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Top 7 On-Demand Service Provider Android Apps for You

written by Saloni Agrawal | Oct 09, 2020

If we talk about old times, if we need any type of home services like a plumber or an electrician, we have to rush outside. We didn’t have an option to call them by sitting at home. But now on-demand service provider apps have made things easy and quick as well. We can have a reliable home service and can reduce the pain of finding a professional person here and there.

Although the term “on-demand home service provider” can be new to some people. But big players in the field of mobile app development have good knowledge about these android apps that are providing services to various customers as per their needs. Also, these new on-demand service ventures are identifying their true power in the service sector. 

To make it easier for you, here we have a list of leading 10 home service providers in India that will make your work effortless. 

Top 7 On-Demand Home Service Providers in India that has Great Potential


We will provide you with details about these ten on-demand home service providers that are best and will provide you with amazing services at home. 

  • UrbanClap

We can call it a hub of unlimited home services, be it anything from home cleaning to beauty services to interior designing; this service provider app offers everything to its users. It came into existence in 2014, and from then, it is providing innovative services to people. It provides services in various cities such as Delhi, Mumbai, Jaipur, Bangalore, Chennai, etc. 

It includes more than 10,000 professional service providers that are registered and verified through it. Now, this app has become the fastest-growing popular home-service app in India, and it also offers various types of discounts to have more customers.  

  • Zimmber

Want a helping hand at home? Then, this app is perfect for you. It was acquired by Quikr recently in 2017 for $10 million. It was founded by Amit Kumar, Gaurav Srivastava, & Anubhab Goel, and based in Mumbai. Through this app, you can hire experts for carpentry, pest control, cleaning, plumbing, electrical repairs, sofa and carpet cleaning, home spa, laundry, and so on. 

The company itself tests the eligibility of all the enlisted on-demand service providers. To give rest to all your worries, they also provide extra counselling and training to give improved experience to customers. You can have services of this app in the cities of NCR, Pune, Bangalore, and MMR.

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  • Helpr

This home service provider app can be called a one-stop solution for all your worries related to home appliance, care, and maintenance. You can use this app for home services containing cleaning of bathroom, kitchen, carpet, sofa and many more.

It includes professionals to provide services such as plumbing, electrical repairs, pest control, wood and home painting, appliance repair, and computer maintenance. 

Also, it offers prolongation plans for a whole year for repairing of appliance and home betterment. It includes more than 23,000 registered home service providers and has been awarded as the best startup of the year by CMA (Coimbatore management association) in 2015.

You can opt for their services in Bangalore, Coimbatore, Hyderabad, and Chennai.

  • HouseJoy

This on-demand service provider app was built by Arjun Kumar and Sunil Goel in 2015. As a startup, this company got a raise of around $4 million. It makes over 4,000 orders every day that is resulting in 30-40% company growth weekly.

Now, it has increased $27 million in funding by having various investors like Vertex Ventures, Amazon, and Matrix Partners. 

It provides benefits to both its employees and users such as free re-work and free insurance to attract the customers. You can have services like plumbing, cleaning, painting, pest control, carpentry, electrical elements, and appliance repairing. 

  • UrbanPro

Service provider app UrbanPro is helpful to connect all the students with the needed trainers, tutors, and institutes. UrbanPro was established in 2012 by Rakesh Kalra, and now it includes more than 6.5 lakh verified and registered institutions and tutors.

It provides a chance to over 25 lakh students and million visitors monthly to get connected with the educators and take advice or coaching from them over anything like MBA entrance, CAT, medical entrance, bank clerical posts, UPSC, GMAT, SSC, IELTS, GRE, and so on.

You can opt for IT courses too in programming languages like Java, C++, data science, and Python PHP. 

It has more than 100 categories of coaching programs and courses you can select. You can also take music and dance classes and can also learn yoga, drawing, singing, photography, make-up, and many more. This app operates in cities like Delhi, Mumbai, and Chennai but originally based in Bangalore.

Various tutors and institutes can get registered on this platform. It is a kind of innovative app that is contributing to boost the country’s economy. 

  • Near.In

Procured by Paytm, this on-demand service provider app is one of the top payment gateways and also an e-commerce platform when you need local services. It is beneficial for people who want standardized services for wellness(dietician, yoga), skills (music and dance classes), home needs, and events (anniversary and birthdays). This app has the aim of developing purchasing services easily, like purchasing products.

It was founded by Lomesh Dutta, Akshay Khanna, and Sunil Goyal in 2014. Now, it has become an essential part of online-to-offline fastest-growing space to help the users in discovering service experts like a tattoo, plumber, make-up artists, etc. It includes over 100 categories containing health and wellness, home needs, so on, and it has also uplifted $280K in funds from Marquee investors.  

  • Timesaverz

Another well-known home service startup to provide home cleaning services, accessories repairing, car washing, pest control, handyman, painting, etc. around the house.

This company only includes trained and professional employees and offers amazing services with the guarantee of money back. For booking of service, you can use their app or website and can make the payment. After it, the professional will arrive at your house at the decided time and date to provide you services.

Through this home service provider app, you can also earn reward points that can be used for services like spa treatments, dining out, or for other causes.

Timesaverz was founded in 2013 by Debadutta Upadhyay and Lovnish Bhatia to offer help to people who are new somewhere. Just by using your smartphone, you can have everything at your doorstep without any hassle and can get the job done very easily. You can go for its services in Noida, Delhi, Hyderabad, Gurgaon, Pune, Bangalore, Chennai, and Mumbai. 

Reason Behind Rising of the Home Service Startups

Home services startups

These efficient and trusted on-demand home service providers have qualified and professional personnel to help you in repairing or fixing anything you want around your house effectively. No matter, if you are new in the city, no need to worry as you can find them just by a few taps by sitting at home and also, you can trust on these employees in terms of services.

All you need is that you must have the app downloaded in your phone so that you can book the service providers, can have details about them, track them, etc. 


Through these on-demand service provider apps, you can get various services at your home but choose carefully. Ensure that all significant aspects are included in the app as it will help you to select the best out of many. Look at these points-

  • Check offered services by the app.
  • Do Market research
  • Check reviews and feedbacks.
  • Provided features
  • Appropriate price of services
  • Geolocation of professional
  • Payment Gateway

Closing Thoughts

In this post, we have guided you with the leading on-demand home service providers to help you find professionals for different services such as painting, pest control, home cleaning, make-up, salon, electrical appliance repairing, healthcare, electrician, body massaging, gardening, personal care, junk removal, etc. Now, so many customers prefer these kinds of services with instant professionals who give a response to their urgent requirements or services on-demand. 

To stay ahead in the market competition, if your company wants any Service provider app development, you can connect with the BR Softech. We provide customers with efficient app development to help in growing their business. Be it an Android or iOS application; our skilled and knowledgeable developers will help you in every possible way. Contact us for further details.

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