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Winning Tips of Online Andar Bahar Game on Mobile

written by Harshita Khangarot | Apr 08, 2020
Winning Tips of Online Andar Bahar Game on Mobile

While the online gaming and betting industry is severely affected by the worst hit of the corona, the developers are doing their best not to lose the user base. To achieve the same, developers are actively developing new games for betting enthusiasts to play online either for real games or for fun. Most of the mobile game development companies deliver wide services.

A new game Andar bahar is trending nowadays amongst the crowd that loves to gamble either for wages or as a hobby. The gamble lovers are well aware of the game that originated in Bangalore centuries ago. But for the people who are not aware of it, let’s have a peek into the game and its rules to encourage you for the Andar bahar game development solution.

Making you Familiar With Andar Bahar

The Bangalore originated game has been keeping the card-game lovers engaged for over a century now. The Casino Game Development is now becoming a popular casino game worldwide with the fans having an online platform to play. Also known as “Katti”, the game is played using a single pack of cards. The outcome of the game, be it winning or losing, is solely based on luck. Whatever the result may be, the probability is 50-50.

It is one of the most accessible card gambling games with rules as easy to learn in a matter of a few minutes. The easier the rules, the less cumbersome it makes for the participants to play. Hence, it is an easy platform and a fun timepass for you to earn money if gambling is a hobby. You are just a few clicks away to approach the right Andar bahar casino development company.

Knowing the rules

To win any game, you must be aware of the rules. Though any other game might have several rules to remember, it’s quite easy to learn the instructions of the game Andar bahar. Companies providing the Andar bahar game software development services like BR Softech will develop the app incorporating these rules.

The entire game rotates on a single numbered card. The player is supposed to choose a card randomly. Then, the bet is placed on whether the card with the same number as chosen will appear either on the left or right. The left side is called “Andar”, and the right is called “Bahar”. The conclusion of whether it is to win or lose is based entirely on luck.

Now, the dealer starts distributing the card on both the slots one by one. If the card appears on the side as predicted by the player, the player wins. Otherwise, it loses. 

As the rules are pretty simple, it makes it a popular choice amongst beginners as well as the experts. Be it amateur or professionals, the game is trending and is a relief to the boredom and chaos caused by the crisis in the gambling industry.

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Andar bahar: Legal or Illegal?

Andar bahar: Legal or Illegal?Many nations consider betting legal. Betting not only provides enthusiasts with a platform to their hobby but also adds to the national income. However, as one travels border to border, the rules and regulation changes.

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In Indian land, betting is considered illegal. Money earned by betting is not added in the gross domestic income. However, the Indian constitution has only specified betting to be prohibited on the land. That is the reason behind many casinos operating on the ships that are at the halt in goa.

Also, as it is restricted on the land, apart from the sea many enthusiasts get the platform to fulfil their hobby via mobile application and websites.

Deciding the budget

Many gamblers tend to overspend their money in the hope of making it huge at the end of the session. This concept lands them into risking and losing all. It is always wise to decide on a budget, and stick to it rather than putting every single penny that you have on stake. The key to win is to bet smartly instead of betting it all.

Getting used to the interface

For the player to increase the probability of winning, it is mandatory to get used to the interface of the Andar bahar mobile game app. Every app that offers the platform to play Andar bahar has an interface of their own. If navigating through the app seems a tedious job, there are more chances of you to mess up the game and eventually lose the bet. 

Some platforms offer additional features that were not present in the traditional game. Hence, the player should take enough time to get used to the interface. 

Some popular apps for Andar bahar

Popular apps for Andar Bahar

Many apps in the market offer a platform for potential gamblers and amateur players to play Andar bahar. Each app not only has its distinctive concept and interface but also some accept real money to bet for and others are free to play.

  • Pure Casino: Popular amongst the Indian gamblers, the Andar bahar live casino supports multiple Indian languages and also accepts the payment in Indian rupees. To register and play using Pure Casino, a minimum of Rs.250 is required to deposit. Also, the app provides bonuses to new players.
  • LeoVegas: The app is available on both iOS and Android platforms. The gaming app provides 24×7 chat support making it user friendly. This app also accepts payment in Indian currency, making it popular.
  • ShowLion: The app features many casino games and has a special leaning towards the Indian fans. This app is famous for its immediate payment services that offer a flawless experience to its users.
  • Bodog: An app offering attractive welcome bonuses makes it famous amongst the players. Apart from it, the app also offers daily bonuses.
  • Dafabet: The app not only provides an attractive welcome bonus but also accepts payments in Indian currency. The app features an Asian theme making it popular and offering a personalized feel.
  • JeetWin: The app provides a welcome voucher worth Rs.1000. Also, the cashback offers make it attractive for the users. And if the offers are not enough, then Sunny Leone will do the remaining work of luring customers into the app is the brand ambassador.
  • 22Bet: The app not only provides you with the platform to play Andar bahar, but also other games like Teenpatti and Jhandi munda. The app supports Hindi language making it suitable for the Indian casino games lover. Users also get 24×7 assistance along and the additional benefit of transacting using Indian currency, i.e. rupee.
  • This platform features websites that can be operated either from desktop or mobile. It hosts a variety of features that are not available amongst the competitors. Some of them are payments via bitcoin and Euro. It also provides the option to live as well as virtual betting. The website is developed by leading software providers hence offering the users a smooth navigating experience. 

Salient features of the game

There are many games in the market for gambling lovers. Though the cumbersome terminology and long list of rules keep the newcomers at bay. However, this is not the case with Andar bahar. With no fancy terminology and easy to learn rules, the game is as simple as it sounds.

Another feature that makes the game popular is the low and high-end range of the bet that can be placed. From as minimum as Rs.10 to a maximum of Rs.10,000 and some apps allowing even higher stakes to place and makes the casino game famous.

The Andar bahar game developer will be able to incorporate these features in your app. BR Softech is a leading IT and software solution company that will help you get the right app.

Concluding Words

Providing gamblers with the platform to play and bet online can be a good strategy at the time when the market has hit a low and the Andar bahar game development company awaits to help you with your goal.

With the people locked in their houses across the globe, you can reap the advantage and earn profits and also help others gain through gambling via the Andar bahar mobile game app.

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