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How To Develop A Video Editing App Like Magisto With A Success Plan?

written by Nitin Garg | Jan 25, 2022
Development Cost & Features of Video Editing App Like Magisto

Digitalization and modernization are increasing in the world and technological advancements. Smartphones consistently provide valuable updates to their users, and they never miss any chance to impress them. The way they call, take pictures, and store them, as well as set alarms, always remain on point.

With their unique features, video editing apps like Magisto are now top-rated due to their ability to edit videos to the user’s liking. Users can edit the video or add anything they want after recording it with apps such as Magisto.      

The Market Of Video Editing Applications

It is expected that the global video editing software market will reach $1.1 billion by 2025, growing at a 4.4% CAGR. As part of video editing software, you can convert file formats, re-sequence clips, join clips, cut clips, adjust brightness, add sounds, crop and rotate footage, translate the message, and add other special effects. Videos can be edited by professionals using video editing apps like Magisto. In addition, they can edit videos and post-produce them with the tool. The use of video and audio processing tools allows professionals to create high-quality audio and video projects.

The Business Model Of Magisto App 

We entered 2012 with a mobile photo editing app called Instagram, grabbing all the attention as one of the hottest social media platforms. Many people were struggling with how to create video editing software like Magisto at that time, but thankfully today, we have not one but many such mobile apps at our disposal.

Their contribution to video editing is impressive and inspires others to create their video editing & recording and make a mark in the arena. You need to learn a bit of the basics of creating your mobile video-editing app if you are thinking about starting one. 

These five components are vital to your entrepreneurial journey based on the 5 key Business Model Components:

  • How you plan to generate revenue
  •  Modeling gross margins
  • Model of your operation
  • The Working Capital Model
  • Your Investment (or Financing) Model

Things in Mind before launch Video Editing App Like Magisto

A few questions will be asked of you when you contact an expert to develop video maker apps. Here is a basic questionnaire to fill out to understand what questions you would like to discuss with the developers. 

What is the Idea for Your App? 

Best App Ideas

Planning and developing mobile apps can be hard when new to the area. Therefore, make sure you research enough and implement your idea well, as you will need to know many details. You would need to develop a unique concept that helps you earn significant profits in the market. Our expert app development team can show you how to make a video editing app, but it would be up to you to develop an engaging concept. We are known for providing clients worldwide with exciting and unique solutions. 

Who will be your Target Audience?

Everyone is entitled to it. Nowadays, everyone loves to make funny videos that they can share with friends on social media. Thus, this group of young, fun-loving, energetic, and socially-active people would be our target group. You need a video-editing app that is ultra-modern, thrilling, and packed with all the fancy and exciting features that will instantly grab the attention of the youth.

How can you make your video editing app more useful?

We will discuss this section in detail later on, but it would be best not to begin with a fully-functional app version for now. Your app’s interface should be intuitive to users as you develop it. In the end, no one wants to follow a step-by-step guide to use just one. 

What about Monetization? 

App Monetization

The next step is monetization. Nowadays, people build apps so they can earn money. Imagine that you have your great idea, worked hard on it, researched a lot about it, and hired a top app development company to create your app. What now? You certainly must make money from your app, but it may also lead to its failure in the process. The move is well-judged.

As well as asking these questions, let your video-editing and recording app development team know what you hope to accomplish with the app and how you intend to achieve success.

How To earn money from a Video Editing App Similar to Magisto?

After developing video editing apps, you can also use the same monetization method Magisto uses. App developers have many options for generating revenue. However, the two most popular ways to earn money via an app are listed below.

Advertisement within the app

As part of this method of monetization, after developing a video editing app, companies or individuals can pay to display ads within the app. With in-app advertisements, people are able to target potential customers with high-tech data tracking. This method of monetization is one of the most popular forms of mobile marketing, and it offers several opportunities to create a win-win situation for both you and your marketers.


Several video editing apps follow this method of monetizing for their earnings, including Magisto. Applications that provide services to people use this method to monetize.

The apps, such as Magisto, are able to monetize a part of their services, thus enhancing the free part that they originally offered. The process is similar to offering an incentive before beginning to capitalize.

It is necessary to keep different factors in maintaining the pre-decided app development cost when developing a video editor app. App platforms and complexity, size, core and advanced features, technical stacks and team structures, location & experience of the developers, and their differing service fees are all factors to consider.


The app makes it easy to earn money. Some of its excellent features are to charge for its ability to fix shaky videos, edit clips up close, add text to videos, change audio over a video clip, offer user-friendly interface, built-in special effects, video enhancement and voiceover capabilities, real-time titling, stabilization, automated video editing, and crop and rotate video clips, etc.

However, after knowing how to earn money from such applications, It is important to know how much it costs for app development like Magisto. So, here in the next paragraph learn the cost for app development.

Success Path of Video Editing app Alternative to Magisto

Are you looking for an alternative to Magisto? The following are eight alternatives to Magisto for creating and editing business videos:

  • Visme
  • Adobe Premiere
  • Animoto
  • Vimeo
  • Biteable
  • Splice
  • WeVideo

Looking for a Magisto Alternative?

If you’re unsure which tool to pick after reading the entire Magisto alternative list, we recommend Visme.

What is the reason? It offers excellent value for money as a one-stop shop for all your visual content requirements. Besides making videos and editing them quickly, you can create infographics, reports, presentations, and other graphic materials.

Video Editing App Development Cost – Similar to Magisto 

Nowadays, mobile phones come with excellent built-in cameras like digital cameras (DSLRs). Downloading the recordings from the computerized camera to a PC makes short video clips or compresses video length. However, modern smartphone camera apps record and edit videos as well.

Documents don’t have to be exchanged with other gadgets/ workstations/ PCs. Mobile video editing apps are available for both iOS and Android devices.


To maintain a predetermined app development cost, various factors must be considered to determine the cost of developing a video editor app. Platforms and complexity of an App, size, core & advanced features, and the tech stack and team structure, location and experience of the developers are all contributing factors.

Creating a mobile app that runs on both iOS and Android platforms is beneficial to reach more users. We can make a rough estimation based on all the points that have been discussed in the article. Creating an app like Magisto would cost approximately $10k to $40k based on essential features. This evaluated cost would increase depending on your business requirements if you wanted more features or a platform-and-browser-compatible app.

The following features are essential to include in mobile apps like Magisto to make video edits.

Must have Feature of App like Magisto

All things considered, when it comes to basic features, there will be two main ones:

User Panel features:

  • Signup/Sign in
  • Standard email verification
  • Make video/movie
  • Multiple themes & editing styles
  • Upload custom music
  • Auto-selection of images/videos
  • Video Post
  • User Actions
  • Save post in a private album
  • Variety Channels
  • Account
  • Album
  • Movies
  • Coupons
  • Subscription
  • Settings

Features of Admin Panel

  • Login
  • Dashboard
  • Manage Users
  • Themes & editing styles
  • Subscription
  • Code & coupons

Advanced Feature in Video Editing App

Real-time investigation and Reports

APIs can then be used to see the entire report associated with the application and client information. In general, APIs enable the Magisto application to access data and provide users with stunning videos.

Incorporate Payment access:

Users can pay for premium or professional subscriptions online with simple payments. Several payment gateways can be incorporated to make the procedure easier.

Edit new recorded or old recordings:

Magisto has many editing options, making it one of the best video editing apps. This feature must be included in the most user-friendly video editing applications on Android and iOS.

Sound impacts:

Make sure your mobile video editing apps, like Magisto, create videos that include the user’s audio file. You should add your voice to a recorded video using the editing apps.

 Stickers and Filters:

Funny stickers and filters should be available in video editing apps for iOS and Android to match the user’s style and preferences.

Trash combined into a private record:

Then, users of the application can record their energizing outings and occupations. They can also make videos for business promotion, just as they would in a professional video editing application.

Apps devoted to making video edits should have these features as standard features. You can, however, add other intelligent features as you wish when developing your video editing software like Magisto.

What is Magisto Clone Script?

Clone of the Magisto Video Editor

Many entrepreneurs and startups have taken advantage of the rapid growth of video editing apps to build their custom Magisto Clone Apps that allow people to upload videos and edit them before publicly posting them.

You might also be interested in hiring the best mobile app developers to create native Android and iOS applications like Magisto. We have an experienced mobile app development team that can customize and develop apps like Magisto. With advanced tools and technologies, we reimagine internet-based video editing apps for android and iOS platforms.

To create top video editing apps such as Magisto, we adopt an agile app development process, allowing users to edit videos with just a few simple taps on the screen.

Is the Magisto Clone Script Profitable for your Business?

Since 2005, we have been helping clients from California, London, Switzerland, and Germany establish a successful startup by creating mobile applications based on their unique ideas.

Based on our client’s requirements, we create a pack of different themes using After Effects video editing software so that App users can apply these themes as they develop movies from their images and videos. 

Why is BR Softech called kingmaker in video editing app development like Magisto?

We have been helping clients from Florida, Chicago, California, and all over the world develop mobile applications based on their unique ideas and establish successful startups for the past five years.

In addition to developing mobile apps in the photos-video category listed in the top 200 photo-video app categories in the App Store, we’re proud of our expert team of dedicated mobile app developers.

Magisto clone app development involves creating a pack of different themes based on the client’s requirements, then integrating them through cloud technology so that users can apply themes as they develop movies from their images and videos.

If you develop a mobile video solution, you can provide businesses with enterprise video features to market their products/services through business video messages. So, if you have an idea for a video editing app like Magisto, we’d love to help you create your top video editing app like Magisto clone! Check out our iOS application development team.

Why Choose BR Softech?

  • Consultation with an expert is free.
  • Agreement of Non-Disclosure
  • App Developers Dedicated to Mobile Apps
  • Adaptable Hiring Models
  • Deliveries on time
  • Maintaining & Supporting

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