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Uber Like Taxi App Development Cost & Features: A Detailed Guide

written by Admin | Dec 06, 2022

You must have heard of Uber. The popular taxi-hailing service that is used across the globe. Uber makes its services available in over 72 countries and 10,500+ cities. Earlier, people used to stand out on the curb and wait for an available taxi to hail a ride but with the advent of applications like Uber, the taxi-hailing process has become a lot easier. Moreover, the popularity of apps like Uber has opened doors for budding entrepreneurs to invest in Uber like app development to create taxi-hailing applications of their own. 

The popularity of Uber has also skyrocketed in recent times, with more people opting for its services than before. According to Statista, 93 million people used the Uber app on a monthly basis in the last quarter of 2020. 

Their global net revenue amounted to $11.1 billion in 2020. The popular taxi-hailing company completed an estimated 5 billion rides in that year and generated gross revenue of $57.9 billion. 


Are you curious to develop your own Uber like application after seeing the success of the popular platform? Fret not, we have got you covered. In this blog, we will provide a detailed guide on how to develop your own uber like application. 

So without further delay, let’s get started. 

Working Process of an App like Uber

Before you can start working on an Uber-like taxi app development, you need to understand the working process of the taxi-hailing application

Here is a step-by-step guide- 

  • The customer logins to the application and requests a ride through the app
  • The user must choose a pickup location and destination before requesting a ride. 
  • Users can also choose the vehicle type and payment method to pay for the ride. There are various types of vehicles available including bikes, autos, hatchback cars, sedans, and SUVs.
  • The application searches for drivers that are near your location based on your vehicle preference.
  • The drivers get a ride alert, they can either choose to accept or decline the request. If a driver declines the ride, the app automatically searches for the next nearby driver. 
  • After the ride ends, the customer can pay for the ride via various payment travellingmethods accepted on the application. 
  • Customers can choose to rate the ride according to their experience. Customer reviews help the application provide better service to the users. 

Now that you are familiar with the working of a taxi-hailing application, let us look at the necessary features of the application. 

Primary Features of an App like Uber

User Panel

These are the essential features of the Passenger interface-

User OnboardingThe users can register on the application with their social media accounts, e-mail, or phone number. 
Book a TaxiCustomers can book a taxi, choose the type of vehicle, and adjust their pickup location.
Fare CalculatorBefore confirming the ride, the users can see the ride fare for traveling from the source to the destination. These fares are calculated according to the type of vehicle, distance, fuel prices, and estimated traffic. 
Track your RideThe users can track their rides as the location of the driver is updated in real-time. The estimated time of arrival is also shown to the users.
Multiple Payment MethodsUsers can choose one of the many available transaction options to pay for their ride. A taxi-booking app like Uber has payment methods like credit or debit cards, PayPal, net banking, etc. 
Call & MessageThe users can also call or text the driver to know the status of their ride in case the driver is running late. This feature helps in better coordination between the passenger and the driver.
Travel HistoryAn Uber-like application shows you the past records of all the rides you have booked from the ride. 
Ride CancellationThe customer as well as the driver has the option to cancel the ride. However, it must be done within an allotted time or the users can incur a cancellation fee. 
Book for Another PersonThis feature allows users to book a ride for their friends, family, colleagues, etc. 

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Driver Panel

Features Description
Driver ProfileThis feature gives a detailed description of the driver. The app also shows the driver’s availability status. 
Ride AlertThe driver gets a notification whenever a user books a ride nearby. Information about the trip, passenger details, routes, and distance is also displayed on the application
NavigationThe drivers can use this feature to find the shortest route with minimal traffic to reach the distance.  
Trip ReportsThis section shows detailed information about the trips. It can be shown on a daily/weekly/ or monthly basis. 
Waiting TimeThe driver is liable for an extra charge if they have to wait for more than 5 minutes at the pick-up location.
Next RideDrivers are notified of an upcoming ride if they are in the middle of a ride. 

Admin Panel

The admin panel consists of features and functions that help in the smooth operation of the entire application. These features are the master controls and only the admin can access them. 

  • Customer and Driver Management
  • App Management
  • Payment Management
  • Booking Management
  • Location and Fares Management
  • Call System Management
  • Ratings
  • Promotional Offers and Discounts
  • Customer Support & Help

Uber like Taxi App Development Process: Step-by-Step Guide

Developing an Uber-like taxi app is not an easy task and requires a lot of planning. There are various requirements for the development process like the tech stack and dedicated developers. If you want to create an uber like taxi app for android or iOS, this guide will surely help you streamline the process. 

Uber like Taxi App Development Process

Market Research

One of the very first steps of the development phase is to study the market thoroughly. Proper market research will help you understand the preference of the audience and the ongoing trends in the industry. Moreover, you can also figure out your competitor’s key strengths and weaknesses and design an app solution according to that information. 

Documentation & Blueprint

This step entails laying the foundation of the development process. Managing documentation, deadlines, and milestones, and creating a wireframe of your taxi application will help you streamline the process. Moreover, proper documentation will also allow you to keep track of your team’s work record and deadlines. This step ensures that the development process is going on the right track without any obstacles. 

Developing an App like Uber

The development phase is next. However, before starting the development phase, you have to hire a dedicated app development company and get the required tech stack. If you want to hire a reliable uber like taxi app development company, there are certain factors you should keep in mind-

  • Experience of the Company
  • Cost of the Project
  • Client Testimonials
  • Portfolio of the Company

Properly analysing these factors will help you make an informed choice and hire a reliable app development company. The developers will be integral in the development process, making sure you convey your requirements properly to get an application that is tailored according to you. 

One other central thing to note is the technology stack required for the development. The most commonly used technology stack is as follows-

  • Android: Kotlin
  • iOS: Swift or Flutter
  • Database: MongoDB or Cassandra
  • Back-end Development: Node.js
  • Cloud: AWS or Azure
  • Navigation & Maps: Google Maps
  • Hosting: Google Firebase
  • Push Notifications: Twilio or Apple Push Notifications
  • Payments: PayPal or Stripe

Testing and Quality Analysis

After you have successfully created an Uber clone, the next step is to test the product and refine it. The testing phase get rids of all the major bugs and glitches of the application that may hamper the user experience. Make sure to give special preference to the testing phase as deploying a taxi application that is filled with bugs and glitches can be detrimental to start your taxi business

Launch and Post-Deployment Support

After the successful testing and quality analysis of your application, it is time to deploy the Uber clone application into the market. However, your work is not done here. It is important to ensure that you provide post-deployment support to the users of your application. 

A good and reliable customer support team that can quickly address and solve users’ queries will be beneficial for your business and increase brand familiarity among customers. It is also essential to provide regular updates to introduce new features and get rid of any potential bugs or glitches in the taxi app. 

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Uber Like Taxi App Development Cost

The cost to develop an app like Uber is dependent on several factors. It is difficult to provide an exact estimate without knowing your app requirement. There are several factors that affect Uber like taxi app development costs. Some of the crucial factors are listed below-

Uber Like Taxi App Development Cost
  • The complexity of the features
  • Cross-platform Support
  • Technology Stack
  • Cost of the Development Team
  • Designing
  • Integrations
  • App Size
  • App Maintenance 

Moreover, the cost of the development team is highly dependent on the region they hail from. USA-based Developers are significantly more costly than India-based Developers. 

  • India-based Developers: $30-$50 per hour
  • UK-based Developers: $100-$150 per hour
  • Australia-based Developers: $70-$120 per hour
  • USA-based Developers: $150-$250 per hour

You might have noticed that the developer charges rates on an hourly basis. If you are wondering about the overall duration of the development phase, the full development phase will last around 2 to 3 months. 

Taking all the factors into account, the average development cost of creating an Uber like taxi app will range from $50,000 to $60,000. 

The Key Takeaways

  • Uber is a billion-dollar company and one of the most popular companies in the world. 
  • Developing an app like Uber and targeting the right region can help you fetch huge profits. 
  • The features of the application are essential for enhancing the user experience. However, implementing more features will significantly increase the Uber like app development cost. 
  • Choose the features according to your requirements to complete the development process on an estimated budget. 
  • While hiring a taxi app development company, make sure to study their portfolio, client testimonials and competency of the developers before making a choice.
  • Proper documentation and blueprints will streamline the process and aid you greatly in the later parts of the development process. 
  • Choose the technology stack wisely. Different developers work on different technologies. Consult your developers before choosing the tech stack.
  • The technology stack will also greatly affect the cost to develop an uber clone app. 
  • You can buy ready-made or white-label solutions from app development companies at cheaper rates. 

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Final Words

A taxi app like Uber has a lot of potential and can be a massive success under the right conditions. However, you will need a reliable and competent team of developers to create the perfect taxi application. Make sure to use the development guide listed in the blog to streamline your development process. If you are looking for a reliable app development company, you can contact BR Softech

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)
Q. How long does it take to develop an app like Uber?

The duration of the development process will depend on the number of features you implement into the application and cross-platform compatibility. On average, the development phase can go up to 2 to 3 months.

Q. What language is Uber coded in?

 Uber uses the popular programming language Node.js for back-end development and Python for everything else.

Q. What are similar apps like Uber?

There are a plethora of taxi apps including Ola, Lyft, mytaxi, Easy Taxi, etc. 

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