality analyst.

D. Programming Development:

In the Manual testing no programming code requires to examine the software quality.

But, the Automation Testing is based on the programming script that check all system functions in a proper way.

E. Regression Examining:

The Regression analyzing the process in Manual Testing is very time exhausting and monotonous method to do manually.

Withal, the automated testing process makes easier the Regression Testing process to examine the software and process.

F. Budget and Investment:

The Manual Testing needs for expenditure in the phase of hiring, but it doesn’t mean that it is expensive. It is best for the one-time goal.

Hence, the automation testing always requires to purchase tools that’s why the investment process is run as a cycle. Furthermore, the investment process it too much expensive to purchasing tools, but this tool shows the reliability of the long time.

Ending Note:

The Quality analyst of the manual and automation testing is based on process and software examining. These processes define your software analyzing the process. Our BR Softech Web & mobile app development company which offering software quality assurance and testing.

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