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How to Develop Weather Mobile Apps for Android & iOS Operating Devices

written by Admin | Sep 27, 2018
How to Develop Meteorology Mobile Application for Android & iOS Operating Devices

An Impressive and amazing atmosphere weather is happiness for our lives but sometimes the bad weather is really harmful to us. Due to not having a better facility, these things happen suddenly with us. Don’t worry..!! In this increasing technology, you can develop the forecast weather apps like Skymate, Yahoo weather, 1 weather, Accuweather etc., which is useful to guess the upcoming bad and pleasant weather. The mobile app development features brought the many types of mobile app categories which give us an amazing service solution which is based on the individual service.

The main thing is that these mobile apps are dependent on the smartphones platform or tablet where the user can easily obtain the weather predict mobile application. Here is the main concept about the app development how the developer can develop this type of application, how can you make the best strategy and how to provide the better solution for weather forecast app.

Here we provide the better solution to describing that how we can develop a user-friendly Atmosphere & Weather Alert Mobile Apps.

Weather Prophecy Mobile App Development Plan


The app development plan is the good thing with help of ADLC (Application Development Life Cycle) process. This idea is very useful to start an enterprise business in the global market. the amazing solution of app development is the most effective. We can say that it can become a most demanded and entertainment source in this present era which can improve the whole service of business industries.

You can develop the Similar app of Skymate weather apps with better operating system compatibility, easy to run with slow internet, less storage, 3D graphical user interface, upcoming weather information, data security with lots of stuff which can provide the amazing weather app development solution across the global. This types of application are really precise and great. Also, you can consider the multiple types of weather apps.

  • Weather app

  • Climate app

  • 3D interface weather forecast application.

Resources to Create a Weather Alert Mobile Application


You can consider these things, which can build an amazing app development solution for the users where they easily explore upcoming weather information and make the safe idea plans.

1. Weather Data:


It is an important feature which indicates the weather data gathering on the mobile application whether is based on any country. Basically, you can include the Googlemap API and openweathermap API in your app development database which can present every country, state, and city weather information in an easier way. Also, you can see the upcoming weather information with this type of application.

2. Space Weather Station:


The weather space station provides the accurate and crucial information about any Inconvenience which can harmful to the planetoid people. So this station is also helpful to provide the effective information about the forecast weather through the NASA API.

3. Doppler Radar:


in a technical way, we can say it is the perfect way to provide a better outsource of weather alteration. It provides the nano radio waves which is known as the {Pulse} in a scientific way which provide the Ice pellets, snow falling, have rain, flooding alteration, and much more way.

4. App Functionality:


At present time the technology has provided the sensor facility in every smartphone Where they can use weather forecast application to make life easier. because these application provide the reliable, trustworthy, secure and impressive app service according to weather.

Data Gathering Source to Build Weather Application


At present time many organization and MNCs companies provide the better solution for weather data gathering which you can allow in your application development. It makes pretty things in the technology world where you can gathering the weather data from these data API provider which gives you an accurate weather solution and upcoming weather forecasting sources.

1. AccuWeather

It is the one of the most popular weather based Development company that provides the present and upcoming weather information. You can use this service API which allows a valid customization based data collection, weather data analysis, location detail based weather information in the developer hand. Also, the service is based on the cheapest price where you can purchase on 25$ monthly basis to manage your business service.

2. DarkSky

it is rapidly rising in the entire world with popularity service of the weather forecast. basically, it specially designed for iPhone and iPad devices and was launch in 2013. with help of this weather API service and data service (DuckDuckGo, Saga app, and Weather Line app) the developers can make the perfect data and weather functionality according to weather basis.

3. OpenWeather

It provides the free weather data service in the global world where the development service of this platform is based on the OpenStreetMap based which provide the free information for everybody in the world. but the possibility of app development is based on API where the user can easily access the weather information. The providing API is based on JSON format which is known as the RESTFUL API. You can utilize this API in your weather app development and provide a perfect solution service to users.

4. Skymate

It is the most popular and useful API in the weather app development and provides the better solution according to worldwide weather. Also, it provides the news of every bad or good weather in the application. So, developer can use this API in the app development to provides reliable service with help of this service API.

5. Some Meteorology API to Provide a Climate Solution

  • 5 Day Weather

  • CDYNE Weather

  • Metwit Weather and Forecast


  • FAA Airport Service

  • George Vustrey Weather

  • City of Tempe Local Weather

  • Met Office WOW

  • DegreeDays

How to Develop Weather Forecast Mobile App Development


When you explore the all service about the app creation then you can get the idea of app creation which makes an impressive, performance-based, effective and reliable service app for the users.

1. Impressive UX/UI Map:

The designing the first source for app creation where you can put your creativity concept in front of the users. So always try to make an effective UX/UI weather map which presents a 2D&3D, GUI interface based which helpful to easy to understand.

2. Atmosphere information

With help of this your can check the windstorm with the help of mobile gravity sensor that defines the probability of Air.

3. Sunrise and SunSet time.

You can provide this feature on the application dashboard screen where you can see daily basis sunrise and sunset time. This feature is really helpful to attract the users to use the application.

4. Earth Round Based Dashboard

This is fantastic creativity where you can develop your weather forecast application according to day wise. It means, As the day progresses and it decreases towards the horizon it will display your mobile app screen in the same way. Which present the day activity according to per hour wised.

5. Forecast of Rain

This is the important feature of this application where you can see the amazing feature of Meteorology in your application. Also it gives the heavy rain or storm information in a notification form basis where you can see the torrential cloudy, rain percent possibility

6. Clime Map

It shows the all clime information where you can see the humidity ratio, wind temperature, CO2 & O2 Level, and Sea-level which can we use in regular life, student practical life and especially scientific purpose.

Additional App Feature of Meteorology Mobile App


These types of additional features you can embrace in your app development.

1. Notification Service

This is really amazing and reliable service feature which provide the on-time weather information according to climate basis where you can see the all the information about the weather. Also, you can develop start and stop functionality where the users can easily manage these feature according to choice basis.

2. Instant App Information service

This is based on the alteration which works as the notification but a little bit different. During the rain or mid-level storm, it provides the information which is based on alteration that upcoming 2-5 hours it will be more than horrible which is the best solution of app development feature Because it allows weather API to provide the better weather service.

3. Register & Login Details

You can register the contact details and login the application. Also, you can manage the data record of your applications and can share the weather information on your social account which is helpful to your all friends.

4. App Interface

You can simply develop the application according to all type of mobile compatibility, screen resolution basis, Splash screen, dashboard screen. With help of this user can easily understand your application services and can install in the mobile.

Development Cost and Marketing Demand

Development Cost and Marketing Demand

This type of application is not demanded in the market where buyers and industries have embraced this type of features applications for the business purpose. The Weather mobile app development feature cost is based on the development scenario where they can develop various types of Meteorology applications and manage the cost according to this strategy and work basis.

  • Developer work basis cost

  • App Development time

  • variant tool for app development

  • Professional level team

  • Developer skills

  • app development framework basis cost.

So, according to the above features, you can manage the app cost according to work process where we provide the cheapest price solution to develop the weather application.


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