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Top 7 User Friendly Blog Modules for DNN Development

written by Admin | Apr 04, 2017

From a small business website to a broad business website everything has a section of blog. A blog plays a crucial role in the website development or the creation of the website. Any investor or a sponsor looks at the blog and then decides about the company. A company can’t be understood and judged on the basis of the website. There should be some written commitments over the website which helps a person to overview about the company.

Blogging is a process which involves all the useful resources to be exaggerated in order to fulfill the satisfaction of the readers. Every single website contains the blog which has the important things to be known about the specialties of the product featuring website. There are various blog modules to understand better. It helps you in increasing the points of your business and it’s a user friendly way to know about the company deeper. This blogs are important for the dotnetnuke development. Basically, DNN includes the blog study that helps them to develop new features to raise the standard of the online market. There are so many DNN development company all over the world working for optimization of the DNN websites. In fact it is important for the e commerce website as we will come to know more and more about the products sold online. With the help of blogs we can know the latest tends and news of the product.

7 Conceptional blog modules for the development:

#1 LiveBlog:

This blog module contains the easiness to download and use it. It has a continuous synchronization with the search engines. It is very much flexible with the feeds of the generator. It provides many facilities like Akismet, Google ReCaptcha, Disqus, Twitter. It allows to access over it with these search engines. It has the facility of multi author support which means more than one user can operate it at the same time. But it has all the mandatory blogging features. It’s main feature is live writer. Key features:

  • Archives the information.
  • Featured posts for amazing information.
  • Popular posts for highlighting the useful information.
  • Authors who provide readable information.
  • Calendar keeps us up to date with day to day activities.
  • Categories provides us the options.
  • Search any necessary information.
  • blog rolls

#2 EasyDNNnews 7.0:

It is made for non technical users to help them out for managing and publishing the articles. It provides a salient features such as adding the pictures to the articles to make them more attractive. It’s an easy way to publish the RSS feeds, news websites, events, blogs etc. It provides a rustom to publish new audio and videos. It is easy to understand. Key features :

  • Positive feedback of users.
  • With the help of access tool bar makes it facile to work.
  • Multiple tasking and designable templates.
  • Style wizard is used for adjusting the CSS codes.
  • Synchronization with DNN gallery to insert pictures appropriately.

#3 Post IT blog module:

It is the simplest blog module that can be used for the posting of the blogs. It is specific about the latest news and articles. It is a powerful weapon to create dynamic and extravagant websites on different basis. If you want you can create your own feeds to be displayed and URLs to find the correct destination. Key features:

  • It has a user friendly interface for all the users.
  • Offers amazing tags and categories.
  • Allows you to access social media features.
  • Helps to maintain the comments.
  • Always shows the latest posts on the web site to keep readers updated.
  • No cost for any kind of updates.

#4 DNNGo xBlog:

The bang on feature of this blog is that it not only allows to post the feeds and articles but also allows to personalize the settings of the themes and templates. It provides numerous themes for the background of the blogs. Themes makes your website more adorable and attractive. Key features:

  • Offers multiple pair of fabulous themes.
  • Banner slides effects present in each theme.
  • Co-operate perfectly with the URLs related to SEO.
  • Able to edit the templates and choose the appropriate theme as per template.
  • Provides set up for numerous article states and give an overlook of timing release function.
  • Supports different functionalities such as avatar, sharing service, impeccale and spam comments over the website.
  • Allows the site map for various articles and images.
  • Compose blogs using windows live writer.

#5 DNN Article Blog:

This is a powerful blog which provides a platform for generating the own websites and links to get directly linked to your own web site. Everyone wants to build their own websites and publish it as much as they can. This blog module allows the links to be mentioned in the active blog which can increase the rate of the readers. This is mainly used for article blog and their links. Key features:

  • Allows the users to keep their blogs alive.
  • Supports all type of blog and entry categories.
  • It is SEO friendly
  • Owners can publish their blog headers and templates which can make easy for a user to understand.
  • Roles can be set by the administrator to create own new blogs.

#6 SunBlogNuke 6.x:

This is the main publishing blog platform to embrace your blog and enhance the sensation look of the website. It helps you to use the web standard easily and permits you to publish your own work. This tool is mainly used for the blogs of the DNN sites. It is also useful in development as it schedules the categories and provides the abundant knowledgeable information to the viewers. Key features:

  • It has a complete control on the XHTML 1.0 complaints.
  • It supports multiple languages along with featuring bookmarks, Ajax, gravitates, email notification etc.
  • It also has multi author support and offers XML-RPC interface.

#7 LGI Blog:

This blog module helps you to prevent from the negative feedbacks to your website. It doesn’t allows any user to publish the comments as you need to approve the comments before it is displayed to the site. This purely works on the strategy of nice and clean admin panel so that you will get more and more viewers. Key features:

  • It has Friendly user interface, Social features control, SEO-optimized URLs produced to publish your articles and templates.
  • Always displays the latest trend and set of positive comments to make yourself better.
  • Updates are free.


These top most blog modules will help you in posting your blogs and articles. You can update your users with the latest feeds. Now when you are aware about the salient features of the blogs you can hire a dotnetnuke developer appropriately. You have the facility of changing the themes and edit the templates. You can own your own website and help the users to get more interactive with your products.


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