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Role of Microsoft Sharepoint You Need to Know About

written by Admin | Sep 01, 2021
Role of Microsoft Sharepoint

Microsoft SharePoint software is a convenient development platform. It launched in 2001 and was originally sold as a document management and storage system. These highly configurable benefits of using SharePoint products can be utilized in multiple ways in organizations.

Microsoft affirms SharePoint development has approximately 190 million users. Globally 200.000 organizations are working on SharePoint development. If you are a young aspirant and want to develop an app like SharePoint then there are multiple questions that arise in your mind: what are the benefits of using SharePoint or what are the tools used in SharePoint migration.

Microsoft stated that 78% of fortune 500 companies are using SharePoint. And, between the time of 2006 to 2011, Microsoft also sold over 36.5 million licenses to users.

What is Microsoft Sharepoint?

SharePoint is a web-based collaboration framework that enables business teams to collaborate by using workflow applications, “list” databases, and other web parts and security features. SharePoint also allows companies to manage knowledge and automate workflow processes across business units.

SharePoint Online, Microsoft’s cloud version of SharePoint, has even more collaboration features with other cloud applications. It is functionally compatible with many of the other Microsoft 365 and Office 365 offerings.

Top Benefits of using Sharepoints

Benifits of using microsoft sharepoint

For consistent execution and the best user experience, various companies look for an adequate SharePoint Development Company. Here we have listed some of the benefits of using SharePoint online  And the best features of Microsoft SharePoint Development

  1. Advance tool: – Sharepoint is one of the advanced visualization tools. It helps you create outstanding graphics and business reports. It’s one of the fully functional portals. With the help of SharePoint, you can formulate business strategies and can implement them wisely. 
  2. Centralized Control System: – Microsoft Sharepoint comes with a dashboard feature. Wherein one can track the employee’s progress on the given task. The dashboard is a centralized control system that reflects the workflow, all the business updates, and provides all the required information. 
  3. Employee Detail Tracker: – SharePoint Development Company helps the employer by providing employee insight analysis.  With Zoho CRM software, a company can keep a track of employment growth in the industry, remaining leaves balance, and much more.
  4. Cloud-Based Framework:-  The beneficial thing about working on Sharepoint is it has a cloud-based Framework. It minimizes the work complexity with flexible features.
  5. Enhance Data Security: – SharePoint development platform security features provide high security. It improves the overall business security and provides full protection.  It reduces the risk of unauthorized use of secure data.
  6. Reduce Business Cost: – Microsoft Sharepoint development platform provides consolidated data of all departments, which makes business easy and reduces the overall costing. This platform is useful to consolidate all the data on one platform.
  7. Reduce Complexity: – SharePoint Development Company helps in securing vital business information and reduces the complexity to make the process easy.   It helps you find any document or business report in one click.
  8. Provides with Customization Option: – Sharepoint provides the right to develop custom-based features as per business requirements. The custom-based approach of  SharePoint makes it stand out in the business world.
  9. Easy Website Development: – Microsoft CRM Software Development platform is one of the most web-oriented platforms. It helps the website development process easier and allows users to make required changes as per their desirability.

What are the Needs of Sharepoint Platform

What are the Needs of Sharepoint Platform

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There is a lot of types of SharePoint is available in the market which can give the growth of a business like paras SharePoint.  Sharepoint is one of the reliable platforms that help businesses to grow and make their work simple. This user-friendly platform is popular as a business intelligence platform. Which provides advanced technology and top-rated data security. Any business that wishes to maximize its resources and minimize complexity can hire a SharePoint developer and simplify its work.  

Sharepoint helps organizations to create groups, performance lists, and show real-time streaming.  Not just that it lets you access and share information from one place to another in the most simplified manner. It provides you with a comprehensive range of services with a strong control mechanism.  

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The SharePoint migration tool is adapted for a rapid, efficient, and cost-effective solution. It provides an opportunity to shift our content from one SharePoint on-premises to another SharePoint on-premises version. Manually transferring the Sharepoint files can be a daunting task as the admin can only copy-paste the Sharepoint file. 

The entire process of migrating files diminishes the risks of downtime and minimizes business disruption. Mainly SharePoint Development Companies design this tool to use for migration of the smallest set of files to a large-scale enterprise migration.

How You Can Download Sharepoint Online Migration Tool

  • To download the tool, go to SharePoint Migration Tool Version 2
  • Click on install
  • Click on Yes to allow this app

How to use the Sharepoint online Migration Tool

SharePoint Migration Tool supports various migration scenarios. Here we have explained how it works to simplify the complete migration process. For a more customized experience, one can also hire a SharePoint Developer from our expert team.

  • Authentication: – Migration process starts with destination authentication.  All you need to do is provide your username and password, and authenticate the destination. SharePoint Migration Tool version 2 supports the following authentication methods: 
  1. NTLM
  2. Kerberos
  3. Forms 
  4. ADFS
  5. Multi-factor authentication
  6. SAML Based claim
  7. Client Certificate Authentication
  • Scan: – Once you click on Migrate after authentication, a scan is performed covering all the files. The scanning process verifies that there is access to the data source and write access to the SharePoint online destination. It may also scan the files with potential risks.
  • Packaging: – Once the scanning is done packaging stages get started. It creates package content that contains a manifest consisting of 8 XMLs.
  • Upload: – At this stage, the content package is uploaded to Azure with the manifest. Before It can be accepted from SPO provided Azure container, the entire data is encrypted at rest using AES CBC 256 standard. The files are encrypted with the manifest file.
  • Import: – To start the import process key is provided to SPO SAS. In this process, Azure and SPO interact to fetch the content to migrate into the destination. It’s a time-based process that does not impact other processes to queue up. While the import process is going on, it generates a report in the working folder with live updates.

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Once the migration is completed, the log is stored in an Azure container. Final reports get generated and stored in the manifest container.

  • Session and Resume: – While the migration process completes, the SharePoint migration tool saves its session information in the user hidden list on their site.  This saved information will be used when the tool is reopened to permit the resume of any previous migration session. If the user requires more space, this information can be removed from their site. Removing the session from the resume option won’t impact any prior import.
  • Encryption and Security: – Encrypted data, Azura containers, and keys are generated during the upload and import phase. All the containers which are not being reused are dedicated to the customers. The complete data gets stored in Azure blob for 30-90 days after getting deleted from the disk.

    Once the data is completely deleted, the files are de-lined and later soft-deleted from the disk.  The files saved in the account can be shared across many servers.

    This simple SharePoint migration tool runs without impacting the environment and provides a consistent user experience. It securely shares sensitive data and helps in making day-to-day business easier. 

In the End

We’ve given you enough information about Microsoft SharePoint, including its benefits, in this post. In addition, companies are increasingly requesting SharePoint software. With the support of a robust and experienced team, BR Softech, the leading app development company, is creating more and more SharePoint apps with striking features.


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