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Why You Should Invest In A Parking Management System Software Development?

written by Admin | Sep 24, 2021
parking management system

Nowadays, we have mobile-based solutions for every purpose such as online movie ticket booking, on-demand food delivery, taxi booking, etc. Still, there is a lack of a well-versed parking management system software that can help schools, malls, hospitals, and other public places with various parking issues like unauthorized trespassing in parking lots, availability of parking spaces, reservation of parking spots, the inefficiency of human workers, and a lot more.

However, every cloud comes with a silver lining. BR Softech has helped various business segments by eradicating flaws and complications present in a traditional parking system through their well-versed parking management system software development services.

If you’re also tired of the daily rifts in your organization’s traditional parking system, Google has brought you to the right page. In this article, we’ll learn about the features, advantages, and other important functionalities of parking management software.

However, before diving into the development part, let’s proceed with some basics.

1. What Is Parking Management System Software?

A parking management system software is a product that automates the operations of a traditional parking system by providing functionalities like parking availability, automatic entry registration, occupancy monitoring, and a lot more through intrinsic components like GPS, data optimization, payment security, and access controls.

2. Why Do We Need A Parking Management System?

The traditional parking system cannot focus on all aspects of parking operations such as security, lot occupancy, vehicle tracking, and fare calculation. This is where the modern-day parking management system comes into play.

It helps parking business owners to maintain inventory of the available slots, ensures authorized entry, wipes out privacy issues, and integrates the software with available security measures.

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3. How Does Parking Lot Management Software Work?

A parking lot management software is built using multiple components that help it to optimize the functionalities of a traditional parking system. Let’s go through the following steps to understand the working of parking ticket management software.

  • App Install 

The user needs to install the app from the respective app stores on their smartphones.

  • Registration

The user registers into the mobile application by providing credentials like mobile number, email address, or social media login.

  • Vehicle Number Registration

In this section, the user needs to register the details like type of vehicle (car, bike, truck, etc) and the vehicle registration number.

  • Payment Details Registration

For the sake of automation, the user needs to fill in the credit/debit card details so that the parking amount gets deducted automatically.

  • GPS

The user needs to provide GPS permission so that the parking app can scan the nearby parking slots.

4. What Are The Features Of Parking Ticket Management Software?

The parking lot occupancy monitoring system comes with three different panels, let’s dive in to understand the features of each panel in the parking lot app.

Features Of Parking Ticket Management Software

4.1 Admin Panel

The admin panel is the core panel of the parking lot app, it comes with features that allow the admin or business owner to control every activity happening on the app.

Admin panel contains the data like user registration, user login, and password resets.

Following are the features of the admin panel:

  • Admin Log-in:- This feature allows the admin to check log-in to the admin panel via credentials like email, user-id & password, and social media integration through Gmail, Facebook, Linkedin, etc.
  • Employee Management:- Through this feature, the admin can track employee status like how many employees are absent, leave details, and other management features.
  • Occupancy Tracking:- This feature allows the admin to check upcoming slot bookings, available slots, vehicle registration numbers, real-time vehicle counting, etc.
  • Moreover, the admin can use this feature to check the type of parking available, i.e. occupancy of employee parking and customer parking.
  • Ticketing Policy:- The system administrator can update the parking fare prices and operations-related policies through the ticketing policy feature.
  • Tool Tracking:- Parking sensors are an essential part of the lot management app, an admin can use this feature to check the total number of working sensors and the admin can also check the other hardware assets that need maintenance.
  • Data Optimization:- The data optimization feature allows the admin to manage the user data for upcoming queries and other marketing strategies

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4.2 Employee Panel

The employee panel is an informational dashboard that shows the data which is meant only for employees. It comes with features that assist employees in parking management operations.

Following are the features of advanced parking management systems:

  • Access Control:- The access control feature allows employees to access lot management-related tools such as gate barriers, blockers, tag readers.
    It also allows the on-site employee to restrict the entrance of an unrecognized vehicle.
  • Parking Management:- This feature allows the on-site employee to track the parking lot status, and manage other important analytics to ensure complete control over the parking area.
  • Statistical Report:- Employees can check the time frame and pricing of specific or multiple parking slots on an hourly, weekly, daily, and monthly basis.
  • Parking Barrier:- This feature is integrated with on-site infrared scanners and biometric readers that restrict the access of unrecognized vehicles.
  • Real-Time Slot Monitoring:- An on-site employee can use this feature to track the real-time statistics of total employee vehicles and other customers as well. It helps the parking management company to take effective business decisions.

4.3 User Panel

The user panel of parking ticket management software is meant for service users. It helps them to access and monitor their activities inside the parking lot.

Following are the features of a user panel in the parking lot app:

  • Login:- Users can log into the user panel through credentials like email address, OTP, fingerprint login, or via social media channels like Facebook, Google, Twitter, etc.
  • Slot Booking:- This feature is very beneficial for service users, it helps them to save a lot of time by reserving an available parking slot in advance.
  • Slot Availability:- Service users can use this feature to monitor the real-time status of a parking lot i.e. number of available slots, reserved slots, etc.
  • Vehicle Tracking:- This feature is very helpful to ensure safety and privacy-related issues. Before moving out of the parking slot, an OTP is sent to the user’s mobile and if the user fails to enter the correct OTP then the parking system marks it as unauthorized access.
    In the meantime, an unauthorized alert is sent on the service user’s mobile and parking operation systems.
  • Payment Integration:- In this feature, the user needs to link the parking app with a payment gateway like UPI, digital wallet, debit/credit card, Netbanking, etc.After linking the payment gateway, the application auto-deducts the parking charges as per the given policies.

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5. Monetization Model Of A Car Park Management System

The popularity of parking software is booming over the globe. They are gaining acceptance among various business organizations because of the convenience and rectification of the flaws present in a traditional parking system.

But have you ever wondered how a car parking app generates revenue? Let’s proceed to understand the revenue model of parking ticket software:

  • Parking Apps

Various parking apps consume the real-time data sets of area-wise parking lots and provide real-time analytics to the service users accordingly. However, these applications charge some amount for the parking guidance they provide.

  • Payment Integration

Parking lot operators earn revenue by charging some commission for services like slot reservation, time duration of the slot booking, etc depending on the management policies and demand for the parking lot at a time.

6. Reason To Invest In A Car Park Management Software

Parking management systems are a crucial asset of this digital generation, these software facilitates the parking hustles of daily commuters in public areas like offices, shopping malls, cinema halls, hospitals, etc.

Following are the reasons to invest in car parking software:

  • Security

Parking software empowers parking management at public residences by providing easier reservations, and monitoring of every entry and exit point at the parking lot. Such software makes it easier for the ground operations team to control activities at the parking site.

  • ROI

A well-versed parking app ensures proper utilization of the parking spaces, eliminates loopholes in the parking management operations, and increases the efficiency of parking operations employees.

  • Ensures Authorized Access

There are various advantages of the parking management system and among them, security is the primary concern. A parking software monitors every activity that happens on the parking lot, it controls every vehicle that enters or exits the parking space.

Parking software uses cameras and infrared scanners to track the vehicle number plates, the timing of the entrance with photos, and the identification credentials of every driver.

  • Automates Traditional Parking System

An efficient parking system can eradicate the flaws in a traditional parking system, it comes with automation functionalities that decrease the possibility of human errors and also reduces the burden of paperwork just like taxi booking app development.

  • Management Of Parking Lot

Many drivers misuse the parking space by taking unauthorized access for a longer duration and this is where parking software comes into play. It ensures the total utilization of available parking space by providing individual slots to every driver.

Each slot is booked using data sets like entry time, exit time, and time duration of the parking space to address the excellent utilization of the parking spot according to the booking time.

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7. Cost To Develop A Parking Management System Software

Parking systems are very crucial for the growing traffic of urban areas. Developing parking software requires an experienced team well versed in IoT, machine learning, artificial intelligence, etc.

Moreover, it also requires different types of security tools like blockers, barriers, CCTV cameras, and infrared scanners. After determining all of the aforementioned components the parking application development costs around $40K to $50K for Android, iOS, and Web-based platforms.

8. Why Choose Br Softech For Parking Management App Development?

Hiring a parking management app development company from a pool of Google search results is always a daunting task. However, the expert programmers from BR Softech can make it easier for you, BR Softech is a parking software solution provider with more than 10 years of industry experience.

The company has a workforce of 200+ developers having expertise in various types of IT domains such as AI, machine learning, Internet of Things, Big Data, mobile app development, etc. BR Softech has worked on various types of cutting-edge parking management software for more than 50 global clients.

If you’re also looking for a professional parking management software developer, then BR Softech is the best for your query. Here, you can hire parking space programmers at reliable rates with other key features like complete project transparency, market analysis, real-time communication, on-time project delivery, and a lot more.

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