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What are the Instagram Reels Feature? Is It a Replacement of TikTok?

written by Saloni Agrawal | Jan 08, 2021
TikTok Vs Instagram Reels

When we are talking about creating a buzz in the market, there is only one name in mind that is ‘TikTok’. When it was trending, no app could beat it. Now, when it got banned, various app development companies launched their own TikTok clone app or an app like Instagram. On this basis, Instagram also has launched ‘Reels’ feature to make the app a natural destination for people who used to be TikTok influencers. 

The decision to prohibit TikTok and 59 other Chinese apps have brought new opportunities for these clone apps. So, it was not surprising when Facebook launched the ‘rolling out’ feature or Instagram launched ‘reels’ feature. Even, people call Instagram reels, a clone app of TikTok.

With Reels, Instagram is trying to catch up with TikTok’s large user base of 200 million users. Not only Instagram, but various apps like TikTok are also trying to do that.

What are Instagram Reels?

Instagram offers its users a set of digitally creative tools to make engaging and fun short videos on the app. Users can record and edit those videos with reels feature, like special effects, text, audio, stickers, etc. and then share them with the followers. 

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In the late last year, Instagram introduced the ‘Reels feature’ to its users in Brazil. This feature is included in Instagram itself instead of launching a standalone app. It permits people to make a short 15-second video and apply different filters, stickers, effects, etc. 

It was available for both iOS and Android users, and then, in this year,  hopefully, a similar app like Instagram will also be available in India. Now, the biggest question arises: is it a replacement for the famous app ‘TikTok’.  

How to Use, ‘Instagram Reels’?

TikTok Vs Instagram Reels

To use the Instagram reels, firstly update your existing app, then follow these below steps- 

  • Tap on the story icon on the top left corner, and you will see the ‘Reels’ option comprising filters, boomerang, and many more.
  • Tap on Reels for using this TikTok clone and select song from the Instagram Music library. They have a huge collection of songs for people so you can make interesting videos via reels feature.
  • Similar to TikTok, Reels also has an option to use original voices despite lip-syncing.
  • You can also set a timer, add effects, and control speed to edit your videos with the existing options.
  • Once you have made the Reel, you can share it on other social media platforms or post it for your followers. You can also post the reel on your feed with the IGTV icon. 
  • You can find your reel in explore so that everyone can view it.   

Is Instagram Reels a Replacement for TikTok?

Through Instagram Reels, you can make live videos on your Instagram feed, a long IGTV video or reels. Not only Instagram, but Instagram clone apps are also trying to provide this feature to their users. So, even though people consider Instagram reels as TikTok clones, it has its own fan base and content creators who create fun-filled and quick videos. Despite these things, there is nothing on Instagram that is similar to TikTok. Even some of the TikTok influencers posted their TikTok videos on the Instagram feed. 

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Existing Instagram users will have a large user base rather than those who are switching on Instagram reels with a fresh account from TikTok. TikTok’s working was fine-tuned to keep the good content up no matter whether you have huge followings or not? But there is doubt that Instagram will follow this path or not. 

However, Instagram doesn’t have those powerful and interesting content creator tools; but, it has that simple idea of making short videos in a loop. Reels got popular because of the ban on TikTok still, it is less popular than TikTok.

TikTok gave rise to an entirely new generation of digital content creators. It has been installed by nearly 2 Billion times worldwide as per the Sensor Tower, and there are around 600 million installations if we count users from India. 

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Various TikTok cone scripts developed after the ban, but none of them gets as much recognition as TikTok yet. For an Instagram clone app or Instagram reels, it is a tough task to reach that height, but it is not impossible. The longer TikTok stays banned, the better for clone apps to make their place among users. So, although Instagram reels have users of TikTok; it is not a full clone app. 

Impact of Reels

In any case, if Instagram tried to copy to be a replacement of TikTok, then it failed. As per the perception of an average social media user, all the thing reels doing is claiming the victory to get the massive audiences of TikTok conveniently. Instagram is also providing a chance for people to engage with each other via new short-form video format trends without the requirement to grasp the entire social media culture and tools. 

TikTok is an app that has appeared as a powerful creation tool not only for the young generation but also for casual and new users. We can estimate its popularity by seeing the rapid TikTok or Roposo clone development after its ban. This is the reason that; even the Instagram Reels feature is not able to create a huge impact like TikTok. 

There is no doubt that Reels will not replace the content of TikTok as Instagram consumes a whole different user base with a different objective. In other words, Via accessing the TikTok format for locals, Instagram will recreate the short-form videos from basics. 

Instagram shouldn’t worry about replicating the TikTok app as it was not meant for shareability, virality, or the creativity of digital content creators. Because despite all these notable deviations, Instagram is mainly providing the itch that Facebook used to scratch. Reels will be suitable for it as these can be shared on the stories so that nothing can stop the users from sharing it.

TikTok Vs Instagram Reels

TikTok Vs Instagram Reels

TikTok’s ban and the arrival of Reels, both happened at the same time. So, it is obvious to compare them both as reels have the same features as TikTok. But how are they similar or different? 

However, the essence of both the things are the same; still, we can’t say that Reels is a TikTok clone. It only provides users with a creative space to make and share short videos with their followers.

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These creative options permit users to generate the best clips in every possible way. Here are the significant differences between these both as shown below-

TikTok Instagram Reels
A short-video creating platform  A new feature of Instagram app
Time limit of the video is up to 1 minute Video limit is up to 15-seconds
Videos can be shared only on TikTok Reels can be shared on stories that last for 24 hours
Duet can be made with anyone and songs can be used via the app’s system Local file upload and duets are not provided yet.

Is Instagram Important for Your Business?

Instagram has always been an efficient channel for all the brands to get their audience base. Apps like TikTok clone development or these Instagram reels have offered these brands an opportunity to appear as the first creator and attract a new customer base. Brands can also collaborate with celebrities or new creative talents to let the users know about their brands via the created reels. 

call to action tiktok

Various big names in the fashion and style industry like Louis Vuitton, Maybelline, or Nykaa, have been using the reels for a while to promote their business, then why not you? 

So, Are You All Set to Try Instagram Reels?

After getting rid of every confusion and consuming all the details about Instagram Reels, are you going to use this feature? As per the demand of this era, you can mark your presence among your audience alongside all other social media channels via using the trending things. 

To use this opportunity in a better way, BR Softech known as a leading name for app development is here to help you. Our skillful and cultivated professionals will deliver the best Instagram clone script with contemporary features at the appropriate price. Get connected and leave the rest on us!   

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