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How To Develop A Taxi App Like Careem?

App Development
Jan 30, 2024
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Taxi App Like Careem

Are you looking to develop a taxi app like Careem for your taxi business? Do you want to lead the taxi business by providing the best services through a robust taxi app? If yes, this is the blog you must be looking for!

Careem is the largest and most popular taxi app in the Middle East. The popularity of the Careem taxi app Dubai can be judged by the fact that it provides services in over 100 cities in 14 countries from the Middle East, Africa, and South Asia. The history of Careem is a few years old, and since its launch in 2012 in Dubai, it gained popularity within a short period of time. (Source)

A few years later, the platform started its own digital payment wallet known as Careem Pay and integrated it into the Careem taxi booking app. After knowing the success of this app, you must be willing to have your own taxi app.

Before getting into the core of this blog, let’s get to know what Careem is all about and what it offers to us:

What is the Careem Taxi App?

Careem is a leading taxi booking app in the Middle East which is based in Dubai and currently offers its services to over 14 countries and 100 cities. This app offers user a wide range of vehicles for cab booking for interstate and intrastate connectivity. Owned by Uber and e&, it also offers food delivery service, bike-sharing cycle services (Careem Bike), and digital payment services (Careem Pay).

Features of Taxi App Like Careem

Features of Taxi App Like Careem

Features are the most integral part of any app which decides the success or failure of the app. Whether you are building an ordinary application or a Dubai taxi app you must have exclusive features in your application. To increase the user base of your app, you need to provide a wide range of features that are rare to find in the market and different from the competitors. 

There are three panels of taxi apps for users, drivers, and administrators that must be feature-packed in order to have a leading edge in the online taxi app market. 

User Panel

Here are the essential features that must be integrated into the passenger panel:

  • User Joining

Users should be able to register an account on the app with multiple methods like E-mail, Google ID, and social media accounts.

  • Cab Booking

A simple UI will help users select the source and destination for cab booking without effort just like the Careem taxi app.

  • Fare Summary

The fare summary will show the breakup of the fare which includes different charges like base fare, additional charge, night charge, and toll charges.

  • Ride Tracking

This feature allows users to track their cab on the way and show the current location of the cab which updates every second.

  • Multiple Payment Methods

To provide convenience to users, a multiple payment method will allow them to pay the cab fare using credit/ debit cards, net banking, e-wallets, etc.

  • Driver Details

Driver details will provide a safe travelling experience to users including kids and women with important information including vehicle number, driver name, contact details, and a driver’s photo for SOS purposes.

  • Travel History

It shows all rides taken by a user to date with details like total fare, distance, travel date, and location, everything in the Dubai taxi booking app.

  • Booking Cancellation

In an unexpected situation or a cab is booked by mistake, users can cancel their ride anytime at their convenience. However, late cancellations will incur a cancellation fee to the users.

  • Book for another person

This feature allows users to book a cab for their friend or family member without the need to have a separate account.

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Driver Panel

These are the features that are a must for the driver panel:

  • Driver Profile

The Dubai taxi booking app has a driver profile that will list the details of the driver along with a live indication of his availability in the app. You must consider this feature in your taxi application.

  • Ride Alert

An alert is sent to the driver whenever a user books a ride nearby within a distance of 5 km. This alert is also delivered when a driver is already on a ride, although he can choose to accept or decline.

  • Navigation

Navigation helps the driver to reach the destination on the best possible route with less traffic and distance.

  • Trip Reports

It displays the total trips the drivers have completed to date including successful and cancelled rides in the Careem taxi app.

  • Waiting Time

Provides an ample time estimation for waiting to the drivers so that they can ride safely without any hurry.

  • Upcoming Ride

On-screen notification to the driver notifying about upcoming rides in the Careem Taxi app where they can choose to accept or decline as per their situation and convenience.

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Admin Panel

Here are the top features that must be included when making a Dubai taxi app in the admin panel:

  • Customer & Driver Supervision

This feature helps the admin controller to oversee the in-app activities of the user and the driver.

  • App Control

It allows the admin to control the taxi app Dubai and ensure everything is running smoothly.

  • Payment Management

The payment management provides various payment-related information like the total number of successful payments, in-process payments, and failed payments. You can also develop your own e-wallet like the Careem taxi app and integrate it into your application.

  • Ride Location

The ride location feature filters out the high and low volume of bookings area-wise which is helpful in running the business efficiently.

  • Fare Management

It is useful in controlling the fares specific to vehicle type, location, and real-time traffic conditions in the Dubai taxi booking app.

  • Call Tracking Management

The main objective of this feature is to track the voice process of customer representatives, drivers, and customers in order to improve Dubai taxi app business services and user experience.

  • User Rating

Check the in-app ratings provided by the users after rides to address their issues and deliver them the best taxi experience.

  • Promotions

Deliver different types of offers and coupons to the users to improve user engagement to the app.

  • Customer Support

A round-the-clock customer support service for users where their queries and problems are solved via multiple methods such as email, chat process, and voice process. 

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Development Process Of Taxi App Like Careem

Development Process Of Taxi App Like Careem

Developing a taxi app like Careem is not an overnight task. It requires research, a hefty budget, and hard work from the developer team. As there are various stages in the taxi app development process, Let’s explore each stage of the development process and understand what is done in every stage:

Unique Idea

To have a competitive advantage in the market, you need to have a unique idea. While thinking of an idea, just determine what you want to provide the users, identify the available competitors and their offerings, and the platform on which you are going to launch your app.

Market Analysis

The very first stage of development is to analyse the target market rigorously. During market analysis, it is important to cover various aspects of your product like target audience, popular competitor’s user base, and requirements of your project.

Create a Blueprint

After successful market analysis, the next step is to create a blueprint or a whitepaper which will include essential elements of your project such as Dubai taxi app design, types of features to be implemented, target platform, application mechanics, and other information. This blueprint will help you and your developer team to make a striking app.

App Design

It is the stage where your app is designed as per your taxi business requirements and industry standards. The taxi app Dubai design should be easy to understand and navigate so that users of every age group can easily scroll through the app without any hassle. Also, make sure that the UI/UX design is lightweight and compatible with a wide range of devices.

App Development

This is the major phase of the development process where your Dubai taxi booking app is being developed. In this process, developers leverage an advanced technology stack and tools to create an app. To make the best-in-class application like Careem taxi app for your business, you need to hire a leading taxi app development company.

Testing & QA

After your new taxi app Dubai is developed, it should be checked if there are any errors in the app which can impact the performance of the application. For this, you need to check the app using advanced testing tools and tactics like bug tracking tools, performance testing tools, integration and GUI testing tools to find the most diminutive error. 

App Launch & Promotion

The final step is to launch your Dubai taxi app into the marketplace. Also, you need to promote your app using various marketing strategies like digital marketing, social media marketing, e-mail marketing, and online advertisements. This will help your app to reach a larger audience.

Maintenance & Updates

A good taxi app services provider will provide you with on-demand technical support, and maintenance services for your taxi app. Moreover, they will regularly check for modern trends ongoing in the market and integrate them into app updates to keep your app outshine in the marketplace.

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Cost to develop a Dubai Taxi App

Cost to develop a Dubai Taxi App

The cost of developing a Dubai taxi app depends on a number of factors. However, you can get a cost estimation for developing your taxi app by sharing your project details with a taxi app development company. 

On average, the cost to develop a Dubai taxi booking app with basic features and functions ranges between AED 110k and AED 200k. It is important to know the cost will shoot up when you are willing to get a fully functional taxi app for your business.

Factors affecting the cost of developing an application like the Careem taxi App .

  • Location of Developer Team
  • Project Type & Complexity
  • Number of features
  • Platform for which the app is being developed

Develop a Dubai Taxi App at BR Softech

Develop a Dubai Taxi App at BR Softech

We are highly driven by the reputation of being a globally recognised taxi app development company in the UAE. At BR Softech, we have over 12 years of experience in developing segment-leading taxi apps for various businesses. Our in-house developers are well-versed with the latest technology stack and strive to deliver creativity and excellence via robust taxi app solutions.

If you are interested in developing a robust and reliable Dubai taxi app for your business, look nowhere other than BR Softech. Contact us now and we will help you transform your business idea into a reality. Choose us to get:

  • On-demand Tech Support
  • Highly Customised Solutions
  • Ultra-modern Technology Stack
  • Dedicated Taxi App Developers
  • Budget-Friendly Solutions
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Frequently Asked Questions

Q 1. Is Careem and Uber the same?

Ans. Careem is the leading app-based cab booking platform headquartered in Dubai, which has been fully owned by Uber since 2019.

Q 2. Is Careem cheaper than Uber in Dubai?

Ans. In Dubai, Careem and Uber will cost you more than hiring an ordinary taxi. In general, Careem is less expensive for shorter distances whereas Uber is less expensive for longer distances.

Q 3. Which app to use in Dubai for taxi?

Ans. There are a variety of taxi booking apps available here in Dubai. Some of the best taxi booking applications are:

  • Careem
  • DTC Smart Taxi App
  • Uber UAE
  • Hala Taxi
  • Arabia Taxi LLC

Q 4. How is the cost of 1 km in Dubai taxi?

Ans. The rates of taxis in Dubai depend on the type of taxi, the duration of the trip, and the total distance. However, the base fare is set at AED 12 with AED 1.97 per km.

Q 5. What is the time taken to develop an app like Careem?

Ans. It takes three to four months to make a new taxi app like Careem. 

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