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9 Reasons to Choose Woocommerce Development for eCommerce Startups

written by Nidhi Sharma | Nov 15, 2020

WooCommerce is an open source e-commerce plugin for WordPress. It was released in 2011 and since then it’s one of the best options for all the small and large businesses. It allows you to sell your products and services through the WordPress site. With Woocommerce one can sell physical and digital products while managing overall inventory. It leads to secure payments and takes care of taxes automatically. Its inbuilt analytic system is provided with lucrative features and helps in presenting Startups with numerous growth opportunities.

Woocommerce provides unlimited storage size. Its extensions and plugins are available free of cost. It has almost 330 extensions and over 1000 plugins. There are many premium extensions and plugins are also available. WooCommerce expert’s advice to use this plugin because of its simplicity to install and user-friendly features. 

Approx 3,317,205 live websites are using Woocommerce.

WooCommerce website development provides unlimited storage size. Its extensions and plugins are available free of cost. It has almost 330 extensions and over 1000 plugins. Its strong development team helps the establishments to scale their sites and allow them to control their data with utmost accuracy. It has rich features and functionality with great plugins.

Without further ado here we have listed some of the most prominent reasons to choose woocommerce development for e-commerce startups.

Advantages of Woocommerce

Most of these E-commerce sites, especially Woocommerce Development Company, provide a platform to their clients to sell and promote their product to anyone, anywhere and play some marketing strategies by increasing participation on global websites for the competitive advantage over competing firms.Nowadays, E-commerce has become one of the most popular methods of making money.

Woocommerce Plus Points

  1. Free e-commerce platform that helps you sell anything 
  2. Seamless presentation of online business presence
  3. Provides with user-friendly Interface
  4. Give you with the customization option 
  5. The popular customer engagement tool 
  6. An in-built analytic system to get the detailed report handy
  7. Free extensions available
  8. Let the e-commerce website grow efficiently 
  9. Provides with a compatible theme  framework 
  10. Provides you will complete data control
  11. Mobile- friendly structure
  12. Adjustable shipping rates 
  13. Provides with many plugins free of cost 
  14. Top-notch security 
  15. Assist various languages through third-party plugins 

Exceptional Content Management: –

Exceptional Content Management

WordPress is one of the most popular open source systems which provides excellent content management. Content is an essential part of eCommerce marketing. It handles everything from sales optimization to search engine optimization. Get in touch with a top-rated Ecommerce Consulting Agency who offers an immense variety of content management options including blogging, landing pages, product description, and email marketing. From a retailers point of view, it has great SEO plugins which help in content optimization for search.

Get Focused Analysis:

Woocommerce provides a wide array of statics which a lot of people don’t know about. To apply this tool and get real-time information people must have core knowledge about this function. It will help you calculate the total sales, weekly sale, the total number of orders, revenue generated and much more. The complete data will be present neatly in the form of graphs or charts without the user having to leave the admin panel. It’s an easy to use tool and efficient result.

Available Free of Cost:

Woocommerce’s extensive features and remarkably flexible options make it extremely lucrative for retailers as it is available for free of cost. Despite being a free e-commerce platform, it helps you sell anything and allow you to explore more with additional extensions and plugins.

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Outstanding Features:

Woocommerce comes with great features. It allows you to sell and add any kind of product with unlimited products and images. It makes it easier for the customer to access products categories and tags. It also shows the product rating and reviews to filer the information in the most secure manner. It allows you to manage orders and customers with a one-click refund. It automatically simplifies the geolocation and benefits in shipping the product in reach. It supports unlimited product.

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Expandable Functionality:

Woocommerce provides incredible themes, plugins, and extensions. It gives a business with the option to expand there functionally with the extensions and other incredible options. It’s built to integrate seamlessly with WordPress and an ideal platform to start an online business and helps in building customized experience.

Top-Notch Security:

Top Notch Security

Woocommerce is a favored platform for many businesses as it provides guaranteed security. Woocommerce development company doesn’t allow fraudulent activities and helps in building customers’ trust. It weeds out the bugs and quickly and helps in securing the complete platform. It supports a variety of transitions and helps in building a huge customer base. It assists in building a seamless presentation of online business to grow.

Easy Customization:

Woocommerce development companies nearly support all the WordPress themes and offer customization options for all the developers. Being a free and open source platform you may get confused about its customization feature but it’s one of the exceptional platforms which provide a unique level of customization features. It allows people to experiment with the features and support them to provide users with incredible limitless experience.

Secure to Install:

Woocommerce development services’ ever-growing popularity can’t be overlooked. It’s as simple as installing any other WordPress plugin. For establishments, it’s one of the popular choices as provided with the complete solution to all the e-commerce needs. It gives complete control to the owner as well as developers. It’s easy to set up and handles all the crucial aspects of businesses with ease. It assists various languages through third-party plugins. Its adjustable shipping rates and mobile- friendly structure undeniably offers the best services to the customer.

Growth Opportunity:

Growth Opportunity

Woocommerce is an incredible e-commerce platform. It allows you to manage your product, store, and customer tactfully and provide great growth opportunities. It has multiple APIs ready for developing extensions along with an extensive documentation library which allow users to know how woocommerce works. Woocommerce helps business to grow and provides a compatible theme framework. It assists various languages through third-party plugins. Its adjustable shipping rates and mobile- friendly structure undeniably offers the best services to the customer.

Final Thought

Woocommerce plays an important role in eCommerce Website Development. Its strength is it provides millions of businesses with the platform to sell their product and get immense success. It is used to build fast, reliable and secure online e-commerce stores. Woocommerce allows developers to create world-class e-commerce solutions and provide great results.

BR Softech offers WooCommerce website Development and provides a powerful, simple, and cost-effective e-commerce solution. It’s ideal for all business types with rich features and can sell anything online with a reasonable level of flexibility. We have a team of expert developers who can help you convert your idea into reality.

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