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Top Benefits of Yii Development & Their Future

written by Admin | Nov 24, 2018
Top Benefits of Yii Development & Their Future

In the web development era, you can see the many types of PHP framework where “Yes It is” is one of the most demanded frameworks. Basically, it is known as the YII framework and it is an object-oriented MVC framework. In the technology age, we can see the several PHP based web development framework. It supports the rapid development process in web management. The YII helps to develop the web portal application and make a perfect assurity to build the secure website.

Basically, YII framework was is developed in the January 2008 and developed by the Prado. The development process allows the web 2.0 service in it and makes a protected or rapid web framework. But when it was launched it face some critical issue in the web page creation. After that, it was launched on 3 December 2008 with the help of impressive web performance, security attention, debug catching and impressive web features.

Features of YII in PHP

You can see the amazing features of YII web development framework which gives the amazing services in it.

  • MVC (Model-View-Controller) pattern design

  • The YII web development framework supports the number formatting, time or date based formatting, design interface localization, and message translation.

  • It provides the web-based unit testing and functional service which is based on selenium and PHPUnit.

  • It is securely designed so that it can easily work on the third party based web development codes. Also, it provides the Zend and Pear framework in the YII application development process.

  • Basically, the YII support all types of caching service where you can modify the data of media storage.

  • The feature generation of this framework is very complex to handle the web service request of ESDL specification.

  • It is a centralized framework that handles the several types of error and logging. Along with, it filters the categories of the web application.

  • In this YII framework, it allows the several security features with cross sites scripting (XSS), Cross-site request forgery (CSRF), Cookie tempering and SQL injection.

  • It offers the high extensible tools to generate the code generating

  • The web development is very helpful in learning the best tutorial and documentation of PHP web.

Reason to Get the YII Framework in Your Web Services

These reasons are really helpful which integrate your web service with it.

1. Quickly Development Process

It generates the all CRUD operation services to rapidly develop the web application in the least time. Also, it helps to make the app faster and maintain the web application design interface. Furthermore, it provides better security for web applications.

2. Easy to Install

We understand the time importance where no one can’t wait for the configuration and installation, that’s why it provides the easy and reliable installation process in the several compatible devices.

3. Comfortable Security

The YII provides the best security feature in the web development process where it grasps the login security attempt to provide a secure web platform. Also, it provides several methods to maintain security.

4. Modern Technology

This is an object-oriented programming language based web framework where you can understand the trending technology-based web app features,

5. Data Migration

It allows the data migration management process to manage the database. Also, it helps to improve the app functionality to upgrade the web application version.

Future of YII Development in the Several Industries

In the upcoming years, you can see the amazing and effective feature of YII development which is really helpful to build reliable services for several industries. Here we are providing you some effective feature of YII framework which can be valuable in the future for numerous industries.

1. Web Modules, Component, and Extension

Sometimes the easiest way to web development can define many things similarly the YII framework development process makes the effective modules, extension, components and many more features by the YII developers. They build easily manage the whole development process to make a qualitative service for the users and minimize the complexity.

2. MVC Design Pattern to Implement the Service

The Model-View-Controller design the impressive pattern to allow the programming process. It provides the user interface designing the business logic. After the process, developers change the designing portion to affect the users. Along with, the YII introduce the front end web development controller, which is called the Application. Also, it contributes the web development information and passes the relevant controller information to handle the services.

3. WSDL feature in YII Framework

YII development allows the third party extension service where the WSDL makes the rapidly, quickly and facilitated applications. The Web Service definition language (WSDL) document initiates the information message where the function represents the web services such as response and request.

4. Automatic Code Generation

The corporation process of web-based development tool is known as GII in the YII framework, it is the updated version of the YIIC generation tool. The GII is the part of YII model to integrate the module of the web platform. Also, it utilizes the web development code.

5. Advanced Security Features

We know that security is the priority features of YII framework where it allows the advanced features of security. It allows the hash key based, password service and provides a secure process. Also, it blocks the various types of SQL injection, CSRF (Cross Site Request Forgery), cookie tampering and XSS (Cross Site Scripting).

6. Data Migration

We can understand the Web page structure is always changed by the developers or marketing basis where the database changes the development process. But, In the data migration process, YII framework integrates this feature to allow the database migration process which controlled the data migration source code features. Also, it upgrades the version of YII installation.


These advantages and features are very effective in the web app development where you can allow the YII framework service. This is really a performative web development platform. So, you can grab this trending technology information and make an effective YII Development company.


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