Node.js vs Angular.js: Which is the perfect to use?

node.js developer

Well, the Node.js and Angular.JS are both developed in the JavaScript. JavaScript has emerged to be as the best programming language which is being used for developing server-side applications with ease. Though created using the same JavaScript language, both Angular.JS framework and Node.js framework have quite different features which helps the developers in developing fully functional websites that runs smoothly.

As the leading node.js web development company India, we have the commendable developers who have prowess in developing feature-rich websites for the clients around the globe.


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5 steps to Start your business in 30 days


Gone are the days when it used to take various months for starting a business. It was full of hassle to start a new business.

In today’s date, way of doing business has changed completely and thanks goes to the internet too for this. It is quite plain sailing to start a new business in simple steps without any hassle. You no longer have to drain your pocket for staff in your business as well as for the advertising and premises. It just needs 5 steps to establish a new startup business in 30 days.


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5 Mistakes That Must be Avoided While Developing IoT Application


It is the tech-savvy world. Each and everything is being connected to the Internet in today’s date. By  connecting everything to the Internet, it gets highly advantageous for the consumer. It helps in making life of the people very easy.

Well, the IoT applications must be developed properly to grab many eyeballs of the user. You need to avoid the mistakes in developing the IoT applications for making your idea turn as hit. There might be various kinds of mistakes which you might create which are listed below:

5 mistakes to avoid while creating IoT Applications:

1. Not making use of the existing frameworks:

When you look forward to create the application for the IoT, similar to leaf you must know that there are 4 levels to be considered. One is the “device” itself. The “ingestion layer” which includes the complete software which collects the data and makes sense of it. The “analytics layer”, which makes use of the organized data and process it. The “end user level” which is the actual application which user interacts with.

For instance, in case of the coffee maker, coffee maker is the thing itself and it includes the microprocessor which receives the information that it is the apt time to make the coffee. The analytics layer takes the information and gives instruction to the to the machine for making coffee.
Hire dedicated developers for developing the best in class IoT applications for different operating systems as such. (more…)

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Which is the Best Angular JS Web Development Company

Angular JS Web application development company

AngularJS also known as Angular or Angular.JS, is the advanced technology open-source web application framework which is maintained by the Google plus the community of various individuals which is made to address the challenges experienced in the work of developing single-page applications. The main object of Angular JS is to make development and testing of the applications easy as it provides the framework for client-side model-view-controller (MVC) and model-view-viewmodel (MVVM) architectures, along with the constituents which are commonly used in rich Internet applications.


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