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App Builder Software for Developing with Sencha Touch

written by admin | Jul 21, 2016

Sench Touch is the amazing User Interface (UI) or the framework, which is constructed particularly for the Mobile web. It is the world’s first app framework. It is used by the developers in making user interfaces for the mobile web applications that appears to be like native applications on the supported mobile devices. It is constructed on HTML5, CSS3, and Javascript. Sencha Touch enables developers to develop HTML5 based mobile apps at a rapid pace, which runs smoothly on all the leading operating systems, Android, ios, windows phone, BlackBerry devices too.

Building the apps on Sencha Touch:

Mobile application development using Sencha Touch is an uphill battle. Sencha Touch development framework is very developer-friendly and it is very identical to using Ext JS JavaScript framework. If you have good skills in web and mobile app development, then through some practice, you will be able to develop wonderful apps on the Sencha Touch platform.

How to start making feature-rich apps through the Sencha Touch:

1 Download the Sencha Touch framework, by which you will start making the apps.

2 Remove all the contents from the root of the site which you use for development of mobile and web apps.

You must give a different name to the folder which is removed, like you can name it as “sencha-touch”, so that you can make use of this folder for the future framework versions, and you don’t have to update the other files again and again.

3 You can make use of the WebKit browser, like Google Chrome, and start with researching the examples page on the Internet.

Discover the astonishing features of the framework by constructing the Sencha Touch application.

-Create a fresh HTML file in th root of your site with the source code Once that file is created, you will be officially HTML 5 developer.

-Then you must alter the code. You also have the option to add your own custom CSS file and the JavaScript file for developing your application.

-For keeping the example plain sailing, add some embedded JavaScript code. Begin with changing your code.

-After that, you must run this page on the Google Chrome. This code will introduce a block of JavaScript code which you will be using for making awesome Sencha Touch mobile and web development.

Various components of Sencha Touch UI:

->Amazing Buttons:

You can customize the button styles by making use of configuration options. The code will create vertically stacked collection of all the available buttons. The example application can be expanded to include various items which can be included to the root panel. The buttons looks stunning and are based on the UI configuration option. Supported button types are the normal, back, action, round and the forward button.

->Forms in the Sencha Touch:

The Forms in the Sencha Touch includes all the usual suspects and many more features. Supporting feature is there for all the field types (like e-mail, web addresses and date pickers) and attributes in the HTML 5, Sencha Touch helps in making it way to simple in usage.

->Various Icons and Toolbars of in Sencha Touch:

Sencha Touch has an impressive and attractive list of icons built in and ready in usage. You just have to state the string which will represent a CSS class for the class icon you desire.

->Maps available in Sencha Touch:

In case of mobile web development, one important and highly favored component is maps. By using Sencha Touch, it is very easy to add a map to your application by making use of Ext.Map component.

->Styles and design in the Sencha Touch:

It is very difficult to create your own personalized theme. Sencha Touch makes it plain sailing to alter default styles and designs available. You can hire Sencha Touch web application developer, who will assist you from soup-to-nuts in developing wonderful designs in the mobile web development using Sencha Touch.

The Sencha Touch framework makes ue of Syntactically Awesome Style sheets (Sass), which is the expansion of CSS3, and it enable you to use variables which will enhance the theme development. If you just alter single variable, which can effect the complete theme.

Closing Thoughts:

So, above mentioned process will guide you in developing mobile web development by using Sencha Touch, a perfect mobile web application framework constructed on the base of HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript.

Are you looking forward to getting a mobile web app developed in professional way by Sencha Touch? Feel free to contact us, and we will assist you in making awesome mobile web application by Sencha Touch.

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