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How Point of Sale Software Beneficial for Magento eCommerce Websites

written by Admin | Jan 06, 2017

As of now, POS technology was just the add-on for Magento 2 eCommerce development, the platform which is able to manage all kinds of online or the offline orders more precisely and much faster from the admin panel itself. It is the best technological concept which is as easy as 1-2-3 for the retailers to understand At the BR Softech Pvt Ltd, the developers have the conception that you might be pondering much over this POS concept.

Web POS technology for the Magento eCommerce website:

There might be numerous questions running in your mind, such as the web POS from Magento 1 as such? Which are the alterations in the pricing as well as the policy?

Well, if the answer to the above question is a yes, then you are headed towards the right place. Here in this article you will get to know about Web POS in context with Magento eCommerce websites.

Functioning of Point of Sale Software on Magento eCommerce Websites:

It is quite simple to add product to your cart: It is the tech-savvy era where people opt for shopping through the online means in just fraction of seconds. Well, this web POS works wonders for the eCommerce business. Various products comes into view with a short description and are also quite simple in accessing. For adding any kind of products, the sales staff members must click on tech thumbnail or will have to just opt for scanning the bar code number.

Getting the information related to products:

There are various products which have the red warning sign which appears at the top right corner of the description for any kind of products. It will be simple for the sales staff to handle the availability of stock and there will be not be any issues regarding mis ordering on the Magento eCommerce website development platform. Without going on the fronted side, it will be very simple to check out the product details.

Different Settings on Point of Sale (POS) :

#1 Optimization of Speed & storage:

New source code will work wonders as it will be of great help in reducing any sort of errors. For expanding the pace of operation, all the data gets stored in the database which is indexed. This is the reason why it is powerful for managing numerous products at a rapid pace just like the light.

#2 Mode of ordering online:

If this update is concerned then there is no such major distinction regarding online and offline mode. The major reason being that indexed database storage permits it to work without the use of internet. It will be easy for creating the orders even at the bad internet connection too and it is said to synced data by itself when the connection gets restored. This does not imply that you will be able to make use of Web POS without the internet connection.

#3 Methods of payment:

The most flabbergasting part is that the payment option for eCommerce website is just accepted in the online and offline method like the credit card from and also cash on delivery. It will also be simple for you to incorporate card swipe machine for the process of checkout. Furthermore, customers will get wonderful option for making use of more than one payment option to make payment for the larger order value. The icing on the cake is that, even the personalized payment option for Magento eCommerce websites which is the best for offline payments by addressing as the credit, debit or the bank transfer too.

#4 Make an investment in your retail structure:

It will be quite simple to combine the Web POS with inventory management. By making use of this blend, it is just simple for protecting real time inventory tracking and also updating of data too. This will also go best with the Gift vouchers, reward points. Just increase the customer relationship by generating higher sales.

Additional incredible features of POS :

  • It is the open source platform.
  • Installing and configuring is much simple.
  • Upgradation and support is for the lifetime
  • It is also meant for supporting various languages and the stores.
  • Impressive and attractive user interface which is quite user-friendly.

The Final Word for Point of Sale Software Benefits:

Processing of the orders is done quickly through Web POS Magento 2 and it works wonders for your eCommerce business in various ways. This particular Magento add-on makes the perfect blend of for faster transactions, numerous payment methods, huge discounts, etc. The best technology which will surely take the eCommerce business to the next level.


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