There will be a sign-up option on the website, Where the customer can register with his full detail information like Name, Address, Contact no, email id and other details. After filling the detail information he will have to subscribe a paid service. So there is payment gateway option. Then he is subscribed to a paid service for a month or year. After subscription, he will get a welcome email from the website. He will get a personal forum, So he needs to log into his forum, where he can fill up some more food preference details like what he like to eat If he likes to smoke and drink etc. Once they filled the details, the client will send him health tips, diet tips through email on the basis of their food preference.

Smitshac - Netherlands

Wow... What a wonderful app I have never come across such a wonderful app in my life till now. Amazing info and tons of info to be known ad followed. Thanks to the creator of the app and all other team members. Kudos team.

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