TaskChat (Chat App)

We are scoping to develop a Taskchat platform which will facilitate users (Employer/Employee) to post jobs and get job respectively. Employer or job poster will be able to post jobs over the platform. Employer will be required to register over the platform to post jobs. Employers will be able to post job with the budget and description and they can set time for the job vacancy. Employee will be able to search for the jobs posted either by browsing the available categories or by entering keyword in the search box. Employee will be able to search jobs in the nearest area for the job or task through the geo location module. Once search is made a list of jobs will appear. Now, employee can apply for the job. Further employer will be able to view the list of employees who applied for the job and employer can view the CV of the employee. Employers & employees will be able to chat with each other over the platform. Admin will be able to manage the users and the job posters. 

Hassaan Shahid - UAE

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