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Top 10 IT Companies In India

written by admin | Jul 20, 2013
top 10 IT Company In India 2014

The Indian IT sector has been shining division. Indian IT companies have crossed the milestone of $ 100 billion in sales. Indian IT companies employ 2.8 million Indians and 40000 non Indians. IT sector had revenue of $101 billion in this fiscal year and put up 7.5% to India’s total domestic parts. IT companies are enlarging their scale to form as global. For becoming a global leader they have to encompass a long path.

The services providing IT companies are application development and maintenance, networking technology solutions, asset leverage solutions, assurance services, business intelligence, consulting outsourcing services, BPO services, infrastructure technology engineering and Industrial services, offshore development Universal Banking, Investor Servicing, Private Banking etc.

Outsourcing is the boon for other countries companies’s and also for Indian IT companies because here cost is extremely less as compare to their country so they outsource their projects to take cost benefits and company will takes the money of their worthy efforts. Through freelancing IT sector of India became in specialization region where companies formed to do a specific work such as website development, application development, etc. for an example website development is now parted in further ways which are desktop website and mobile website design and development. The demand of IT companies is increasing also in local markets in the area of education, retail and government sector that results more growth of entrepreneurship and IT companies. A website development company India is in a sweet spot today they get project through outsourcing as well as domestic due to impressive development growth.

BR Softech is the best company of IT sector that provides IT solutions in the field of software development, website design and development, marketing & SEO services and mobile application development etc.,

Today IT companies of India are in a sweet spot. Because they are locally demands  in one hand that ensuring preserve growth,  and in other hand the off-shore projects makes them global in world  markets.


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