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Patient Portal Software and App Development Cost, Benefits & Key Features

written by Nitin Garg | Jun 26, 2018
Patient Portal Software

Those days are gone when you have to wait in a line for hours to meet with a doctor or there was a assistant who use to arrange the records in the register, now time has changed and with technology things has become easier and took a systematic form. Now the Patient Portal Software has introduced in the market which can reduce the human effort and can handle all the working even in a best manner.

According to the surveys, it has been proved that 50% of physicians in the United States are taking utilisation of this software and this software makes working easy and even patients are also satisfied and impressed with this software. While seeing the best response now apps are also available to serve you.

Features of Patient Portal Software and App Development

Registration: It allows you to register yourself by your basic information through with your name, contact number, age etc. It’s replace the registration forms.

Scheduled Appointments: It helps you to schedule the appointments by its own, and even it sends the reminder and even if any appointment get cancel so it cancel it and reschedule the next appointment and send notification to the concern person.

Email: To remind your service or existance, it send the mail to the customers weekly or monthly and guide them for the health care and with the best tips which are essential even the software itself has an ability to send the health care solutions to the patients who have visited to the clinic.

Laboratory reports & Analysis: It has the backup or have the access to arrange all the laboratory reports and analysis. It maintain all the data in the software. You don’t have to search the particular file here and there. It itself updates and track the whole data which is required.

Patient Portal Software and App Development sorted out the many issues let’s know about its advantages:

Communication Gap: This software sorts out the communication gap between patient and doctor, as the main things a patient can ask from the support only or if they have any doubt so it can also get clear, from the support system.

Reduce Human Effort: This software reduce the human effort as the daily routine task can be done by it and through it the administrative workload can be reduced.

Patients Involvement: It helps to engage patients as there are numerous information and by relying on it, they can get various reasons to engage it.

Working Process of Patient Panel

The patient portal is based on the user which use the portal to fix an appointment, healthcare consultant and much more. However, in this application no have doubt even it give whole information about the healthcare by best hospital and healthcare consultant. So, let’s come on the working process of Patient Panel in “Patient Portal Software”.

A. Healthcare Connection with Patient:

In this application patient can easily online connect with healthcare consultant to take the best advice for treatment also they provide the best medicine and doctor suggestion for treatment.

B. Appointment Scheduling:

When the all conversation has done for treatment consult you can schedule your healthcare appointment with a doctor or in the hospital.

C. Report Sending:

When a strong connection establishes on the app portal then the user can see the all conversation of the treatment where they can easily take the report, diagnostic test report and lab test report on the portal after the appointment done.

D. Notification Alert:

It is important to feature which gives you as a reminder feature in the software application where the system gives you notification including with new consultant, appointment reminder and many more.

How to Develop Patient Portal Software

The developing feature of the patient portal software is based on these development features which is very useful and helpful to customer and healthcare management. Also, this is based on Patient and Healthcare panel based:

A. Information Registration: When a user download the application and enter the application portal he/she can register the information before to using the application or software.

B. Login: The login functionality in the software is based on the registration when the user complete the registration step they can easily login the application panel.

C. Patient Information: In this feature patient can add the general information, demographic and health information which is helpful to maintain the record statement in future.

D. Notification: With help of this patient can easily communicate with consultant.

E. View Results: You can see your healthcare, laboratory and other treatment results.

F. Booking Appointment: It is the important feature for patient , where they can easily book an appointment by the portal.

G. Health summary: Patient can easily see all the summary and record summary anywhere in the world.

H. Insurance Information: The insurance information schema define your life protection so you can easily submit the insurance request in this panel.

I. Payment process: This platform support all type of payment process like credit, debit cash on delivery and net banking facility.

J. Billing History: Users can easily take the billing receipt of all formalities.

K. Rating & Review: It is based on the portal feedback where the patient (user) can submit the review feedback for the portal services.

Features of Patient Communication Software Portal

These feature every patient, user and hospital management want to add in the portal.

  • Appointment Scheduling

  • Health Information examining

  • Bill pay

  • Prescription follow-up

  • Pre visit form filling

  • Medical history

  • Notification alertaction of taking medicines

  • Treatment history

This software has made the lives easier and working easier and if still you working since 20 century and relied on human source and registers so know more about this software.

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