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On Demand Car Wash App Development: Features & Cost of Car Wash App Development

written by Admin | May 14, 2021
On Demand Car Wash App Development Cost

How the world has been changed! Really strange, as in this new era, everyone has been occupied with their smartphones. Now for every minor and day to day services people are dependent only few clicks away on their mobile phone apps. Among all the day to day services, car wash app has high demand in the global market. Hence, the rise in demand for car wash solution has given the opportunity to many startups and enthusiasts to mark their presence among the app development companies.

So, if you are also willing to bring your own car wash mobile app into the market. So here in this blog, BR Softech, the well known app and web development company has brought you the in depth information about the On Demand Car Wash App Development, which you should know and will tell you the attributes which makes us successful in the market.

Let’s tell you, the foremost step that is the process of working of on-demand BR car wash mobile app.

Growth Rate of On Demand Car Wash App

The on demand car wash app economy has given rise to all startups and businesses. The vast changes has been seen in the growth rate of the car wash app economy. As now people prefer to opt for the car wash service as it is helpful in various ways and the most important thing is it saves the ample amount of time and turn into quick and fastest service.

Human beings have opt for car wash service and the wide fluctuations have been observed in the industry. In the last year, the annual revenue was $5.8 Billion in USA and the car wash service providers offered their service to 8 Million cars on daily basis.

on demand car wash app revenue report

In the United States only, there are 16,000 car wash service providers who have established yearly and their yearly revenue has added to $9 billion yearly.

car wash app development cost

Experts states that the growth will be predicted to be continue. The industry revenue growth of the car wash will reach at an reach to the average yearly rate of 3.3% upto year 2020.

How does Car Wash Application Works

The on demand car wash booking app working module is based on user-friendly characteristics. Here we have narrow down all the steps to use the app.

  • Register and login into car wash app

  • The user sends the car wash request using the car wash app.

  • Admin receives the request from the user

  • Just after receiving request admin starts to search for the car washer around the location

  • Admin gives the near car Detailer detail to the user

  • The user gets all the available options to select one

  • Once notify Detailer will arrive at your given address

  • Service will be given as per the selected package

  • Once the car is washed you will get the payment option via cash on delivery or online
    If you have any coupon code or discount, you can apply it while making payment.

This amazing car wash app makes all the services available at just a Tap away. This on demand car wash app is a perfect blend of the simple and effective feature. BR Softech provides with an advanced technology drove app to save time and efforts. This app works well with both Android and iOS platform.

Features of Car Wash Booking App That Makes it Stand Out

1. Subscription Packages:  There are different packages available for monthly and weekly services. The customer can opt for any as per the requirement. Category of the subscription package is Gold, Platinum, and Black.

2. Service with Accurate Location: – We provide with the accurate location to our users to select the car wash service at their desired location.

3. Track Services:  We allow our customers to track the service details with their smartphones through our tracking feature. It allows the users to know accurate service information.

4. Push Notification: – We provide with software that allows the Detailer to send the push notification. Users get notified with push notification once the car wash gets completed.

5. Quality Assurance:  Quality is the main concern. We assure to provide with the best solutions to our users.

6. SMS Alert: – This feature allows users to get SMS alert of their car wash service. It’s one of the most convenient features for users as well as the Detailer.

7. Discount Deals and offers: – By providing the users with the top-notch services we also included different deals and offers in our app.

Undoubtedly, all the demands and services of car wash app development you are looking for are just a few steps away. Smartphones have changed the lifestyle and emergence of technology has taken over. All you need to do is download the app and in a few clicks, you can get the service you wish to opt for.

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Major Features of Car Cleaning Mobile App

Let’s know about the most imperative features of professional car Cleaning mobile app for Android and iOS as per the panel.

The customer Panel 

Car Cleaning Mobile App Customer Panel

Sign-up/login: This is the foremost step on which user land on. They have to register on the app with the important details like name, DOB, address, Email etc.

Leave the service request:

The service request for the car wash as per their requirements.

Opt for car location: User is enabled to choose the car location, which is suitable for them as per their requirements. It can make the provisions for cleaning.

Buy the Package and services: Customers can select the package and services which is offered by the different service providers and utilise them as per their financial requirements.

Technician availability: Basically car washer customer can check the service providers, who are available on the spot and choose them for their service as it will turn it into faster and convenient mode.

Online Payments: Customers can make online payments via online payment models with various payment gateways which includes credit/debit card and Paytm etc.

View Order History: Users can view the order history of the services. All the order requests can be viewed by them and by viewing them, they can opt for the new requests for the car washing services.

Detailer Panel

Car Cleaning Mobile App : Car Washer Panel

Sign up: Detailer also has to land on the registration page to register with login details including name, email address, DOB etc. It is a similar way to the login as user panel.

Add Service Location: Detailers have to register them to the locations, so the nearby users are able to reach them out.

Push Notifications: Service providers can send the notifications to the users, once the order has been accepted by them. It is considered as notifying the user about it.

Accept/Reject Service: The detailer has full rights to accept or reject the request as per the number of requests has lined up to the user by the admin.

View Job History: The detailers can review the number of requests which have been completed by them, they can track the data as the date and time.

Request payment from Admin: The service provider is able to send the request for the payment to the admin, for the services which they have completed.

Admin Panel

Technician Registration: Admin has all the authority to track the technicians which are the part of the panel. It keeps an eye on the user.

Manage Service Time Zone: Admin manager tracks the time zone of the service provider and all the work that has been assigned to the service provider by the user. It would be not wrong to say, it is monitored by the admin.

Manage User Payment: The online payment module and gateways of the user is managed by the admin.

Manage Ratings and Feedback: The feedback and reviews are reviewed and managed by the admin.

Advanced Features of Mobile Car Wash App

With time, there is an enhancement in the technologies and now innovative technologies are becoming an essential part of the car wash app clone. Here are some advanced features, which will be considered as a smart part of the mobile car wash app development.

Cloud Management: Integrating the cloud technology has been considered as the secure path to manage the data. Nowadays, it is considered as a smart way to manage the platform. All the information of the corresponded users, orders, detailers and payments are store on the cloud management system.

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Heat Map View: In the upcoming time, this feature is going to rule the car wash booking app market. As with heat map view, the locations of various users including providers and customers can be tracked easily.

Inbuilt payment: The inbuilt payment system makes the platform user friendly as users avoid to opt for the physical platforms such as PayPal, Paytm etc. Now user prefer via app only they can do the transactions. It adds comfort for them.

In app Chat: The In-App chat allows the users to communicate with each other in a transparent way. Even the users can directly contact to the service providers via app to know the status of the service. It is a best way to grapple the user attention.

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Push Notifications: Mostly it has been observed that best car wash apps integrate the push notification to the car wash mobile application panel, it increase the business visibility. Admin can send the latest offers and discounts to the users.

Subscriptions: This feature cannot be missed by the development companies. Under this section, user can opt for the subscription packages and they can book the advanced services on the platform by the premium package.

Technology Stack of Car Wash App

Car wash app developers have to focus on the best car wash app technologies. To deliver the best app, it is imperative to utilise the modern and advanced technologies for the longer period of time.

User Interface & Experience (UX UI): To bring the basic mobile app, car wash developers use the technologies apparent CSS3 and Bootstrap to develop the front end. For the backend, they utilise Django, Ruby, AngularJS and Python. For the Android platform, carwash developers prefer java whereas for iOS development they prefer swift. Car wash app design should be implement in a best way as designing is an imperative factor.

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Cloud – Cloud storage has been considered as a secured medium and servers like Amazon data servers and Google cloud storage can be utilised for safely. Whereas, now for the advanced cloud environment are Azure and AWS

Location Tracking: To track the real time location, of the user and service provider app on Android and iOS platform, car wash developers don’t have to move somewhere else as for android there is already Google Maps and for iOS, there are Apple maps. It is an ideal solution to go with.

Real-time analytics: It is imperative to know about the users who are visiting to the website, number of downloads, bounce rate, Orders captured interested users. The real time analytics delivers the real time information to the users.

Database  Data is an essential part for any organisation and to manage is that much difficult. To manage the consumer and detailer data in the best way car wash app developers can opt for technologies like MySQL, Cassandra, MongoDB, and HBase etc.

Cost of Car wash app Development

The exact cost to develop the car wash app is difficult to calculate. The car wash app development cost depends on the three factors:

  • Number of Platforms
  • Features in car wash app
  • Complexity and size of the app

Different locations aka countries have miscellaneous prices, we are briefing you about the cost of car wash app below:

  • Eastern Europe based developers: – $40 to $110 per hour

  • India based developers: – $15 to $70 per hour ( Hire App Developer)

  • U.S. based developers: – $50 to $250 per hour

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The car wash app basic module cost we have discussed, but if you integrate the advanced features to the car wash app clone so the car wash cost will vary.

Cost for different activities:

  • QA & Testing (80 Hours – $1800 to $2500)

  • Front-end and Back-end development ( $8,000 to $ 10,000)

  • Technical documentation ( $800 to $1800)

  • UI/UX design ( $1000 to $2500)

How does it help to Save Time & Efforts?

Android App Development has made the car wash process easy. Standing in the queue is no more a thing as the car wash app has changed the way people execute such things. Now, whenever you plan to wash your car, all you need to do is a few clicks and the Detailer will take care of everything. Search for all the nearby technicians at your app and enjoy your hassle-free day with doorstep service.

According to the United States Census Bureau, over 100,000 car wash facilities spending approx $5.8 billion a year at a car wash facility. It simply reflects that concept of the on-demand car wash is being embraced by all the users and loved by the maximum number of people.

The on-demand car wash has opened many business opportunities for people who are interested and wants to remain ahead with the time. The idea of an on-demand car wash is accepted by various Mobile app development companies and loved by others. The benefit of this app is, it brings the wash to you. Its super fast service, easy to use user panel, user-friendly features, and facility to select 24/7 service is commendable.

Website and app development

With the on demand car wash app, you longer have to get wet to clean your car or drive the car to the Car Detailer. Using the most innovative technologies car wash detailing industry is getting immense success. For more advance feature one can hire app developer and can design the app with more beneficiary features.

Not just that car wash app also includes the discount codes, coupons, different deals and much more for the users. These exclusive offers will bring you amazing service deals and make you enjoy your car wash with maximum discounts and lucrative deals. All these deals are available throughout the year to keep the users happy and satisfied.

Why Choose BR Softech for Car Wash App Development?

BR Softech strives to provide you with the best services and consistent quality so that every time you give your car for wash it comes out as a brand new car.

  1. We provide with complete data security with quick response.

  2. Instant updates and Push notification is our key feature

  3. Well established name in the industry with the team of experts

  4. Assured savings with the well-defined project as per the market requirement

  5. The post-sale benefit with improved productivity and increase revenue

  6. Provides with add-on services with the dedicated expert team of developers

  7. Offers profoundly functional successful app on time with 24/7* assistance

Not just that if you plan to develop your own car wash app in Android or iOS, we can help you with the ultimate car wash solution. The on-demand car wash is getting bigger with time and indeed providing with many opportunities. According to a survey in 2015, one of the largest categories of on-demand spending was an online marketplace with 16.3 million consumers each month spending almost $36 billion annually.

The on-demand car wash app enables iOS App Developers to provide with one of the fastest and easiest way to get high- quality car wash service to users. Growing interest in an on-demand world is bringing services to the customer to satisfy their needs. It eliminates the inconvenience and provides with more convenience options.


Maximize your business efficiency by opting for a car wash app clone script and experience the more productivity in business. On-demand, business is about providing with rich customer service experience to users. It focuses on customer satisfaction and provides with an innovative platform to both business and customers.


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