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Why is the Doctor Appointment App is Going to Score Big in This COVID-19 Phase?

written by Nikita Tak | Jun 11, 2020
doctor appointment app

Coronavirus, one of the deadly viruses that is spreading worldwide at the speed of light. With around 70 lacs cases around the globe, it has threatened the life of people and we are bound to practice social distancing in order to be safe. Healthcare sector is now helping patients to take good precautions for staying safe. One such step taken is by helping patients to make use of the doctor appointment booking app whenever they have any illness. 

Medical professionals are now making use of this revolutionary technology to enable the patients to practice social distancing in the global pandemic. The application eventually prevents formation of a queue by the patients and in this way the spread of coronavirus will be decreasing to a lot of extent. 

In today’s date, people just have to make use of their smartphone to book the appointment with doctors in the blink of an eye. Gone are the days when patients used to stand in a queue for their treatment when they fell sick. The technology has been advanced and people can take time for doctor’s visits right from their mobiles from the comfort of their home.

According to the appointment time, they can plan for coming to the clinic. This has led to saving of patient’s time as well. The best part is that this application is a boon for senior citizens because they can’t sit for long in a doctor’s waiting room. 

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There are different tasks which are easily carried out through this application such as booking appointments, about the follow-up if required. Moreover, the doctor is able to cancel or accept the appointment with this high-functionality software. This enables the medical professionals to know which cases to accept first as per the patient’s condition.

As the top-rated doctor appointment app development company, we make sure to include the essential features in an app to help patients as well as doctors. It is very vital for medical professionals to know the priority for providing healthcare services to the patients who need it on an urgent basis. This application helps doctors to handle this task without any hassle. 

Advantages of doctor appointment booking app for patients: 

doctor appointment app advantage

If you are a healthcare professional then you must discuss with the doctor appointment app development company to keep the below mentioned features in the app for patients.

1. Selecting the best doctor in their area after proper research: 

The doctor appointment app helps the patients to single out the best doctor for treatment. Patients can easily read the reviews of different doctors through this app and they can easily know about which doctor to select. This in turn enables them to get the proper treatment done from a reputed medical professional. There are different categories of medical field’s doctors and patients can choose as per their disease or illness.

There is also a review section mentioned about each doctor and after reading the same, the patient is able to choose the doctor for their treatment. Patients can also know about the educational background of the doctors right through the application in just a few clicks. 

2. Booking the the time of appointment: 

One of the essential features in an online doctor app, it helps patients to see the availability of doctors and accordingly proceed with booking the appointment. Patients are able to check the time slot and choose the time according to the slot at which doctor will be available for check-up at hospital or the clinic. Apart from the time, you can also check the availability of doctors as per the date too. 

3. Choose the time for any laboratory testing: 

Another important aspect in healthcare services is laboratory testing. This is also a part of medical treatment. In this regard, a patient is able to check reviews of different laboratories and then decide the best one. They can easily mention the time they wish the the lab staff to come at the home for collecting the blood sample for ease of carrying out testing at home. This process is also like a cakewalk for patients.

Patients can also easily check their test report through this app as and when lap staff uploads the report. This feature also helps in saving time of patients. 

4. Delivering of the medicine at home: 

Yet another vital feature to be added in a doctor booking app is to help patients choose the time slot for medicine delivery at home in the blink of an eye. By including this feature, a patient is able to select the medicines prescribed to them by doctors and mention the time at which medicine must be delivered at their home.

This feature also prevents the patient from going to the pharmacy store which eventually is a time consuming task. In the global covid 19 outbreak, patients can practice social distancing with this feature of getting medicines at home. 

5. Consulting the patients through online medium: 

Many times, it is easier for doctors to provide consultancy online itself. The patients need not visit the clinic for medical treatment. It completely depends on the medical professional if they wish to keep this particular functionality for payment or just for free.

With this feature, a patient is able to share the symptom to the doctors in simple ways and healthcare professionals further make diagnosis of the disease and later on offer the right consultation to patients as per their illness or disease. This again helps patients to save time because doctors can easily give prescription as per the symptom and patients will just have to purchase medicine through an online platform itself.  Patients will not have to go to the clinic for the treatment. 

Advantages of doctor appointment booking app for doctors:

As a medical professional, when you hire doctor appointment app developer, you must include the below mentioned features to give good treatment to patients. 

1. Giving the consultation to patients through online channel itself: 

During the ongoing coronavirus outbreak, this feature is one of the best to include which eventually lets the patient practice social distancing. Whenever the patients have sickness or illness which is not so severe then the doctors are able to make the diagnosis and provide the right medicines to patients with the help of this app.

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Eventually, you will help patients to stay home and stay safe to prevent getting infected with this deadly virus. In this way, patients will not come in contact with other people and stay at home in this pandemic. They just have to tell about their symptoms and medical professionals will further prescribe the medicines as per the illness.

Later on, patients can order the medicine by mentioning the time of medicine delivery at home. In this way, right medicines reach the patients in no time. 

2. Adding the complete profile of education background, years of experience, etc: 

Another essential feature to be included for healthcare professionals in the doctor booking app is that a medico can feed the data about educational qualification in simple steps.


This will be of great help to the patients because they can go through the profile of doctors who treat the disease which patient has. Accordingly, patients are able to zero down well-known medical professionals for their treatment. It is important for medicos to keep this part updated from time to time so that their profile will rank higher on this application.

This will again enhance the visibility when patients perform the research. It is very important for patients also to research appropriately before seeking medical care for their ailment. 

Closing Thoughts: 

Well, looking at the aforementioned features, it would not be wrong to say that doctor appointment apps are taking the healthcare sector to the next level. It helps make the lives of patients as well as doctors, easier. In just a few clicks, information is available to medical professionals and the patients according to the disease.

This app is designed keeping in mind about the busy schedule of not just doctors, as well as the patients. People are now able to check the reports, prescription, etc through the online doctor booking app.

Well, if you are in the healthcare segment and looking forward to getting this app developed then look no further than BR Softech Pvt Ltd. With over 10+ years of industry experience, we have a commendable team of developers having affluent experience in developing industry-specific softwares as per the requirement of clients.

All you have to do is contact the dedicated developers and they will assist you further in the app development process. Feel free to contact us anytime, for a doctor booking app.

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