City Adviser - App

CityAdvisor will be a platform which will help the Users to search their Restaurants, Bar, Nightclubs, Arts & Entertainments, Vehicles, Art & Beauty, Job, Financial services, Fashion, Hotel, Properties, Shoppings, Local Services, Professional services and Buy & Sell desired products. The platform will offer a convenient approach to the user in finding the products as per their choice and from their favorite merchants.

The user will be able to sign-up with Facebook or will create their profile over app by filling required fields. The user will be able to create their own store and will add their products with description. The user will also be able to promote their products over social networks like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. User will be able to purchase 

Dannie - United Kingdom

Superb! Will hire again and again! Initially i was a little skeptical as his price is lot more than many others. He knows what is right and delivers that. Highly recommended!

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