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Define Your Success with On-demand Sports Fantasy App like Howzat

Game Development
Jan 14, 2021
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Are you a fan of fantasy sports apps? After all, it is hard to stay away from the charm of these online sports game apps that provide you with different games to play. There are various on-demand sports fantasy apps like Howzat, dream11, etc. that bring excitement to our boring life. Some of them have various game categories, and some have limited categories. 

Among these all, Howzat belongs to the class of an online Fantasy Sports Software Development . It is a generated product of Junglee games and has above 7 million reported users. Major games that are covered by Howzat are Football and Cricket. Here users can make their virtual team with real players and can earn money via the app. This game has a limit of age 18 and above. It provides free signup for users, and they can begin to make their teams. 

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This blog will provide you with a step-by-step path that will help you create an on-demand fantasy sports app like Howzat.  With the changing time, various fantasy sports websites have changed, and now, you can use all your gaming expertise into these online sports apps. It is also necessary to know about the details like features, technologies, cost, etc. if you are interested in developing a similar app. 

Step-by-Step Guide to Build An App Similar to Howzat

Step by Step Guide to Build An App Similar to Howzat

Here you will find all the significant points that will guide you for fantasy sports app development. Take a look-

What is Howzat?

Howzat sports app is the most dedicated fantasy sports game app of India, released in April 2019. It was introduced for offering amazing bonuses and other attractive offers. This game is known for its provided go-to platform for international formats such as the world cup or T20 format. 

How Does this Sports Game App Work?

Users can sign up for free in the On-demand fantasy app like Howzat or join the match to select their team that includes 11 players comprising batsman, bowlers, wicketkeepers, etc. The player who has got more weightage becomes a vice-captain or captain of the team. Points and rewards will rely on team performance. It also offers paid fantasy games, and you will gain a bonus of 5000 after signing up into this. 

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A person can win lots of real cash and rewards only by expressing and executing their skills and knowledge in this game. An Rs. 250 bonus is provided to the user’s accounts if they are new to the app. It is a welcome gesture from the app to attract a huge user base. You can also withdraw the money from any registered account like GooglePay, Paytm, etc.

Benefits You Will Get Via Developing A Fantasy App Like Howzat


Key Features to Follow while Building a Fantasy Cricket App

Take a look at how and what benefits you will get from building a Howzat clone app-

Quality Entertainment

On-demand Fantasy sports apps like Howzat provide a better way to have some extra fun after a boring way. You can play different games, not only your favourite ones but also others, even when travelling via train, bus, etc. You can also improve your game skills and user experience at the same time. Incorporate some exceptional graphics and animations that mimic appropriately what real-life games feel like. 

Improved Game Skills

Playing games like Howzat makes your skills in critical thinking and decision-making better while having so much fun. This app offers your detailed data about games, weather conditions, pitch conditions, bowling and batting line-ups, etc. Via playing games, you experience high-excitement and become more attentive. So, bringing those amazing skills to the forefront as part of the fantasy games imitates the real-field scenes. 

Test Your Strategies and Skills

Apps like Howzat offer users a great way to put their gaming strategies and skills for testing. You can also choose your team of real-players for different games like Kabaddi, Cricket, and Football and participate in the fantasy sports contests. Use all your gaming knowledge to form strategies and then test them in the fantasy field. Provide users with a quick-responding fantasy sports website as well as a responsive mobile app.         

Major Features of On-demand Fantasy App like Howzat

Major Features of On-demand Fantasy App like Howzat

Check out these below-shown features of fantasy app like Howzat:

Admin Panel

  • Login: Admin uses it to log into the platform.
  • Dashboard: After logging into the platform, the admin will access the home screen for navigating throughout the platform.
  • Game Categories: It will permit the admin to manage all the match categories effectively in which users participate.
  • Match management system: It will be used to include or delete different contests.
  • Cashback and rewards system: Admin can handle the system of cashback and reward to users.
  • Payment request Management: It permits users to handle all the requests of payment withdrawal by users.
  • User Management System: It will be used for including or deleting users.

User Panel

  • Sign-up/Sign-in: Users can register via social media account, email or phone number. After that, they can log in the app with the credentials.
  • Home screen: It is like a dashboard to navigate via the app comprising all the features for users to select.
  • Search Contest: users can find out the tournament type that they want to join as per their preferences.
  • Schedule: It displays all the schedule guides for the day, and users can use this to get to know about the team playing on that day.
  • Join the Tournaments and Leagues: Whatever tournament or league, the user wants to join, they can join via it.
  • Choose Sports: It permits users to select among different existing sports on Cricket, Football, Handball, Basketball, etc.
  • Live Match Score: Fantasy sports app like Howzat provides users with the feature of live match score to keep the check on on-going matches.
  • Varied Payment Methods: After selecting the contest, users can use payment gateway script for the entry fee.
  • My contest Details: After submitting the fee, users can make their team and check the current contest’s score points.
  • Upcoming and scheduled Matches: Users can check the scheduled and upcoming matches for their favourite sports.

Additional Features

  • APIs Integration: Unique APIs are required to make a smoothly running fantasy sports app.
  • GPS Spot Tracking: It will permit the app to perceive about the  present location of the users.
  • Real-time Analytics: It is helpful in consistent collecting, recording, and updating information in real-time.

Tech Stack for Developing An On-demand Fantasy Sports App Like Howzat

Take a look at this needed tech-stack for on-demand sports fantasy apps like Howzat–  

  • Payment: PAYPAL, BRAINTREE, E-WALLETS, STRIPE, pay money, E-BANKING, Paytm

How Much It Will Value to Create An App LIke Howzat?

Development of on-demand sports fantasy apps like Howzat is in great user demand. Above that, people interested in investing in this business, like advanced technologies and features, are providing too much contribution. Due to this, the market competition is also enhancing higher among leading giants day-by-day. 

So, now more innovative and latest features are added to reduce the competition. Here are these innovative features as below-

Machine-learning-based Algorithm: It will be beneficial to set the odds for the application to be admin-side dependent upon the user’s behaviour pattern.

Chatbot API Integration: It will help you to include custom bot API for games, such as Football, Cricket, and so on.

Blockchain-based Secure Transaction: Develop a decentralized platform to observe the user’s transactions for the fantasy sports app company. 

Additionally, there are some advanced features also that help to enhance the overall app development cost. Making a user panel of the app will cost you around $10,000 for a sole platform and both the platforms. It will be $12,000 to $14,000. Talking about the admin panel of the app, it will be around $7,500 to $10,000. 

The general evolution cost of on-demand sports fantasy apps like Howzat will be $20,000 to $30,000. This cost is only an estimated cost as it can differ based upon the features you get into the app.

Get A Leading Fantasy App Development Company 

If you are looking for a software development company to develop your fantasy sports website and app like Howzat, then go for BR Softech. It is one of the top sports app development companies with skilled and knowledgeable app developers. Due to the increasing demand for fantasy sports apps, we offer an affordable and flexible price structure for clients for both iOS and Android platforms.

Apart from having dedicated and experienced professionals, we always provide the latest tools and technologies to turn your imagination into reality. We assure our customers to deliver them with the appropriate and complete mobile app development solutions so that they don’t have any future complaints. Come to us, and we will solve all your queries and guide you with all the possible ways!

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