Google Assistant Opens Door For Third Party Developer Support A new revolution of the google assistant based device has emerged as a reunion for all the developers and they can now write the codes very easily and compatible with systems

Google Assistant Opens Door For Third Party Developer Support

Google has brought some new technology for the developers. It’s a new device powered by google assistant, which gives a big platform for the developers to do coding in a smart way. All their complexity changes into easy accessibility if they adopt this technology. Google assistant keeps you away from all the troublesome during coding. This is a very good development tool for the developers who want to make their career in a brighter way. All the developers are invited to this Google revolution and build their apps on this platform to develop the functionality of their apps.


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Alternative Thing for Getting Success in Minimum time


Today is the era of internet-savvy people. People are using internet for various works. Internet platform, social media platform is setting the world on fire, as it is of great help to the businesses, a big platform to generate sales leads and attract more customers instantly.

People use various apps, which helps in making their life very easy. Different kinds of apps are available in the app stores, for different uses. Some apps are being designed for the personal use, while some are designed for the enterprises.


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Google AdSense Alternatives in 2016


Do you love to get your creative juices flowing, by blogging?

There might have been various times you registered for the AdSense account, and might have got failure.

Various bloggers get themselves registered for AdSense and they become frustrated when they face failure.

Well, AdSense is not the only platform for the publishers. There are so many other ad networks which are far cry from AdSense, which gives awesome revenue to the publishers.

So, blogger out there! Don’t be upset, every cloud has a silver lining.


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