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The Hidden Mystery Behind Mixed Reality Development

written by Saloni Agrawal | Oct 05, 2020
Mixed Reality Development

Mixed Reality is known as a big space or a nexus where virtual and real worlds strike with a bang. Possibilities in Mixed Reality Development are unlimited, and it depends upon the downloaded tools, engine you choose, and dusting off the keyboard. Here we will provide you all the details about Mixed Reality, its types, comparison between VR, AR, & XR, examples of mixed Reality, tools for mixed reality development, and fundamentals of mixed reality development. 

What is Mixed Reality?

Mixed Reality is a fusion of the digital and physical world that unseals the links between computer, human, and domain interaction. It is dependent on the advancements in computer sight, graphical processing ability, input systems, and exhibit technology. Although, this term ‘mixed reality’ was developed in the 1994 paper “A Taxonomy of Mixed Reality Visual Displays” by Fumio Kishino and Paul Milgram. This paper traversed the concept of categorization of taxonomy and virtuality continuum that is applied to displays.

Mixed Reality development services can also be used for developing the mockups to blend the digital and physical elements by using the SLAM (simultaneous localization and mapping). These mockups can also connect with the physical world to have features such as object permanence.

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Comparison between AR, VR & XR

Extended Reality (XR) depicts all the virtual and real environments that are built by computer graphics and wearables. The XR also covers all the different shapes of computer-altered Reality. It also includes AR, MR, and Virtual Reality development. To spot the difference among these, look out at these points 

Comparison between AR, VR & XR

Augmented Reality (AR)

It can be called the live, unintended, or direct view of a physical and real-world domain where aspects are increased or expanded. These aspects can be augmented through computer-built sensory input like video, sound, GPS data, or graphics. AR uses the present Reality and includes it to use some device. Tablets and Mobile are the most famous elements of AR containing custom headsets as well.  

Virtual Reality (VR)

Have an immersive experience by VR that can be called a computer-simulated reality as well. It is used to create realistic images, sounds, and other things that refer to a real environment or build a virtual world. It can be used as a way to immerse people in an imaginary world. A good VR environment can engage the five senses, containing smell, sight, audio, touch, and taste. Also, it is a well-established new sort of reality-technology. 

Mixed Reality (MR)

Mixed Reality app development provides hybrid Reality to users that is a combo of real and virtual worlds to create new visualizations and environments. It includes digital and physical objects that can interact as well. It has an important characteristic that involves real-world and synthetic content to interact with each other in real-time.  

Extended Reality (XR)

It is a newly added term that is known to very few people. It depicts all virtual and real mixed environments and also human-machine interactions created by computer technology and wearables. It provides a vast number of virtuality levels of sensor inputs partially to immerse virtuality by bringing together all the three Reality- VR, AR, and MR.

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Types of Mixed Reality 

There is not a particular thing that can exactly define the types of mixed Reality. Sometimes, MR can be referred to as extended Reality or hybrid Reality. We already know that Mixed Reality is a mix of VR and AR. Apps developed by using mixed Reality have made its way into manufacturing, employee training, customer sector, military, etc. There are three kinds of Mixed reality apps you can find-


  • Blended environment apps
  • Enhanced environment apps (only HoloLens)
  • Immersive environment apps 

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Examples of Mixed Reality 

Mixed Reality development services have provided lasting implications and possibilities that can be used in various industries and the near future as well.


MR is providing the most effective teaching and learning tools so that students can interact with the content they are learning. It doesn’t only include audio, visual, or traditional learning approaches but also teaches them to learn from real experiences that offer immersive and deeper learning. 

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Medicine and Healthcare

MR solutions are used in the medical field to help and understand the disease and cure it. It leads to great empathy and also beneficial to medical practitioners. Through it, medical professionals can practice for their work without risk and safely. It also helps PTSD patients with controlled exposure at their own pace in a secure environment. 

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Mixed Reality Development Company also develops games to offer an outstanding experience to young gamers. These MR games combine an amazing and intense world into the real environment. They also have potential to gamify a person’s fitness with embedding digital aspects in the real environment. 

Retail Sector

Various companies are now developing AR and VR to provide AR maps to users for improving the access and understanding to the stores. It gives customers unprecedented data and empowers them to make confident and informed purchases without any guidance. 

Tools Related to Mixed Reality Development 

The mixed reality tools are used for open-source cross-platform to boost the app development targeting Microsoft HoloLens, OpenVR platform, and Windows Mixed reality Immersive (VR) headsets.

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Dynamics 365 Guides

It can be used to visualize the holographic instructions to the virtual environment to give users the essential information they need. This feature is covered with the Unity development, but if you want to go advanced, then see the offers by choosing Dynamics 365. 

Cloud Services

Various cloud services are there to integrate into Mixed Reality development services built in the Unity, particularly Azure Spatial Anchors and Azure Remote Rendering. It can be added to the real-time 3D rendering and shared holographic content to the apps to make them more immersive and attractive for the users.  

Fundamentals of Mixed Reality Development 

  • Microsoft has developed a mixed reality platform that is a segment of Windows 10 operating systems. The flagship device of Microsoft available for mixed Reality is called HoloLens. It is known as an optical head-mounted display particularly designed for delivering amazing MR experience.
  • Not only mixed reality development, but also Microsoft joined hands with the well-known organizations like HP, Dell, Asus, Lenovo, Acer, and Samsung to generate a wide range of immersive and wonderful headsets for VR along with the motion controllers and its elements.
  • Facebook, Google, Apple, Intel, etc. huge tech giants are launching their Mixed Reality or AR/VR devices in coming time. It includes head-mounted displays, smart-glasses, controllers, remote assistants, and sensors.

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  • MR will be more accurate and powerful in the future to give a real experience representing the virtual world environment over a physical one. Lots of companies are planning to boost the AR/VR/MR devices to improve the overall monitoring strategy and performance.

Mixed Reality Devices

MR devices include headsets and prototypes through Mixed Reality Development. Take a look at the following-

Microsoft HoloLens

It has been circulated since 2016 and is known as the first MR headset that was available. However, it has a limited FOV of 35 degrees and cost up to $3,000. It has also been included in various industries right from retail to manufacturing to education and healthcare.

Dimensions NXG AjnaLens

With environmental mapping, incorporating AI, and increased 3D digital holograms, this Indian MR device is used in various industries. It has a 90-degree view of the field of the AjnaLens that is much wider than Magic Leap One or HoloLens.

Avegant Lightfield

Though it is not commercially available till now, this Mixed reality headset includes the light-field technology to enhance the realism and immersion experienced by people within mixed Reality. It can show schematics, prototypes for organs or structures for scientific purposes. 

Cost to Develop Mixed Reality-Based Product

Always consider skilled and experienced developers for building mixed reality-based products and Mixed Reality development services. With the assistance of SDKs, MR based product development has become inexpensive and simple. Still, you are required to decide the value of your MR solutions and services exactly. 

Sometimes, it can be seen that inexperienced business persons consider the rates per hour usually except looking for in-depth analysis of all aspects that can have an impact upon the overall cost of MR app development. The overall estimated cost of MR based apps will be $25 per hour in India, $40 per hour in East Europe, and $150 in North America. 

Closing Thoughts

We hope this blog will help you to get all the information regarding the mixed Reality, including its types, examples, development tools, fundamentals, devices, estimated cost, etc. There are now available so many leading Mixed Reality Development Companies that provide Augmented app development and virtual app development as well.

BR Softech is also one of those companies who have experienced and efficient MR app developers to provide you with quality services. We know that Mixed Reality has a potential impact on new technologies as well as enterprise opportunities. Hence, we offer a new vivid experience by coping up with the time and also provide advanced solutions. Connect with us for further guidance.

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