Beer Redemption Coupon Redemption Website


We are scoping “Beer Redemption Website” which includes 4 beers for premium members and provide the best deals to free users. Businesses are often forced to lose money in order to participate, in hopes of being rewarded by repeat customers that they don't always get.

There are two types of users of the website, i.e. users (Website visitors, i.e. Free and premium members) & Admin.

Free users will be able to see all the offers over the website which will be posted by the admin. Admin will post the coupons which are unique over the coupon website only. This website will present a unique, local coupon model to the Consumer.

Admin set a specific membership price, so that customers can buy the membership plan and can get their free beers. Premium members can put their review for the outlet after accessing the free beer.


John - USA

Superb! Will hire again and again! Initially i was a little skeptical as his price is lot more than many others. He knows what is right and delivers that. Highly recommended!

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