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Top 10 Ride-Hailing Apps with their Estimated Cost in 2021

written by Saloni Agrawal | Feb 12, 2021

If you want to go somewhere and don’t have your own vehicle, it is so easy to pull out the phone from the pocket and book a ride. Did you ever think how easy our life has become with these Ride-Hailing Apps? 

Several firms have built various taxi booking apps for the ease of users. The advent of online taxi booking apps has transformed the way of life and transportation. There is numerous taxi dispatch software, including wonderful features and functionalities to make your riding experience faster and smoother worldwide. 

Do you know which apps can be counted among the top taxi booking apps all over the world? Here we are providing you the Best Guide for Ride hailing app development

Along with the best taxi dispatching apps, have a glance-

Top Ride-Hailing Apps that are Getting Fame in 2021


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We are circulating this list of best ride-hailing services so that you don’t have to search for them and have hassle-free transportation anywhere in the world.

Uber (Android/iOS)

The most dominant player in taxi-riding apps is available in 445 cities, including 70 nations. In recent times, this taxi booking app is one of the top apps preferred by users while going somewhere. It offers something unique to its users than a common commuting experience as they feel engaged in the conversation with Uber drivers.



  • Cross-platform app (iOS, Android, and Windows)
  • Multiple payment systems, including cash, debit, Paytm, etc.
  • Available in various countries (India, Hong Kong, Thailand, New Zealand, Macau, Malaysia, etc.)


It is the fastest evolving ride-hailing mobile app that was released in November 2011 in the UK. It is currently available in over 20 cities consisting of Barcelona, London, Madrid, etc. It has an option of taxi pre-booking, and it is a better option if you are looking for a taxi service in Singapore.

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It includes a new feature of electronic pay that allows users to pay from the app directly.


  • Hailo Apple watch, Android, and iOS mobile apps 
  • Cab drivers permitted by CRB
  • Electronic pay
  • Hailo hub


It is a taxi service app based in the USA, providing over 60 cities across the US. This app includes a powerful interface that permits users to monitor the ride and the driver’s details. It offers three alternatives to users: Lyft, Lyft Line, and Lyft Plus, and via these, users can have serviced all alone or with the group of six members. 


  • Take over 60 cities in the whole US
  • The option of ride-sharing with Lyft Plus
  • Cross-platform app (Android, iOS, and web)
  • Improved payment safety
  • Amazing response time
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It evolved very fast, and now it covers more than 100 cities all over India. Various options are included in this app, such as metered cabs, small cars, standard sedans. It is among top ride-hailing apps in India that offers trusted ride-booking app services with economical fare prices. This app has verified and skilled drivers, safety and hygiene for their users. These are the reasons why this app has become the most used taxi booking app in India.


  • Experienced and reliable drivers
  • Support from 100 cities worldwide
  • Multi-platform apps (iOS, Android, and Windows)
  • Payment in Both cashless and cash
  • Available in over 100 cities in India


It is useful for users to book a ride immediately via using their iOS or Android mobile applications. It is one of the best taxi apps, including a transparent and fixed-rate system to ensure customers’ genuine price. It also makes users able to book formal tips and business in advance. You can also book a taxi for someone else in another city through it. 

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  • Fixed-rate for all users and no hidden charges 
  • Used for long and short both rides
  • Invoice bills
  • Multiple account handling and support 
  • A broad range of payment methods


It was called ‘taxi magic app’ earlier, and it lets the users ride a yellow cab in the USA’s streets. You can book the ride and pay for it, in advance via your mobile app. It is conducted by Verifone systems to manage its payment system for half of the yellow taxis of New York.


  • Licensed and verified drivers
  • Proper ratings of driver
  • Traffic information on the current route
  • Better service reliability and efficiency 


This taxi service was launched in 2012 in France and offered its services in Paris. It is counted as one of the top 10 taxi services as it has built its value for unsurpassed service in the City. It is the fastest evolving taxi booking app services with an enhanced vehicle fleet and more than 70,000 active users.

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  • Rides with fixed price 
  • Find rides in 7 minutes guaranteed
  • Cross-platform mobile app (Android, iOS, and Windows)

Didi Dache

It was released by the merger of leading two ride apps of China and has backed by web giants like Tencent and Alibaba. This prominent taxi service app has users in over 300 cities and provides a multi-platform app for users.

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  • Difference taxi services like hitch, personal or express car service
  • Driver ratings and reviews
  • Ride tracking
  • iOS and Android apps

Grab Taxi

These top taxi app services comprise more than 75,000 registered drivers on the network. It is analyzed by people of the entire southeast authoritatively with more than 3.8M mobile app installations. This app provides services in 21 unique cities involving six nations in Southeast Asia. 


  • Ride-tracking via app
  • Pre-screening of registered drivers
  • Available for iOS, and Android mobile users 

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This US-based taxi app was earlier known as Getting Taxi, and currently, it has reduced its prices to 25% on riding in NYC. It provides its services in Europe in 60 cities across the globe comprising Moscow, London, and New York. It has got $520M in business funding to date and counted as among the Top 15 growing firms.


  • No surge in ride prices
  • Book the ride up to 2 weeks in advance 
  • A low and fixed price for specific areas in Manhattan
  • For iOS and Android users     

Things to Take Into Account Before the Ride-hailing App Development

ride-hailing app

With the creation of new and advanced apps, there is an enhancement in the things that must be considered before entering into the development field and having Ride-hailing app development services.

Analyze the Competition

It is significant to know about the competition around you in the market. It will help you to make business and marketing strategies as per that. By analyzing that, you can tell the hired Ride-hailing app development company, what are your app requirements?


Appropriate Vehicles

Ensure that you have well-maintained and right sort of vehicles like cars and bikes before getting Ride-hailing app development. Try to have safe and proper working vehicles for providing a better experience to your users. Prefer the ones who have lots of space and clean interiors. 

Add a Different Aspect

Make your ride-hailing app unique from others by adding an original and unique element in this. It can be anything like app design, advanced features, good marketing, vehicle quality or an arranged menu to attract the users.

Maps and GPS

Adding geolocation and navigation is the must-have part of the current Ride-hailing app development services. This feature is extremely beneficial and compulsory as it lets you search the fastest and finest route to your destination. 

Insurance and License 

It is necessary to have all the vehicles with proper commercial license and insurance. Cars and bikes or autos must be registered with the local department to make them safe to drive. It will provide you with more convenience to run your business. 

Hire a Leading Ride-Hailing App Development Firm

When you trust a company to create a Uber clone app for your business, you must know everything about it. Hire a licensed and experienced Ride-hailing app development firm with skilled and proficient developers. They will provide you with good assistance and guidance in terms of Ride-hailing app development.

Considerable Aspects to Create A Taxi Booking Service App 

Let’s dive into this below-mentioned best Guide for Ride hailing app development-

Significant features- 

It is significant to know that an app’s proper functionality depends upon various factors like admin panel management, interconnectivity, app features, etc. So, here are the features that are necessary to build a taxi-ride app. 

Passenger Features

  • Sign up or register via social media 
  • Alert/notifications
  • Fare estimation 
  • Ride-tracking 
  • Ratings and reviews of driver
  • Varied payment methods
  • History of booked rides
  • Instant messaging 
  • Booking interface 
  • Price calculation 

Driver Features

  • Notifications/alerts
  • Trip alert
  • Reports of drivers 
  • Optimizing the route and navigation
  • Chat support
  • Profile and status
  • Ride estimation 

Admin Features

  • Managing fares and locations 
  • User and driver management 
  • Vehicle and booking management 
  • Driver’s Rides and payoffs management 
  • Handle ratings and reviews
  • System content and discount offers control

Required Technology Stack for An App

Here are the mapping navigation and technologies that are needed to develop taxi booking apps, check out these-

  • Push Notification 

To have a reliable interaction between customers and drivers, push notifications are essential. It will help the users right from booking a ride to reaching the destination. BaaS (backend as a service) will help you execute this feature into your taxi booking app.


  • Geolocation

It is the top and most significant feature to include in the app. It is based upon the mapping and navigation technologies. Here are the different technologies for both Android and iOS.

Android- Google APIs locators

iOS- CoreLocation Framework

Maps will be applied as Google maps for Android and iOS and exact directions to drivers; you can use-

Android- Google Maps API

iOS- Mapkit

  • SMS

Taxi app services use integrated SMS services for better communication with users. Apps Twilio use the mostly used SMS service to notify the clients about their bookings.

  • Payment Integration

Providing app users with a safe and seamless payment feature is the main responsibility of an app owner. A fare calculator can be implemented in a taxi booking app to analyze different factors and provide an exact fare to users. There are various payment gateway scripts that you can add for iOS and Android users such as Paypal, debit card, credit card, QR code scan, etc. 

Leading Technologies to Use for Taxi booking app Development 

 Cross-platform  iOS  Android
 React Native  Objective-C   Swift
 Flutter  Java

Overall Estimated Cost for Developing Ride-hailing App 

It would be engrossing to evaluate the cost of taxi booking app development as it relied on multiple factors and included features in the app. Here are those features to take into consideration for cost estimation-

  • Required technology
  • Native iOS/Android 
  • Rates and capabilities of the project development team
  • Number of functionalities and features
  • Designing 
  • Integration 
  • Support and maintenance plan

Apart from these, there are different sorts of the panel that will highly impact the general app cost as follows-

  • Passenger panel
  • Admin panel 
  • Driver panel 
  • Dispatch panel

Looking at the above points, if we estimate the all-inclusive app cost, it would be between $70,000 to $90,000 with the average development rate.

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The taxi app services market has grown after various taxi apps like Uber and Ola. Many businesses are trying their fortune in this field by developing their taxi app. If you are also finding a suitable and prominent  Ride hailing app development company for Ride hailing website development to enter this sector, then come to BR Softech.

Our skilled and proficiency development team will assist you with all the possible and favourable  Ride hailing app development services. Join with us and get a premium-quality app at a reasonable cost.   

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