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Why 2019 is the Best Time to Launch a Fantasy Sports App and Website?

written by Admin | May 23, 2019

We all have been seeing the craze of the Fantasy Sports App Dream11, you will not get shocked if we will tell you that the fantasy cricket mobile app has spread its root to all over the world. A huge number of players have been attracted to the fantasy cricket mobile app and while seeing the demand of the Fantasy app Dream11, there are many more service providers are all set to hit the market.

There is no doubt that the year 2019 is the perfect time to hit the fantasy sports app. Hence, it is the best time to launch the Fantasy sports app.

Do you know?

In 6 years Dream11 has earned a million dollars business.

Growth Rate of Fantasy Sports App


  • By 2019, it is expected that mobile app downloads will reach till 352.9 billion.
  • Even the revenue is assumed to reach $90billion till 2019.
  • According to the survey Report, one billion cricket fan around the globe among them 90% are interacting on the digital platform.

Working of Fantasy Sports App


Know the process of Fantasy Sports Mobile App

This is the favorite Fantasy sports online game, it allows players to create their fantasy team of 11 players. Those 11 players are able to play in a particular tournament. Players are enabled to earn points, and they can earn points on the performance of the selected players. At the end of the league, players can compare their performance with other players.

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Why it is a Right Step to Invest in Fantasy Sports App Like Dream11


There are reasons to invest in the Fantasy Sports App like Dream11.

Legal Platform: You should opt for the fantasy sports app development as the betting process is still illegal in some countries but fantasy sports app betting legal worldwide. Hence, it is a game of skill, not luck so this has been considered as a legal platform.

Opportunities to Make Money: The fantasy sports website offers you an opportunity to create a lot of money. It opens several sources, to earn money from the website. Even players who are playing on the app actively so charged for creating the team. The entry fee has been collected on this platform and players can earn a huge amount from the virtual app.

Lesser Competition: The Fantasy sports platform provides less competition as there are some popular fantasy mobile apps in the market but the competition is still less in the market. If still your mark your presence with all the user requirements so definitely it will turn as a choice of the players and you will enable to hit the market.

Why 2019 – 20 is the Right Time to Launch the Fantasy Sports App?

To launch the right thing at the right time is essential and it will turn in the greater revenue. Same goes with the Fantasy sports app and website and 2019, is the golden opportunity for the launchers to launch the fantasy sports mobile application.

Matches: In 2019, there are many matches and events to launch in the match industry which includes Asia Cup, IPL, Bangladesh Premier League, and other tournaments.

Let’s know about the matches of 2019:

Indian Premier League (IPL): BCCI launch this league every year, In this players participate at the international level. This year the 12th edition of IPL will mark its presence. This year it would be launch in UAE, and the conditions will differ this time as the rules will be according to the UAE terms.

The Kentucky Derby: It is a horse race event which used to take place annually at United State. The distance has to be covered 1 1⁄4 miles.

International Cricket World Cup: This will take place from 30th May to 14th July in England. This world cup generates revenue at the global level.

Big Bash Cricket League: It is a league of Australia, the concept of Big Bash Cricket League similar to IPL.

IIHF World Championship: This is Ice Hockey Tournament organized by International Ice Hockey Federation. It has been counted in the list of highest profile annual international tournament.

T20 World Cup: This tournament takes place in every two years, and this year the tournament will take place in Australia. It would be the 7th edition of the T20 world cup. This will open a huge platform and doors for the fantasy sports app.

French Open: It is a major tennis tournament and known as d Roland-Garros. Tennis players use to wait for this tournament as it plays a vital role.

PGA Championship: It is an annual golf tournament organized by the Professional Golfers’ Association of America. It has been counted as a major championship in the professional golf industry.

Other Sports Events which are going to mark their presence in 2019:

  • 2019 Asian Shooting Championship
  • 2019 ATP Finals
  • 2019 World Junior Table Tennis Championships
  • 2019 Mosconi Cup
  • 2019 WTA Finals
  • 2019 ITTF Women’s Table Tennis World Cup
  • 2019 WBSC Premier12
  • 2019 Melbourne Cup
  • 2019 ITTF Team World Cup

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World Junior Table Tennis Championships

Global Reach: As we have already mentioned the international leagues this year will be held at the international level. So, in 2019 there are wide chances to generate revenue at the international level. There would be a perfect interaction at a global level.

High Craze: The matches have already created the craze in the audience at a high level. The energy is full in the players and there are ready to boost the market.


In this blog, we have brought all the reasons why 2019-20 is the best time to launch your fantasy sports software and to hit the market. So, if you have decided to launch the fantasy cricket app, so just opt for the best fantasy sports development team for your fantasy business.

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