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How to Request Pokestop in POkemon Go

written by Admin | Nov 17, 2016

Are you a game lover? Do you have variety of gaming apps downloaded on your trendy smartphone?

If answers to the above question yes, then you are headed towards the right place. In this post you will know about the game which is all the rage these days, Pokemon source code  game.

Many people who play the Pokemon Go game ponder over how can they request a gym or the Poekstop for adding to a specific business or location in your region?

Now the question is how can the user make use of Pokestops?

Well, this game is trending these days and that is the reason why this game is increasing in competition as compared to other games.

One thing which grabs the eyeballs of the game players who play this game is the Pokestops apart from finding and capturing Pokemon. The Pokemon Go game player can make the most use of the Pokestops for having the wonderful experience of playing this game.

Find the Pokestops:

While the player walk around the Pokemon Go on their smartphone screen, they will get to see the blue icons on the map. It is called as Pokestop indicators.

When the player opt to visit the pokestop then the icon of Pokestop gets changed. To know if the Pokestop is in range or not you will have to touch the Pokestop.

When the Pokestop gets inside the trainer’s purple perimeter ring then if you touch the marker and swipe the photo or flip the coin then you will see on your trendy smartphone that multifarious bubbles are produced which contains various items in it and when you pop in this bubble then it means you have claimed the loot as such.

Various Pokestop Rewards For The Game Players:

The players can be rewarded with super-amazing pokestop rewards and this rewards list gets changed as per the time and gets updated:

Pokeball for the Pkemon Go player:

This reward is one of the most highly favoured reward. When the game player goes for capturing new monsters then Pokestops are the best way which will tell you for maintaining the base level of Pokeballs.

Potion as the reward:

When the game player is in a battle then potion is used for recovering HP of your Pokemon as such.

Razz Berry reward:

This is yet another lovely reward which makes it quite plain sailing for capturing the Pokemon in the Pokemon Go game.

Revive reward:

When your Pokemon gets fainted and loses energy while playing the battle with the opposite team then revive will help them to restore half of their maximum health.

Lucky egg as the reward:

This is the product which is meant for consuming and it also doubles your experience which you gain for half an hour at the time of activation.

Egg as the reward:

When the player goes to hatch a Pokemon after you have walked 2 kms, 5 kms or 10 kms when it is stored in the incubator.

There is no restriction to how many players can claim the rewards from a Pokestop in a particular time period but the individuals are required to wait at least 5 minutes between swiping that symbol and to retrieve a new set of rewards too- at the time when recharging then the marker gets changed to purple colour. When after recharging it gets completely ready then it will change the colour to blue. The player will get only Pokeballs and Eggs till the time the player reaches to level 5 and at this time the other parts of the list comes into picture.

How to make ue of the Pokestops:

These pokestops in the game must be used for saving the money as such. The frequest visits to Pokestops in the game should mean that money must not be used much for Pokeballs, Potions or other different items as such. The persons living at the urban area must find enough of Pokestops for restocking their supplies in their region.

Closing Thoughts:

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