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Node.js vs Angular.js: Which is the perfect to use?

written by Admin | Nov 18, 2016

Well, the Node.js and Angular.JS are both developed in the JavaScript. JavaScript has emerged to be as the best programming language which is being used for developing server-side applications with ease. Though created using the same JavaScript language, both Angular.JS framework and Node.js framework have quite different features which helps the developers in developing fully functional websites that runs smoothly.

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Node.js Vs Angular.js: Different applications and usage:


Node.js is the platform which supports non-blocking input/output (I/O) API and also event-driven architecture which is beneficial in creating real-time applications like instant messaging or the chat apps. Node.js is highly fabvoured because it has various built-in core modules, for instance, HTTP module which is best for developing web server in your node.js application without the usage of any other web server programs like Apache, Nginx, IIS, etc.

There are multifarious frameworks which are which are built on Node.js platform like Express.js, Partial.js, Salis.js, etc. All these frameworks have considerable features which can be used for developing different kinds of applications.


Angular.JS enables you to expand HTML’s syntax for clearly describing the components of your applications. Angular.JS enables you to develop different MVC components on the client-side of applications. What makes Angular.JS top-notch web application development framework is the support for MVC pattern with two-way data-binding in the Angular.JS applications. Hire angular.js developer to reap the benefits of Angular.JS framework developed websites.

Angular.JS is not like other kinds of framework which just supports one-way data-binding. If Angular.JS is concerned then the alterations in the view are being reflected in the Model and the changes in the Model and also multiplied to the View which makes it easy for the programming. If developing single-page applications is concerned then Angular.JS works wonders.

The major task of both the open-source projects, Node.js and Angular.js is for developing web applications by making use of the JavaScript but both these are very different in their architecture.

Node.js is used for developing server-side applications and Angular.JS is well known for developing client-side web applications.

Wrapping up:

With the inclusion of JSON API, the template languages blended with MVC pattern, Node.js is considered to be the well known platform when compared to Angular.JS. For developing different chat applications on leading operating systems then Node.js is the apt choice for the developers and for developing the single page applications, Angular.JS is far ahead than Node.js framework

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