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Mobile Game App Development With Essential Features & Cost Analysis

written by Saloni Agrawal | Mar 25, 2021
Mobile Game App Development

When all the industries were suffering due to COVID-19, some industries were still booming. The mobile game app industry was also one of them along with medical & healthcare, grocery app development, etc.

As per the reports, the revenue of USA-based mobile game app development companies reached $18.25 billion in 2025 and it is predicted to go around $29.5 by 2025. In this, the average revenue per customer would cost $121.30. 

In Layman’s words, the USA mobile game app market will rise by continuously offering huge opportunities for newly entered and innovative games. We have seen rapid changes in the most famous mobile game apps in the last two years. 

This massive growth in the demand for mobile game apps is the reason why entrepreneurs are considering the mobile game app industry as a suitable business option. They are developing appropriate and exciting game apps with the help of leading mobile app development companies.  

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The Process to Follow While Developing a Mobile Game App

Now, first of all, let’s get into the details of the development process of a mobile game app. These areas following-

  • Do market research and analysis, and find a suitable idea to develop your app.
  • Have an attractive and interesting game story to keep players engaged. 
  • Choose an appropriate mobile app platform to launch your game and gain a large base of customers along with a game engine for appealing design and smooth working. 
  • Make a game design document with a detailed description of the game aspects like tools, technologies, game mechanics, game characters, screen space, etc.
  • Design a wonderful game structure to affect the sales and for this, consider texture, graphics, environment, and other game objects.
  • Have a clear functional understanding through wireframing planning that works as a visual guide for the app.
  • Now, the coding part will start with a suitable and flawless programming language.
  • After developing the app, now it is time to test its functionality and overall features as it should be error-free.
  • Apply the right monetization strategy to gain the maximum ROI through your app. Although there are some common ways like in-app purchases, in-app advertisement, and membership or subscription, you can apply these.
  • Consider all the guidelines of the app platform and then, be ready to launch your app. 

Notable Features That Must Be Added Into Your Mobile Game App!

While hiring a prominent mobile game development company, you must have some of the salient game app features to attract more players to your app. They are as shown below-

Game Speed

Every player likes to play a mobile game with fast speed, so keep your game app simple and quick with an amazing set of graphics and not so big database.

Game Simplicity

If your game app is too complex, nobody likes to use it due to boredom. Improve the user experience with uncluttered screens and no ambiguity.

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Choose among the three platforms- iOS, Android, and Windows. Android apps are easy to deploy but iOS apps are required to be tried and tested first. Make your app flexible enough to deal with different devices and screen sizes with the same coding.

Good Image Resolution 

While balancing the app speed with the resolution and functionality, ensure the on-screen efficiency to enhance user-experience. Include app efficiency to cope-up with the hi-definition 16 million colors.

Search Option 

This option is significant to offer users the ability to search within the app, especially to social and business varieties.

App Security 

All the top-notch game development companies now consider it as their top priority. Various game apps store the information of their customers like debit and credit card details, so providing security to them is an essential thing. Firms are also paying attention to provide secure payment gateways while doing transactions by users. 

Bold & Shiny Color Combination 

Eye-catching colors are the main part of online game apps as it seems exciting to attract the users. It provides an app with both style and professional qualities.

Real-time Push Notification

How will you notify your users, if you have any new scheme? Push notification is the best way to make them alert about the upcoming contests and giveaways

Game Updates

It is significant to keep your game app up-to-date so that it can cope-up with the advanced and latest devices and technologies. It will provide users an app as they want. 

User’s Feedback 

When you have developed an appropriate game app with all-inclusive latest features, it is time to get feedback from the users. Have an option of user’s feedback into the app to get both positive and negative reviews.

Based on these app-features, there are some good examples of casino mobile game apps that are doing better in 2021, take a look-     

After knowing about these ultra-modern game app features and the market situation, if you wish to create a mobile game app similar to any of the famous apps like PUBG, Call of Duty, Pokemon Go, etc., then you must know about the estimated app cost and factors that affect this cost.

Different Factors to Affect the Cost of Mobile Game Development Services

Let’s get details about how much it costs to create a mobile game app and what are the essential factors to consider for cost estimation. Check out these following points to get a better understanding-

  • Decide if you want to build a single-player or multiplayer game, it would cost more for a multiplayer game app.
  • Including tools and technologies are essential for cost estimation as it can increase or decrease the price. 
  • Choosing a suitable app platform is very difficult because both have different functionality. You can go with the cross-browser development to gain large audiences. 
  • A mobile game app should consist of efficient and modern features with the highly-advanced technologies like AI, ML, AR, and VR. it will cost you higher rather than having an app with core features.
  • An attractive and interactive app design is the requirement of the modern user. It can increase the overall cost.
  • If your app project takes much time as decided before, it can higher your overall budget.
  • When you hire a mobile game development service provider from the UK, USA, and similar countries, it will cost you more than hiring developers from Asian countries.
  • The app you have developed might need higher maintenance and support after the launch, and it will also include in the app development cost. 
  • The app promotion and marketing cost is something you can’t ignore and necessary to have. 

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After having a glance at all these mentioned factors that impact the app development price, you can have an idea of the cost to invest in mobile game app development. As per the analysis, you might have to pay above $25,000, and the rest depends on the services you want! 

Hire A Mobile Game App Developer!

To develop a mobile game app, it is not necessary to know the coding or programming languages, you can also hire developers from leading mobile app development companies or take services from any white-label app development company. Brief them of all your app requirements to get a suitable app!    

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