There are lot of media hype about the Beacons, which is all the rage these days. We are the leading ibeacon app development company, which provides wonderful services of developing world class Beacons apps similar to estimate. These are the recent technological trend which is turning hit these days.To know about these Beacons is the need of the hour, as these are the best devices which has hit the Internet of Things. These Beacons are all set to influence a large chunk of retail sales and this number is to increase at a rapid pace.

So, you might be eager to know about this technological trend. Just sit with a cup of coffee and get engrossed in reading about this new technological trend.

What is a Beacons?

A beacon is a very small device which emits radio signal to the near located smart phones and the tablets, which includes certain amount of data too. Well, the strength of the signal and the time between each signal which can be arranged to provide the desired amount of coverage. Mobile apps have the ability to listen to different kinds of signals which can activate an action on your phone. You must know that the beacons are designed for operating just in one direction. We develop top-rated similar app like Estimote, for the clients around the globe.

How Does The Beacons Perform Their Actions?

The class technological trend, beacon perform it’s work by making use of the Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), a version of the more common Bluetooth protocol which is designed to use quite nominal amount of power and sends less data- for instance, 1-20% of the general Bluetooth power and at the 15-50% of the speed. These beacons which are similar to NFC, are powered by the batteries and the battery life must be balanced to suit the application, because this battery life can be around 1 month to around 2-3 years. There are various kinds of beacons which makes use of the USB/ mains power or certain kind of solar panels to las longer than desired. There are a lot other beacons are being designed in such a way, that they constructed into the lights or the light sockets. These beacons can be stuck to the walls or through the ceiling, and might also be hidden in certain objects. And you can just detect these beacons from a distance of 70m away with absolutely no stumbling blocks.

How does the range of beacon vary with certain situation?

The beacons can have around 70m range, but this can also drop by the walls which are made of the metal or the brick. The range is as listed below:

Far: The far range beacon are designed for performing certain actions when you located close to the beacon, say for instance waltking by the store.

Near: These are the beacons which are designed in a way that your device can perform certain action when you are in the same place where the beacons are located, say for instance, in a same room.

Immediate: These are the beacons which are developed so that your device can perform certain actions when you are effectively touching a beacon, that is when you checkout in a shop.

Does these beacon work with iPhone/Android/Windows phone?

Well, all the recent made beacons supports the BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy), but you are required to turn on your Bluetooth for the functionality of beacon. We are the leading ibeacon app development company India, which provides the best in class beacons for the clients around the globe.

On the different Apple gadgets, the phone can constantly scan for the Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) devices and wake up the relevant applications that comes in contact with the relevant beacon

Well, on the Android gadgets, there is no such operating- system management of beacons and all the marvelous apps must scan for BLE devices all by themselves.

Functionality of Apple ibeacon technology:

iBeacon enables the iPhones/ iPads/iPods to scan for the closely located Bluetooth devices. When the device gets identified, it will wake up the app on the phone (even when the app is not yet running). Hire dedicated developers, who can make the responsive applications to iBeacon by making use of the Apple’s core location APIs (Application Programming Interfaces)in the Ios.

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10 things about beacons which will make you go awe:

1.  iBeacon i the class technology, a trademark which is developed by the Apple. Well, they do not develop physical products, but any beacon manufacturer who aspires to name their beacons as “iBeacons” must cling to the standards set by Apple.

2. Beacons are not designed for providing the content to your phone. A beacon is nothing but the BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) sensor, which performs the function of sending data signal called as advertising packet. Now, the advertisiing packet is a kind of signal which your phone can recognize  if it has the native app on board which knows about the technology of beacon. Once an app comes in contact with the beacon, it then gets fully activated to pick the content, by the cloud. So, the app performs the various functions, and not the beacon.

3. The average life of the world-class beacon which is powered by the coin-cell battery is approximately around 3 months, if it meets the standards laid by the Apple. To conquer this limitation for long-term, there are multifarious beacons which are powered by other power sources, for example AA cell battery, USB or the Ethernet options.

4. To make sure that your trendy smart phone works with the beacon, it will require native app on board, which includes the embedded code to make it cognizant of beacon. The phone must also include the beacon services enabled in it, and Bluetooth must be switched on. For all those customers who do not have Bluetooth enabled on their smart phones, you must look forward for a beacon which is capable of both WiFi and BLE. WiFi option will provide the same features like the WiFi radio.

5. There are various kinds of beacons which empowers two-way engagement. These beacons are also known as the gateway beacons. The functions of these beacons is not only to broadcast and adertising packet, but also to ingest the data. This is called the two-way  engagement with customers.
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6. So, if you do not have the class native app on board your device, it will limit the customer engagement to a lot of extent. Various beacon manufacturers are said to have developed the beacon with local on-board storage- which has the ability to provide an HTML5 Web App experience to all the customer. We also provide want to develop similar estimote for enhancing your business and helping it to reach new heights as you will embrace the recent technological trend.

7. Beacons are not manufactured for the push notifications. It performs various other functions like enabling traffic counting by collecting the data of smartphone. This will be of great help in providing the useful insight and business analytics.

8. Whilst the range varies for different types of beacons, but generally the range of BLE beacons is around 30m radius. In case of WiFi beacons, this range can extend to around 100m radius.

9. There are various kinds of SDKs which are available from multifarious beacon manufacturers. This will not provide you the level of nearness in space, when you need to make sure that there is no such extension to cover partly between the beacons signals and the customer journey runs very smoothly. Some of the manufacturers are said to have developed quality-oriented SDKs for providing the beacon journey accurately and eliminate noise from the customer experience.

10. Right from the inflow of beacons in teh market around 12 months ago, this technology is trending with each passing day. In today’s date, the size of the beacons are quite smaller and they involve RFID sensors, which can perform better in various events. For instance, in case of the accelerometer, it can activate the beacon to start transmitting when it start to move. These different things involves the movement and lot of possibilities in Internet of Things.

Summing Up:

Well, the beacon technology is all the rage these days around the globe. Now, you can make use of the mobile strategy and start beaconing it. You can make use of the multifarious phones which includes iBeacon protocol and other different kinds of protocols which are coming on board.

These beacons can be used in various places like the shoppers can get pitched or the specific brands.  Beacons can be used at the different locations, these are used for not just discovering locations but also other relevant context about beacon’s location also.