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Unleash the New Version of Android Studio 3.4

written by Nidhi Sharma | Apr 24, 2019
Unleash the New Version of Android Studio 3

Recently Google has launched the latest Android Studio 3.4 the latest version of the integrated development environment. It has come up with some lucrative features that address core developers workflow for app building and resource management. This updated version allows the developers to focus on building unique and high-quality apps. After months of hard work, this updated version is ready for download with an extensive set of features.

Not just that in android app development It includes an updated Project Structure Dialog (PSD), R8 replacing Proguard as the default code shrinker and obfuscator, a new app resource management tool, and an updated Android Emulator with Android Q Beta support.

It offers:

  • Instant Run

  • Intelligent Code Editor

  • Speedy & feature-rich Emulator

  • Robust & Flexible Build System

Summary of New Features

  1. Conditional Delivery For Dynamic Feature Modules: – Conditional delivery allows you to set device configuration downloaded automatically. It helps in installing dynamic feature modules with ease including the functionality of augmented reality for devices that support AR.

  2. IntelliJ IDEA 2018.3.4: – The core Android Studio IDE has been updated with improvements from IntelliJ IDEA through the 2018.3.4 release.

  3. New Project Structure Dialog: – The new Project Structure Dialog makes it easier to update dependencies and configure different aspects of your project, such as modules, build variants, signing configurations, and build variables.

  4. Variables: – PSD section allows you to create and manage build variables such as those to keep version numbers for dependencies consistent across your project. It allows you to add new build variables at a project- or module-level directly from the PSD.

  5. Resource Manager: – Resource Manager is a new tool window for importing, creating, managing, and using resources in your app. It helps in visualizing the colors, and layouts across an app project in a consolidated view. In addition to visualization, Android App Developer can import multiple drawable assets at once by either dragging and dropping them into the Resource Manager tool window or by using the Import drawables wizard.

  6. Layout Editor Properties Panel: – It helps the developers in redefining and polish the layout editor properties. It will automatically highlight the errors and warning with resource binding control and an updated color picker.

  • Resource Manager allows you to change the view in tile and list views.
  • It allows you to drag and drop assets.
  • It allows you to convert SVG’s into VectorDrawable objects.
  • Now you can view alternative versions of your resources by a double click within the tool windows. 

How Android Studio 3.4 Workflow Works?


  • Resource Manager

  • Import Intentions

  • Layout Editor Properties Panel

  • IntelliJ 2018.3.4 Platform Update


  • Project Structure Dialog

  • R8 by Default


  • Emulator Device Skins

  • Android Q Beta Emulator System Image Support

For more details, you can check the below links:

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