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Top 10 Features of a Matrimonial Application Script in PHP

written by Admin | May 28, 2021

The advent of matrimonial websites has completely revolutionized the traditional way of matchmaking. Those days are obsolete when prospective bride and groom need to rely on classified newspaper advertisements or verbal match-making to find a suitable life partner for themselves. Now people hardly place a newspaper advertisement or verbal matchmaker. 

Due to increased convenience and better facilities, prospective bride and groom are shifting from offline matrimonial assistance to online matrimonial websites. Therefore the demand for matrimonial PHP scripts is on the surge. So, web development companies like BR Softech are working hard to develop a Matrimonial script in PHP that can be personalized as per the client’s need or market demands. 

If you are considering starting your own matrimonial business online, this blog will come in handy. This blog will talk about the benefits of a matrimonial script and 10 must-have features of a PHP matrimonial script. 

Benefits of PHP Matrimonial Script

The following are the benefits of the matrimonial script that drew the attention of millions of people around the globe. 

Easily Customizable

The PHP matrimonial script not only remains affordable to you but also provides a lot of customization options. A well-built PHP script will also save a lot of work and help you implement the user’s suggestions. 

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Plenty of Options

The best attraction of a matrimonial website is that it has plenty of prospective bride and groom registered on it. Thus you will be able to choose from a large number of people and let you choose the perfect life partner for you. 

Ample Business opportunities

A PHP matrimonial script is seamless and dynamic, thus it will allow you to connect with a vast customer base. A vast customer base means better opportunities to make revenue. 

Different websites have different features and most of these features depend on the matrimonial script PHP. So, before picking features for your matrimonial script, it is worth knowing the must-have features that make a matrimonial script successful. 

Top 10 Must-Have Features of a Matrimonial PHP Script

1. Dynamic Home Page

The home page for your matrimonial script should be attractive to catch the attention of the prospective bride and grooms. You can choose a dynamic homepage that remains responsive on multiple devices with a perfect resolution.

A well-built matrimonial script PHP should have a registration page on the homepage of the website through which the bride and groom can register themselves on the application. The registration page can contain information such as the user’s phone number, email address, age, address, You can also add a reminder that will remind the users if they left the registration form incomplete. 

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If you also have a mobile application, then you can add a link to install that application. This is the best way to increase the install number of your matrimonial script. 

2. Quick and Multiple Search Options

This is another must-have feature for any matrimonial script. A quick and multiple search option facilitates the users to search for the preferred bride and groom depending on several criteria i.e. cast, age, education, gender and so many others to address. This feature will help users to find all the potential partners depending on their expectations.

3. Saved Search Option

The saved search option is often considered the premium feature of the matrimonial script. This feature facilitates the users to save the search and later they can find a suitable profile that matches up with the search. 

4. One-Time Password(OTP)

One of the major issues with matrimonial websites is that many people created fake profiles on the website using fake information. To prevent such people from misusing a matrimonial website, you need to verify the information used by people to register on the website. One-time passwords are the best thing to do so. Whenever the user enters the mobile number or email address, they will receive a six or four-digit code that needs to be entered to confirm the registration request. 

5. Effective Profile Management

The matrimonial script allows the users to manage their profile to maintain their privacy. Users can keep their profile picture hidden or they can allow a few people to see their profile. If anyone except permissible users wants to see their photo, they will receive a request and they have the option to deny or approve the request. Furthermore, the users can add or remove information to their profile at any time. 

6. Auto Match Profile

At the time of registration, the matrimonial website asks the people fed up some basic information about them including age, education and their preferences regards their life partner. Based on this information, the matrimonial script will look at its database and find out all the ideal matches for the users. 

7. Admin Panel

No matrimonial script is considered to be complete without having an admin panel. The matrimonial script provided by a reputable matrimonial website development company like BR Softech comes with a strong admin panel that facilitates the admin to do a lot of things. 

The admin has all the control over the website, he can remove the spamming member. Furthermore, the admin can also create several membership plans to facilitate the users with the advanced features. These membership plans will go a long way to generate revenue. 

8. Sign Up Feature

Without signing up, no one will be able to use the matrimonial website. Sign up features gather all the personal information of users and utilize this information to find an ideal match for them. 

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9. Message and Video Chat

When users find an ideal match for them, the next thing they desire is to communicate with their ideal match. A matrimonial script should facilitate the users to communicate with each other through message and video calls. This will enhance the user experience and will drive traffic towards your matrimonial website. 

10. Success Stories Section

Nothing can excite the users more than real success stories of the couple that ended up matching the matrimonial website. The users who find out their ideal match using your application will not hesitate to share their success stories on your website. These success stories will inspire a lot of people to use your application. 

The Final Call

Finding the best Shaadi clone script and using it to start your matrimonial website will allow you to meet success sooner than opting for building a matrimonial website from scratch. A matrimonial script comes with a ton of features and lets you attract the eyeball of millions of prospective bride and grooms. 

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Here at BR Softech, we put forward plenty of features with our clone to help bride and grooms to find their perfect match and will help you make a sound reputation in the market.


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