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Which are the Essential Elements for the Great Support Portal

written by admin | Jan 17, 2017
Which are the essential elements for the great support portal

Businesses in today’s date works hard for making their amazing products to look awe-inspiring on the website which will draw the attention of customers. There are just few businesses who spend the effort for the support portal. It is because the main aim of businesses is to bring the customers than retaining the customers.
It is not just the promoting work which helps the businesses to make good profits. For retaining your customers, good product documentation works wonders and also enhancing your chance of getting good returns for the business. This will make huge impact or the support team of your business.

5 important elements for the great support portal:

#1 Your customers must know the best way to reach out to you:

Customers have various ways for reaching to you. Some opt through the mail, same opt for the live chat, some people look forward for tweet method. For this, your contact numbers and the email must be quite easy so that the customers will not find any difficulty for finding you or contacting you. There are various inbound marketing strategies for the mobile apps which will help you to get the best mobile app by hiring the dedicated developers.

#2 You must also make good use of the support portal for the mobile devices also:

You might make a risk of turning away your target audience if you do not have a goos support panel for the trendy mobile handsets. You must create the mobile responsive support panel which will help your customers to a lot of extent. Just like making mobile friendly responsive in the need of the hour, in the same way mobile friendly support panel is quite important to a lot of extent.

#3 Let your customers know when the support will be available:

Many times it happens that your service is down and the customers will not be able to reach out to you. To avoid crush cases you must clearly state about when the team will be available on support so that the customers won’t be checking back when they find any kind of difficulty. You must properly keep into consideration the business hours and the holidays and bring the support system available for the customers by considering everything.

#4 A Status page must be set whenever something goes wrong:

You must include best engineers in your staff and they will help you to a lot of extent. But still any things might go wrong and the very first place where your customers will have to find the solution for support panel itself. You can opt for the status page by which your customers can check out if there is any kind of problem arising in your service.

#5 You must include the search box in the support portal:

Yet another profitable ideas is to have the search box in tech support panel which will help the users to search about any kind of articles in faster way through the search box itself. This will also help them on getting their queries answered. This will also help you to know about what is being searched by your customers a lot and accordingly you will work best for adding those kind of post often to help your customers.

Conclusion :

So, these above listed points are the most essential for setting up a best support portal. You must certainly consider this if you desire to generate higher revenues for your business and make it profitable with each passing day. These above listed points are the best to be considered and this will help you to take your business to the next level at a rapid pace.


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