Logistics Automation - Cargo Delivery


Logistic solution (Website)” that will provide a convenient way to deliver packets or goods through a shipping service offered by carriers.Basically, there will be three types of users that are Shipper, Carrier and admin. The shipper will post a job if he wants to deliver a packet/ item from one location to another.

The carrier will be able to search for jobs on the basis of categories available for the bid.The shipper will get notified from admin about the meeting criteria for selecting the carrier.The carrier will be able to bid on the job posted by the shipper. The supplier will be able to receive all types of notification based on their bid or account. The shipper will be able to track their parcel or packet.The shipper will be able to select any supplier as per their needs, once he selects any supplier then a notification will send to supplier for acceptance.

Once shipper will complete their job, then payment will be done indirectly or through the solution. They can receive the notification (message) for the delivery of packets within their selected area or current area. The admin will have an ability to manage the whole solution their web-based panel.



Das - India

Superb! Will hire again and again! Initially i was a little skeptical as his price is lot more than many others. He knows what is right and delivers that. Highly recommended!

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