Kickinger - Fitness App

There are basically 3 main modes - User, Coaches & Trainers and Admin. The user and the Coaches & Trainers will be able to log in over the app. Here the The user will be able to register over the app & then login with his credentials. Upon log in, the user will Enterdetails of his Fitness Plan i.e. Goal and Targets, Users will be able to set up goals forthemselves Exercises like to get toned, increase muscle, maintain, gain weight, or increase energy and will be able to Measure their weight and monitor their daily activities.

Users will be able to maintain theirMeasurements for the body parts. Users will be able to set up the diet plans like how manycalories they Took. Users will be able to Text Chat and Voice chat with coaches. And will be able to Video Chat with Coaches. Users will be able to watch the Video Tutorial. Users will be able to buy & order fitness Products from the Store. Free memberships will be there for the new users.

Coaches will provide theTraining to users and They can interact with each other from Text, Chat and Video calls. Coaches will be Able to see the Users Goal, targets and Exercise Journal & Nutritional Journal (Customized nutrition plan ) . Users will be able to assign the Coaches for providingHome training.



Roland - USA

He was very good on my design, once I clarified exactly what I needed and her work was incredible. Thanks

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