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Whether you need to run around town or want to go out of station for a long weekend, Elite has the vehicle for you. Elite has 19 different vehicle makes to choose.We have introduced 3 attractive pricing options, depending on
usage & convenience. Each package provides a different amount of free km (5, 10, or 15 free km per hour). This means that individuals can always choose the right package for the amount of driving planned. If it’s a multi-day trip over a short distance, then Zoom Lite (5 km/hr) is your best bet. If you’re traveling a very long distance in a short time, then best go with Zoom XL (15 km/hr). If it’s just normal usage around town, then Zoom Classic (10 km/hr) will suit just fine

Chandra Sheskhar - India

I want to specially write this review for the experience I had with ZoomCar. I booked a car and the next day it was there on time. Mistakenly on my behalf, I didn't have my original DL. Since it was an emergency and in absence of DL, I couldn't use the ride and had to take my own car. Yet, these guys gave me 100% refund since it was a sincere cancellation

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