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Alternative Thing for Getting Success in Minimum time

written by admin | Aug 01, 2016

Today is the era of internet-savvy people. People are using internet for various works. Internet platform, social media platform is setting the world on fire, as it is of great help to the businesses, a big platform to generate sales leads and attract more customers instantly.

People use various apps, which helps in making their life very easy. Different kinds of apps are available in the app stores, for different uses. Some apps are being designed for the personal use, while some are designed for the enterprises.

By using the mobile apps, our life turns out to be easier:

In today’s date, mobile apps are making the life of people easy to live. There are apps for any kind of work, but it depends on the users, which apps will help them to the core, which will help them in some kind of work. As per your requirement, you can choose the best app to use. For example, if you are a shopaholic, then having feature-rich shopping apps are must in your smartphone. And in this way, as per your requirements, you must download the mobile apps.

Mobile apps are the best way to get your work done by sitting anywhere, by a click on your smartphone:

Mobile apps are designed for getting any of your work done rapidly, just by a click away on your smartphone, by sitting anywhere. For instance, if you have to make a payment or someone, you do not have to go to the bank to make the payment. There are various banking and online payment related apps, which you can download on your mobile phone and make the bank transaction in fraction of seconds.

Mobile apps helps make the travel plain sailing for the travelers:

There are some people who keep visiting to different places for travelling, for official work, for enjoyment, etc. So, the mobile apps will help you to make your travel very easy. In case, there are some places which are new for you, the mobile app will help you to eplore those places, and you can make the comparison about the hotels which you will choose to stay in, you can make a comparison among the best hotels, which you will choose to stay, and as per your requirements and budget, you can choose the hotel for your stay. And in this way, mobile apps helps in planning your travel.

Mobile apps are the best way for enhancing your brand image:

In today’s date, mobiles have turned out to be of great help for increasing your brand image, if users will love to use your mobile app, then they have the best option for suggesting to their friends from the social media platform. And the users will also be helping you to create a brand awareness.

Mobile apps helps you in attracting new customers and in turn generating business leads:

There are multifarious apps available for the users to download and enjoy using to the core. Well, for your business also you might have a mobile app idea which will help you get more customers for your business. Hire mobile app developers and they will assist you in developing the feature-rich mobile apps that will help you get more customers for your business, and in turn your business will flourish at a rapid pace.

Mobile apps helps you for doing online shopping:

Gone are the days, when people used to go to the stores and malls for shopping. Mobile apps have made the shopping easy in today’s date. Sometimes, when you go for shopping, you don’t get the products of your choice. So now, by sitting anywhere, you can enjoy shopping just by a click away by your smartphone. And you can choose from different products, and you will get all the products from online shopping.

In this way, mobile apps helps you in making your life pretty simple, you must download the apps which you will need to use.

There are various other stunning apps by which you get success instantly:

BR Shopping app:

amazon clone script

BR Shopping app helps you to enjoy shopping by the shopaholics. This app is the must-have for your smartphone, if you love to enjoy shopping to the core. You can shop variety of products, like trendy outfits, luxury products, or any other products, by sitting at home, in just a click away by your smartphone. This app is available to download on all the leading platforms, ios, BlackBerry, Android, Windows phone. This is similar to alternative sites like amazon and ebay. At first, the vendor will also sign up/login and the admin will accept the request of the vendor. The vendor will then upload the products, and the admin allows the vendor for the display of the products. Then the user will sign up/login. Then the user can search the products as per their requirements. User will place the order for the product and the admin will receive the payment. Later, the admin will transfer the payment to the vendor and takes his commission. Then the product will be shipped to the user.

BR Taxi app:

taxi app like uber, ola

In today’s date, mobile sales is increasing rapidly. So the development of mobile apps is also increasing rapidly. People have to go from on be place to another for some or the other work be it for job, for studies, for shopping, etc. So the taxi booking app like uber and ola are in much demand. In earlier times, calling a taxi was a big headache. You had to keep standing on the road for getting a taxi. It was completely waste of time and also frustration too. But now it is plain sailing to book taxi by a stunning taxi app. Cabs can be booked in fraction of seconds by using your smartphones, by sitting anywhere. You will just have to wait for the cab until it arrives at your doorstep. By using the taxi app, it s very easy for payment also. You can make payment easily by the taxi app, that too cashless payments. This wonderful app is available for download on the leading platforms, ios, Android, BlackBerry, Windows phone. This app works in simple way. At first, the user sends request to the driver, then admin will receive the request of the user. Then the driver will receive the request of the user, and driver gives confirmation to the user. The driver then goes to pick up the customer and drops the customer to the destination. And then the customer makes the payment.

BR Car wash app:

Alternatives and Similar apps like royal Car Wash

BR Car wash app is must-have on the smartphone, which helps the users to enjoy the weekend by doing creative activities. Gone are the days, when you had to stand in a line for getting your car washed. Now you can get your car washed in simple way. You can get your car washed even when you are enjoying the movie, enjoying at concert, watching a movie. This app is available for download on all the leading platforms, ios, Android, BlackBerry, Windows phone. You just have to select the location where the person will reach to wash your car. You can make easy payment through the BR car wash app. It works in the simple way. At first, the user sends the request to the admin, admin will receive the request of the user. The admin will send the request of the user to the car washer. Car washer will go to the location and washes the car, and then the user makes the payment.

BR Courier app:

FedEx, DHL clone

This is the era of tech-savvy people, where shopping is done online and even courier service runs smoothly through the courier app. BR courier app provides fast, simple and quick courier delivery services. By using this app, you can send the courier easily and save your time. Our class software will find the courier status and all the details online. We offer professional courier delivery process as per your requirements which gives you 100% satisfaction. BR courier app helps you to track your courier easily, it is a user-fiendly app, We give on time delivery, payment is comparatively very low and we provide you real time details about your courier status. We payment full security of the payment. The user will send the request to the admin and the admin will send the request to the courier man. Courier man will go and collect the courier. And then the courier man will deliver user courier and the payment will be made. And the last update will be made to the admin.

BR Restaurant app:

Zomato, foodpanda clone script

There are at times when you feel like dining outside some days. BR restaurant app is must-have to help you for those days. This is the foodpanda clone script, which is available on all the leading mobile handsets. By using BR restaurant app, you will be able to find the best restaurant near you, which serves quality food to the customers. You can also compare the rates of the dishes served, and you can book your seat by the BR restaurant app. By sitting anywhere, you can book a table in your favorite restaurant, which is most suitable for you, as per your preference. This app is available for download on ios, Android, Blackberry, windows phone. A must have app for all the foodies.

BR Classified app:

similar website like olx, quikr, dubaiposter

BR classified app is very helpful for selling your products as per your suitability. Whenever you desire to sell the product, you can place an ad on the app, and you will get the buyers who will purchase your products. You can also buy the product of your choice by this BR classified app.. By sitting anywhere, in just few taps on your smartphone, you can buy or sell the products by using this app. This wonderful app is available to download on ios, Android, windows phone, Blackberry.

BR Crowdfunding app:

Crowdfunding website like kickstarter clone

BR Crowdfunding app is the perfect app for your smartphone, which will provide you the unique ideas for funding the investor. This app is available on all the leading operating systems, Android, ios, windows phone, blackberry. This wonderful app helps in crowfunding for any kind of business. You can download this app for getting the crowfunding for your business, by sitting anywhere, just by a single click.

BR Freelance job:

alternative or similar website like Freelancer

Today is the trend of freelance job where you can work from home. People want to be their own boss by doing freelance job. This is the must have app for the smartphone of the youth. By sitting anywhere, just by few taps on your smartphone, you can search the good companies providing freelance jobs as per your skill set and knowledge. You can compare the salary structure and as per your requirements, you can select your favorite freelance job. The quickest way to find freelance jobs. You can add all your skills, and employers will find you for the job. This app is available to download on all the operating systems.

BR online appointment app:

Online-Appointment zocdoc clone script

This is the wonderful app which helps you to take appointment with the doctor by sitting anywhere, just by few taps on your smartphone. You can also take appointment for getting the blood tests done, you can take appointment, postpone the appointment or cancel the appointment too with this app. You will get the sms notification of the activity you perform. You can also request the prescriptions by this app. You can find the best doctor by comparing the services by the doctors, and reading the reviews. You can download the app by all the leading operating systems.

BR Chat app:

whatsapp source code

BR Chat app helps you to connect internally for the communication purpose. This is the must-have app like whatsapp for android. This is the best communication app. This wonderful app helps you to stay connected with your friends wherever you go. By sitting anywhere, you can chat with your friends. All you need to do is to download this app on your trendy smartphone. This app is available to download for all leading platforms, ios, android, Blackberry, windows phone. You can chat with single friend at a time, or you can do group chat. This app also allows you to send images, video files and audio files. You just have to signup with your mobile number. You also get the facility to create broadcast, and you can chat online, you can create the gorup and do groups chats. You can send messages to many, you can chat one to one, and you can also chat many to many friends.

BR Video app:

Youtube Clone

BR Video app is yet another must-have app for your smartphone, as it offers you class facilities. The best way to enhance your startup company by sharing the promotional video through BR video app. It helps you to share the video as per your convenience. You can get this app on all the leading operating system. Android, blackberry, windows phone, ios. You can send various images, videos and audios among your friends circle, by using this app.

BR Khach khach app:

alternative or similar apps like instagram

BR khach khach app is also the must have for your smartphone. This stunning app helps you to share various images to your friends. The icing on the cake is that, you can also edit the images which you upload. You get best facility to edit your picture and make it wonderful snd share to your friends by using this classy app. Editing and sharing the moments you capture, is very simple by using this app. The user at first will capture the photo by using this app, User 2 will receive the photo, then you can edit and modify the photo, and after getting the edited photo, that photo can be shared to your friends.

BR Jobs app:

naukri clone

BR Jobs app is the must have app for all the youth. People can search various kinds of job by using this app and compare the different jobs, and select the right kind of job after good research done. User can upload the resume and keep updating the same, the employer will directly find the employees. You can alos compare about different companies, how much salary they are giving for that post, and as per your skills and research, you can find the suitable job in the leading organization.

BR Loyalty program app:

loyalty rewards program for restaurants

This is the wonderful app for all the smartphones. By using this app, you get various loyalty programs, for the customers and the business. Research the nearby restaurants, you go for dining in the restaurant and get the reward points. When you visit the nearest restaurant and go for enjoying dining, you get to select the order and you will receive the reward points, you then go for dining at the restaurants and get points for the rewards you desire. When the rewards points reaches the maximum limit, you get the exciting gifts.

BR matrimonial app:

matrimonial apps like clone source code

BR matrimonial app is the similar matrimonial website like, to find your soul mate, by sitting anywhere, in just few taps on the smartphone. You can update your bio and list your qualities and preferences you are looking for in your spouse. This app helps you to find the good soul mate for you, by sitting anywhere. You get to select your life partner as per your suitability and choice. At first the user registers and logins, life mate account of the user is created, you can set your preferences in your soul mate. You will be shown the current suitable matches as per your preferences. The lifemate arranges the chat option and marriages happens successfully. The must-have app for all the youth who are in search of their life partners.

BR Social networking app:

Social-networking facebook clone

BR Social networking app is also a must-have in the smartphone, in this high-tech world. You get to stay connected with your friends, by sitting anywhere, in just few clicks away. You can share every day’s moment you capture, in video form or the image form, you can share instantly with the friends through the BR social networking app. The perfect app top have in your smartophone. This app is available for download on all the leading operating systems, ios, Android, blackberry, windows phone.

BR Shipping app:

dhl clone script

BR Shipping app is the awesome app for your smartphone, which helps you in tracking your shipments which you place through various online shopping sites. You get the facility for tracking all your shipments through the major carriers. You can get the entire detail about your shipment status, shipment progress, estimated delivery dates when your shipment will reach to you. This app is available for download on the ios, android, blackberry, windows phone.

BR Laundry app:

alternative or similar apps for laundry app

BR Laundry app helps you to get your laundry done in just a click away by your smartphone. This app helps you to get your clothes cleaned, which saves your time of doing laundry yourself, and you can do something creative at that time. We provide the laundry app source code, which helps to enhance your laundry business. You just have to schedule your dirty laundry pick-up through the app. You also have the best option to keep your laundry bag outside the home, if you are a working person. The trainer will come and pick your laundry and deliver it to you after washing and good dry cleaning. And you will be notified on your mobile phone about the same.

BR Grocery app:

grocery app source code

BR Grocery app helps you to save papers because you get the best facility for making your grocery list online through the app. This is the grocery app source code for android and ios. In this way, you will not miss to purchase any grocery item. This is the perfect app for making your grocery shopping hassle-free. The grocery purchasing list you created on the smartphone using the app, it remains with you wherever you go, it is really an added advantage for using this class app. This app is available for download on the leading operating systems, ios, windows phone, blackberry, Android.

BR Hotel app:

Online Hotel Booking App like oyo rooms

BR hotel booking app helps you in booking for the hotel whenever you are headed for traveling to a place. It is the online hotel booking app like oyo rooms, a must-have for your smartphone. You can check out for hotel rooms, and compare rates of different hotels by using this app. By using this app, you will get all the details about your trips, like flight status, flight reminders, best hotels for your stay. You can share your travel plans with your friends on facebook by using this app.

BR team message app:

Similar Team-Message app like slack

In today’s date, every organization require good communication channels with the employees internally, a hassle-free communication which will not disturb the work flow. The best app is BR team message app. By using this stunning app, you can communicate among the team members in your organization and hence it will be of great help to the organization.

BR Hardware intelligence:

Inventory Management app Solutions

BR hardware intelligence is the best readymade software solution which helps to make your life more productive and easy. This is the best inventory management app solutions for ipad. You get the powerful utilization of the hardware, it will save the time and money and the best part is that it fits any device. This is the must have readymade software solution which will make your life better.

BR Admob:

Similar website like google adsense

BR admob is the similar website like google adsense. The best readymade software solution where you can advertise, market and promote anything. The perfect software solution to enhance your business and generating sales leads and thereby getting higher revenues.

BR Point of sales:

Point of sale apps for android, ios, iPad, iPhone

BR Point of sale is the classy readymade software solution which helps you to manage your retail business easily. The perfect way to manage your store and the staff management. By using this app, you get to manage your store securely, employee management is very flexible. You will be able to receive the required product information very swiftly. This is available on all the leading operating systems.

BR Stock management:

Best iPad, android Stock management apps

In today’s date, stock management is the must for any business. The perfect way to manage your stock, organize your inventory, order and the sales by making use of the BR stock management. You can easily arrange the business stocks and manage the business related sales and the inventory and stock details on your trendy mobile devices, by sitting anywhere.


Similar app like Hotstar

In today’s date people don’t get time to stay updated about the latest stunning shows which airs on TV. By downloading the BR IPTV for any of the leading operating systems, you get to know about this shows which are airing on TV, reality or the daily soaps. And whenever you get time, you are carrying your TV in the mobile, you can get the updates quickly.

BR Kiosk:

kiosk app android, ipad

BR kiosk is the leading channel for managing the payment for your business. This is the popular kiosk app solutions for Android and ios. By using this BR Kiosk, you get to make the business payment more securely, you get the facility to auction online and get very simple access. The admin will login and feed the information, which will be visible on the kiosk. On the other side, user will feed the input and take the output. The user can get more information also and take the printout of the same.


So, above listed are the class ways of getting success for any kind of business at a rapid pace. Be it an established startup or the leading Fortune 500 company.

BR Softech helps the businesses to improve the brand image by developing the stunning mobile and web apps, as per the requirements of the clients. Hire mobile apps developers for getting the best in class mobile app or web app developed within the time-frame.


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