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UBER like Application and website application and website” where there are basically 3 main user modes - User, Driver, and Admin. The user and the driver will be able to log in to the app. Here the user will be able to register for the app & then log in with his credentials. Upon login, the user will enter the details of his travel i.e. pick up and drop off point. The user will get to see a map & on the map, it shows the nearest drivers available and the current location of the user.

On the other hand, the nearest driver will receive the notification sent by the user. The driver will either accept or reject it. If the driver accepts, the notification will be sent back to the user that the driver has accepted your request and he will be there in few minutes. If not, the notification will be sent to the next nearest driver. This process will continue till any driver accepts the request

.The admin will be able to manage the drivers and user’s records. The admin can add/delete the account of the driver. The app will contain a GPS tracker so that the user can track the path taken by the driver.The payment will be made by the user and it will be automatically transferred to this system. The system will take the commission amount for the admin and the rest of the money will be transferred to the driver who has given the ride.

Mamadou - United States

He was very good on my design, once I clarified exactly what I needed and her work was incredible. Thanks

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