Node.js vs Angular.js: Which is the perfect to use?

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Well, the Node.js and Angular.JS are both developed in the JavaScript. JavaScript has emerged to be as the best programming language which is being used for developing server-side applications with ease. Though created using the same JavaScript language, both Angular.JS framework and Node.js framework have quite different features which helps the developers in developing fully functional websites that runs smoothly.

As the leading node.js web development company India, we have the commendable developers who have prowess in developing feature-rich websites for the clients around the globe.


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Top 5 Ecommerce Web Development Design Trends for 2017


Well, you are already familiar with the 5 Ecommerce web design trend 2016 which we have discussed earlier.

The technology trends that had hit the markets in the year 2016 were Google’s Material design and also the web responsive design too. And now, hardly one month is left for the new year to arrive and people are excited about the same.

As per a survey conducted, 8.58% of tablet devices used for web eCommerce sales is all the rage these days. The similar app like eBay is being widely used by the people in ecommerce business.

E-commerce Web Development Design Trends:

There are various kinds of E-commerce trends which will be used in 2017 by various persons in the upcoming year:


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Kiosk App Solution for iPad and Android


Kiosk apps the powerful apps which are basically designed for running on fullscreen by the Single App Kiosk Mode on the Chrome OS and it does not enable the user to exit the app. They are wonderful for the Chrome devices, like guest registration desk, library catalog station or the point-of-sale system in the store.

There are 2 ways of launching the kiosk app: one is to set up automatically or by manually launching the app. Once the kiosk apps are created, user experience is committed to the tasks which are explained by the app. The app will not appear like traditional Chrome browser, it will not include any kind of Window frame, no Omnibox. So the developer can use the screen as he desires for developing the kiosk apps.


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