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Top Difference Between Radiant CMS vs Refinery CMS vs Browser CMS Development

written by Admin | Sep 10, 2018
Top Difference Between Radiant CMS vs RefineryCMS vs BrowserCMS

The Content Management System is a part of Software application platform which manages the set of the digital content management and creation. Basically, this type of CMS Development Service is used for ECM (Enterprises Content Management) and WCm (Web content Management). Where the ECM provides the integrating content, document management with the collaboration of end-user role-based access to enterprises or organizations.

Also, if we talk about the WCM, that provides the facility of websites collaborations including with publishing functionality. The both of the services are based on two types of factors: CMA and CDA where CMA is based on the graphical user interface, but CDA is based on back-end-services basis. Here we are defining you few types of CMS variables which is:

  • Radiant CMS

  • RefineryCMS

  • BrowserCMS

What is The Difference Between Radiant, Refinery and Browser CMS

You can follow all CMS Development Service the information to define the difference between them.

1. Ruby and Rails Support

Ruby and Rails Support

A. Radiant:

Radiant support the Rails as well as during the installation where the current version is 0.9.1. Which is known as the vendor rails and it supports only 0.9.1 supports 1.8.6 and 1.8.7 Ruby version. But, the future of radiant support ruby 1.9.2 version.

B. Refinery:

It is the most popular and updated Rails CMS that support 3 rails version. Also the Ruby support 1.8.6 above, but the updated version of this platform support the Ruby 1.9.2 and Rails 3.

C. Browser:

It supports the higher version of Rails 3.0.9 and Ruby 1.9.2.

2. Existing Rails Project Integration

A. Radiant:

When you start to build a project by Radiant CMS, you can see the development project folder not came with app folder. Which means that it doesn’t have to view the controller or model views it means you can easily add and customize the control to make dynamic pages. By the way, the RadiantCMS feature has come with decent extension in this technology age. If you create or develop the Rails extension of this platform, then you can easily able and maintain to regulate your own model, views, and routes process which is really helpful to load the all web page with the help of extensions.

B. Refinery:

The Refinery is simply integrated the Rails development project where you can see the created development project and see that how the project should to look like and maintain the control, ideally, model process into the re – development process. So you can just easily build and organize your ideas, that’s why it is very easy to blend with the other project and can improve the web services.


It creates rapidly web development projects like Rails application as the diamond in it. So, if you want to develop your own business web services then you can use the custom controller and Views services including with layout services.

3. Several Layout

A. Radiant:

It has a resilient structure in the web development in which the pages, snippets, layout and various types of pages you can organize and reuse to build in the snippets. Also, you can use the radius tag and layout page with snippet easily. So when you use this CMS then you can use the whole website and set the various types of layout pages with a diff type of layout tile. These types of layout put the impressive impact on your web page website.

B. Refinery:

It is different to manage and organize the web page layout where the page is organized by the Rails but the layout file managers in the application and view forms where each of web page specified in a different way. When the developer wants to modify and organize this type of web layout, then in the web panel does not have any option to specified web page layout.

When it builds it build the project app/views/pages/home.html.erb file After that you can modify and change the .erb file which is based on the HTML basis and some of CSS changes as a developer work basis.

C. Browser:

It totally diffs comparison to both because it is able to build various types of layouts in the admin and development panel. Also, you can see the rails application process along with the layout process just because of Erb template which allows developing the template.

4. MultiSite Support

MultiSite Support

If we are talking about, this service does not support to BrowserCMS and RefinaryCMS but RadiantCMS supports multi site extension with 0.9.1 platform version.

5. Admin Panel

A. Radiant:

This panel is using the prototype of JavaScript in the admin panel where it can modify the all process of admin panel with the help of any extension of the web page.

B. Refinery:

It is managing the Jquery in the default Javascript, web library which gives the impressive benefits by help of choosing any JavaScript library to develop web page CMS development services. This technology gains more popularity in this area because it supports the library of javascript

C. Browser

The same process is done the RefinaryCMS process. This has come in the BrowserCMS with the tiny layout where you can see in a better way in the FF with the help of drag and drop facility. But according to the browser point of view, it creates a little bit problem during drag and drops them.

6. Extension

Basically, The extension is an optional additional file which is known as the Suffix form. It is the much greater CMS delivery service platform comparison to the Refinery and Browser also have the lightweight Core library where you can install the extension due to this WYSIWYG or WYMeditors because both are not a part of radiant. The Refinery has come with all types of core development process where you can use the radiant process to easily communicate with the third party of web development services. Furthermore, the Refinery and BrowserCMS has very few extensions.

7. Platform Version Control

Platform Version Control

A. Radiant:

The version control of Radiant is based on updated verison because it does not work or support 0.9.1 version

B. Refinery:

In this have no extension that’s why it doesn’t have any version constellation because of it suitable to every version platform dependency.

C. Browser:

It is perfect for this CMS development service where it has come to manage the web pages, files, and content according to customization.

8. JavaScript and CSS Editing

A. Radiant:

In the Web page, CMS service the Radiant manage the all process of CSS/JS on the normal and designed page. You can easily manage all the services in the admin panel including with CSS/JS files.

B. Refinery and Browser CMS

When you use these CMS platforms to update the CSS/JS based file, then it doesn’t allow the service in admin panel where you can upload all the information in a file form.

9. Work Procedure

Work Procedure

The workflow or work procedure is best for the BrowserCMS services and can configure this service where the user can manage the content approved before to publish on the website or a third-party website. This advantage is not for the Radiant and Refinery CMS Service. IN another word we can say the Radiant is flexible to manage the functionality and UI service where we can easily customize the content work procedure for RadiantCMS. Also, you can evaluate the BrowserCMS working process to manage and modify the service need.

Ending Thoughts

The CMS delivery services spreading like the global world here we define you some credential topics of CMS where you can justify the Radiant, Refinery and the browser CMS process. The above information is really good to use the service according to the platform and GUI based on the Web application. It’s useful to develop website or web pages for the business and commercial purpose. Also, you can hire CMS developers to maintain your web page services in the global and technical market.


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